Let That Be Enough:  Eight


When they left the laundry mat with her clothes they had half a song together. Farzana watched the way that JC seemed more relaxed when they returned to the room. He seemed as if he'd let out some breath that he'd been holding.

They came in and Farzana put her clean clothes away then took the papers from JC and set them near his keyboard on the table. She noticed the strained look on his face and moved away from the table quickly to avoid bringing up the possible volitile conversation topic.

"You want to go to dinner or you want to stay in tonight and order room service?" he asked when she went into the kitchen.

"How about a home cooked meal?" she asked opening the refridgerator. She pulled out the iced tea and then went and found a cup and poured herself a glass. "I bought food...It's not going to be gormet, but at least I know what's in it."

He came into the small kitchen spae and grabbed out a glass and poured himself a drink then returned the iced tea to the refridgerator. "I don't want you to go out of your way or whatever."

Farzana went over to the kitchen and started to look around. "I've got some macaroni and cheese and some veggies, and maybe some hotdogs?"

"Were you shopping for a five year old?" he asked with a laugh, "That's what my babysitter used to make me eat when I was little."

"If you don't want it we can order out," she said with a frown.

"No," he said and moved towards her, "No. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to insult you...definitely cook it. I have some more phone calls to make so I'll leave you alone to cook, but..." He paused for a moment, "I'll do the dishes?"

She nodded. JC disappeared out of the room so she went about her business and started pulling things out again to cook with.

After she'd put on water to boil in the pot she found in the cupboard she put on a smaller one to boil the hotdogs in and then put the other hotdogs into the fridge. It was really quiet and she figured that JC had gone outside since the door had been left open so she went into the living room and turned on the radio, leaving it on the channel that it was already on.

She sang along to the Bee Gee's as she went back into the kitchen.

I feel my heartbeat,
when you run your fingers through my hair.
(Yeah) I can feel you,
I can feel you by my side when you're not there.
(Yeah) Just as my life fades to darkness
you you make me see the light.
Show me that my search is over
I pay the price, I pay the price.

"What are you singing?" he asked coming from the direction of the bedroom. He'd changed into a normal t-shirt. She'd almost forgotten what he'd been wearing earlier, the whole wife beater had been forgotten but when she saw him in a regular black t-shirt she noticed how much she wanted him to change back.

"One by the Bee Gees," she said, stopping short. She looked at him embarrassed to be caught singing like that. She had forgotten she wasn't alone for a moment. That always happened when she was on stage. She usually saw the crowd, but forgot about them after a while only taking in the music and the lyrics to the songs.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Nothing," she said shaking off the bad feeling that came to mind. She had realized in that moment that she might never get to sing again and it shocked her to find how much that upset her. "Will you watch this for a minute so I can change? I'm freezing."

"No," he said.


"I burn water," he warned, "You stay here. I'll get you a sweatshirt or something."

"I don't have one," she said, "I just packed for--"

He smiled at her and left her alone and returned with a huge grey sweatshirt with orange writing on it. "It's one that Chris gave me, but I never wear it...sooo...happy birthday, merry christmas and all that jazz," he said handing it to her.

"This thing is like fifty sizes too big," she said holding it up to herself.

"Sorry...next time I'll custom order it," he said and rolled his eyes. He pulled it away from her.

"No wait," she said trying to grab it back, "I didn't mean--"

JC gathered up the arms of the sweatshirt and found the neck hold and held it out, "There you go."

She ducked her head and he put the sweatshirt over her head. When she looked up he was staring at her with this strange expression. He seemed to be staring then he blinked and backed away. "I'm going to go out on the balcony," he said, "Just holler if you need help or when you're done...which ever comes first."

She nodded and watched him leave. It wasn't her best moment. She needed to treat this set up as a partnership, not a relationship. She had one of the best writers she knew hanging out with her and she needed to take advantage of that if there was any hope of getting back into the business. As for JC and his relationship issues, that was definitely something she didn't need to be getting messed up in, although she could see herself falling into a relationship with him quickly. They got along to well to not admit that it could be a possibility.


JC took a seat outside, putting his feet up on the railing and set his glass next to him on the ground. He pulled his phone from his pocket flipped through the saved numbers then pressed SEND when it got to the right number. He looked through the window and smiled as he watched Farzana. She'd had her hair up in a ponytail, but she was now half way done braiding it into pig tails like she'd worn on tour when she'd been playing around with Gabby and Patty.

"JC?" his sister's voice said sounding terrified as if someone was calling her for ransom money or something.

"Before you start in on me," he said, "Lemme tell you where I am and stuff ok?" he asked.


