June 23rd:
Three Days ago has been updated with Chapter 4.  I really got a kick on this story so I'm going to write it all down before I forget it.  Be advised.  I haven't forgotten any of the other stories.  I'm just finding this story easiest to work on for the moment.

June 19th:
Three Days Ago has been updated with Chapter 3.  I'm going to try to work on other stuff, but who knows how much I'll get done.  I need to run out to go shopping and tomorrow is Daddy's day, so we'll see.  Have fun with it!!!

June 13th:
Beating the Clock has again been updated.  Chapter 13 is up and 14 is being worked on.  Have a good one.

June 12th:
Beating the Clock has been updated.  I'm up to Chapter 12 now and still keeping with it.  I have probably 6-8 more chapters of this story left... I think... hmmmm... I'm not sure really... but it's not going to go on too much longer.

June 9th:
Slightly New layout...  slowly but surely I'm going to edit some of my stories and remove older ones.  If you are in the middle of reading either of the Novel Series I or Novel Series II, please email me and tell me how long you have to go before finishing.  I'm planning to take these down before the end of the summer.
Three Days Ago...my Tony Lucca FanFiction has been updated.
If any story that you're reading doesn't show up for some reason. Please email me at pb_max_ca@yahoo.com to check about the status of the story. [It probably is being edited at the moment.]