Let That Be Enough:   Twenty-Four


"Shit," he said when the phone rang again. He had ignored it the last three times it had rung finding it too hard to pull himself from Farzana's arms. They'd been in bed together all afternoon after making love and he had planned to stay that way. Farzana was back sleeping and had gone through two boughts of ringing that afternoon, but now he couldn't ignore it, he didn't want to wake her up. He grabbed up his pants, throwing them on as he picked up the phone from the floor and put it to his ear. "What do you want?"

Moments later Farzana was sitting up rubbing her eyes while listening to his side of the conversation. "No...Bobbie, slow down...what happened? Alex did what? Tyler was in my car? I thought Tyler was in Bowie...Alex is supposed to be on a plane out here...He what?"

"What happened?" she asked him hearing his brother's name being mentioned. The last she'd checked Tyler had been home with JC's parents, not in LA where she knew that Alex and Bobbie were.

"Hold on a second Bobbie." He covered the speaker on his phone and looked at her with a pained expression, "My brother got into a fight in LA and got arrested."


"I have to make some calls and get my lawyer there in LA to take care of him...then I need to get to LA."

The thought of his brother being in trouble and needing JC wiped any feelings of jealousy from her mind. If her brother had been in that situation she'd would have dropped everything to go and be with him. Family was family, even if they happened to be a few thousand miles away.


[three hours later...]

"I'm really sorry about this," he said looking at her with sad eyes. They'd driven over to the airport after a quick shower and a run through the drive through to get food.

"It's not a problem," she said making sure that her shirt was in place. He could see that it was nervous reaction. She had let go of his hand when he'd gone to the counter to get his ticket and hadn't taken it again, even while they were sitting next to each other. "It's your brother."

"Come with me?" he asked moving his backpack on his shoulders a little.

"I can't," she said.

"Please," he said and leaned and kissed her cheek, "I'll take you to the beach and shopping and--"

She leaned back and looked at him then looked around as if she were waiting for someone to jump out and catch them doing something they shouldn't be doing.

"Zana?" he said making her make eye contact with him. "No one knows that we're here and who would believe that I'm in the airport anyway."

"I'm sorry," she said, "I've gotten paranoid in the last few months and being in Orlando isn't helping that much."

"Well relax," he said, "It's all good."

"Is it?" she asked.

"Yeah," he said and looked in her eyes, "Isn't it?"

"JC," she said then lowered her voice, "We had sex. No offense, but that's gonna make things strange now."

"Why?" he asked. It seemed simple enough. Yeah he was leaving town, but it wasn't forever. He planned to be in LA long enough to get Tyler out of trouble and back to Orlando or take him home to Maryland.

"I don't just go sleeping around with people JC," she said in a hushed whisper. "It's not just something I do and you're leaving and we didn't--" She stopped and covered her face. "Excuse my immaturity JC, but this is all new to me and it's kinda hard to sit here next to you when a few hours ago we were naked together."

"Well it's nice to know that you think about me that way," he said with a laugh. He wasn't trying to be egotistical, but he too was having a hard time keeping his distance. He wanted to pull her into his arms and hold her tightly, but he knew he couldn't. They weren't at that point in their relationship. They almost were, but they weren't and he couldn't keep thinking about her the way that he used to think about Bobbie. With Bobbie it had been all about touching and teasing and with Farzana things were different. He had to find a new game plan, something that would allow him to be with her and not be strange with her.

"It's not something I have to work at," she said then blushed, pushed her hair behind her ear then changed the subject. "So I get your house for the weekend?" she asked.

"Yeah," he said taking a big breath. He felt like he should make her stay with one of the guys, because of the issues that might come up later, but decided to just let her be. He was getting paranoid if he couldn't even let her stay there alone. It was only going to be three days tops for him to get out to LA and come back. "Just don't sell anything on Ebay ok?"

"What if I get a good price though?" she joked, "I'll let you have half the money."

He tensed then looked at her and saw the playful look on her face, "Just don't sell my piano."

"I thought you'd want that to go first," she said, "Since you seem so scared of it right now."

"I'm not scared of it," he protested, "I'll get back to it eventually."

"Just don't take too long," she said, "It misses you."


"It misses you," she repeated, "I think of my guitar as a human being...if I don't spend time with it then it's gonna not be my friend anymore."

"I'll have to trust you on that one," he said giving her a funny look even though he knew what she meant. He needed music like a drug and he had to admit that the last few weeks without it, while they'd been relaxing, were almost too relaxing. He was getting lazy and he needed to get himself in gear, not only with the music, but with her too. He needed to make a step closer to her or a step away, but he needed to make a step.

When it came time for him to board the flight JC stood up from his seat, stretched and pulled her into a hug. She started to tell him something, but he cut her off. He didn't want to start to explain what they were or what they weren't. He didn't want to label them for the moment. He just wanted to be there with her.

There was a small awkward pause before he quickly kissed her, but no other words that good-bye were exchanged. He didn't know what else to say to her so he left her with a kiss and a hug and prayed that his leaving wasn't going to cause more problems. He didn't want to leave her, but he wasn't sure how to tell her how badly he wanted to stay.



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