He took a deep breath knowing that his sister was the worrier in the family, worse than his mother. The conversation promised to be a lot of yelling and a lot of apologizing due to her tendency to over react to things. The one good thing that he could think about for the conversation's tone would be that she liked the idea of him and Bobbie breaking up, but he wasn't sure if that would save his butt. "I'm in Key Largo. I'm ok. I broke up with Bobbie. I'm not hiding out. I just need to have a break. AND I'll be coming home in about two weeks to visit."

"You done?" she asked.

"Yes," he said.

"That's all you have to say?"

"What do you want me to say?" he asked, "I'm sorry I disappeared and had all of you worried, but I had to leave LA pretty quick."

He heard his sister sigh and he turned and looked back in the kitchen. Farzana had her notebook out and she was writing for a moment while she pulled more things out of the refridgerator. The music could be heard on the porch and liked the way that it filled the space between them.

"Joshua are you listening to me?" she asked.


"I just said that I'm glad that you and Bobbie finally ended things," she said, "I'm sorry for you having to go through that, but you know my feelings on the subject of her. You've been driving down the road to break up for weeks now."

"I know. I know," he said and put a hand over his eyes, "I've known it for longer than that."

"So how's your vacation?" she asked.

"That's it?" he asked removing his hand. His eyes stayed where they opened to and he was watching Farzana pouring noodles from one thing to another.

"Hold on a second," he said, "I gotta go do something." He pushed himself out of his seat and went inside moving quickly so that she didn't have to pour the noddles. He handed the phone to Farzana. "Say hi to my sister," he said.

He watched her lose all the color in her face then a moment later she said hello into the phone with a weak voice.
He poured the water into the sink then set the pot on the stove. He grabbed up the box from the macaroni and looked the directions then went in search of the milk and butter.

"No we didn't plan to hang out down here," Farzana said, "We saw each other in the lobby and decided to have dinner together tonight...No...we..."

Her laugh filled the room and he stirred the noodles.

"He's cooking right now," she said, "He told me he couldn't, but it's just macaroni so I think its safe. It's hard to mess that up."

Her laughter hit his ears again and he smiled. He liked the idea of her being around like that. She seemed to be tentative at first with things, but soon he found that he'd made the macaroni and cooked the hotdogs and she was still jabbering away on the phone with his sister.

"Can I talk now?" he asked.

"Your brother wants to talk to you now. You should call more often...JC just finished making dinner for us despite his need to tell me that he didn't cook."

"Funny," he said and moved his hand out to get the phone back.

A moment later his sister was laughing in his ear, "Hey that girl is cool. You should date her."

"I'm not dating anyone for awhile," he said, "Too much drama." He didn't at all miss the look on Farzana's face as she pulled out plates for them and dished up dinner. She didn't look upset really, but he knew that it affected her some way. Her eyes changed, they weren't as bright as they had been.

"Don't say that in front of her," his sister said, "That girl likes you a lot."

"You don't know that," he said and moved around Farzana to grab up his plate.

"Anyway you should go," she said, "Have a nice dinner and make sure you get back up to Maryland to see me."

"I will. I will," he said.

"Love you."

"Love you too. Talk to you soon."

JC hung up the phone and followed where Farzana had taken a seat at the table. He put his plate down then went and grabbed his cup from outside, choosing to throw it in the sink and grabbing a new one because a moth had fallen in the liquid.

"You ok on tea?" he asked as he pulled out the container.

"Yeah," she said, "Can you bring me a napkin?"

"Sure," he said and grabbed some off the stack on the counter and went back over the the table.

He sat down and moved his plate around a little then handed her a napkin and opened one up and put it on his knee. "My sister likes you," he said with a smile and took a bite of macaroni.

"Really?" she said with a smile, "I couldn't tell."

"Sarcasm," he said wiping his mouth. He pointed at her with his fork and leaned against the table a little, "You should have been like that on the road...you would have had more fun."

She ate slowly for a moment, chewing her food dilberately then took a drink before she commented. "I had fun."

"You could have fooled me," he said.

She looked down at her plate. "I was nervous around you and the guys," she admitted.

"Well what changed?" he asked, "You seem normal now."

"It was everything..." She took a breath. "I mean with everyone standing around there and me being the opening act I didn't feel like I should act like your equal."

"So what about now?" he asked, "Why are you so comfortbale now?"

"We're on vacation," she said shrugging.

"Am I really that different than I was a few weeks ago?" he asked begining to worry that Bobbie had been right about him, that he was a different man than he was at home. He always had hoped that he would stay the same, but with his lifestyle it was almost impossible to do. He just worried now that he really wasn't as approachable as he was when he wasn't working. Of course there were security issues now, but at least he hoped that if his fans saw him at a coffee shop or some place quiet that they'd be able to smile at him and say hello without having them feel like he was hating them for it.


The song above is ONE by The BeeGees. It can be found here: http://8eatles.com/bee/song.dir/one.html




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