Three Days Ago 7

As far as out of the way diners were concerned, Tony liked this one.  He instantly felt at home in the place, getting no more than a wave from a waitress telling him to find a seat without a word.  He saw an open booth near the window and pointed it out to Kelsey.  It wasn't often that they sat in the window when eating.  Around New York he'd been discovered and he couldn't enjoy window time anymore without interruption of his meal.  Here he figured that he could take the chance.

"Nice isn't it?" he said as they slipped into their seats.  He immediately looked around to see if he could smoke in doors.

Kelsey nodded and leaned her arms against the tabletop.  "If you need a smoke, go get one.  I'm not sitting here and watching you search for a cigarette the whole time."

"Love you," he said and immediately slipped out of the booth.  He moved around to the convenience store section of the building, moved to the counter and asked for his brand.  He looked around a bit and saw some of the teeny magazines on rack near him.  "And these too."  He picked up three of them with a laugh and set them on the counter next to the pack of cigarette's that the clerk had pulled from behind the counter.

There are certain cliché people in life and this clerk was totally a cliché.  The slightly greasy haired twenty-something, half pregnant girl leaned against the counter showing the fatigue of someone twice her age.  "Teen magazines?"

He grinned and pointed towards the diner.  "For my girlfriend."

"Sure," the clerk said with a laugh.  "No worries.  I'm not one to say anything about anyone's purchases."

Tony smiled, "Ok, well actually some of my friends are probably in these and I have to make fun of them if I find their pictures."

The clerk's eyes widened.  "I liked your first answer better."

"Then that's my final answer," he said.

The clerk winked at him as he moved back over to the diner and when he was back in his seat again he flipped the magazines out onto the table top and found that she immediately picked one up.  "You're buying these still?"

"For you," he said as he readied his cigarette to be smoked.  His lighter took a few times to ignite, but when he was finally taking his first few breaths of smoky air, felt the nicotine kick in, he started to relax.  Moving to grab the ashtray, he brushed his thumb against his lip then held out his free hand to her across the table.

Fingers intwined with hers, he stared out the moment catching a glimpse of the bus across the parking lot then felt her squeeze his hand.  "I missed you," she said.

Being carefully to keep the lit end of his cigarette away from her face, he moved his hand to Kelsey's chin then up towards her cheek letting his fingers graze against her skin ever so lightly.  Despite all the time away, and all the stress that had landed on their shoulders over the last few strained moments of conversation, he loved the way she leaned into his hand, closing her eyes for a moment to smile at him.  "I missed you too."


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