It was the worst week of her life. She was sure that she was going to die by the end of it, but Friday had come and she was still there and kicking. Kicking wasn't the right word, but she was still living and breathing.

Finally a sound caught her attention. "Nicole!"

Her head moved from where she'd been sitting staring out the window at the yard. She'd been staring there since the day before when she got the idea in her head that when Lance did finally come home she wanted to meet him at the door. She didn't know how long she'd been there that afternoon, but when she tried to turn her body to get up and move towards the kitchen, the pins and needles feeling in her legs stopped her. "What did you need?"

"Nicole," Patty's voice said from the other room, "Justin has been in here calling your name for the last five minutes."

"I'm sorry," she said wiping her eyes. She'd been in a daze so long that her eyes were dry. She thought it would be the opposite considering that she'd been crying for the last three days non-stop. She came towards the kitchen and looked around trying to find out where he was standing. She pushed her hair out of her way and let out a sigh. "What did you need Justin?"

"Nothing," Justin said sounding very tired and a little short tempered, "I found it myself."

"You don't have to be such an asshole Justin," Nicole yelled and stormed out of the living room and up the stairs to her bedroom. Her stomach was bothering her, her head hurt, and now her back and legs were aching.

The door was slammed behind her and she threw herself onto the bed violently, silently wishing in her brain that something would get knocked into place so that she could get out of the rut she was in. It was only moments later that the thought crossed her mind that she might injure her baby by being so hard on herself, which caused her tears to be now to be shed for different reasons.

Her arms went around her middle and she founght the urge to throw up until she could make it to the bathroom. She fell to her knees in front of the bowl and she pushed her hair out of the way and emptied the tiny lunch she'd had earlier into the toiletbowl.

"Cole?" Patty said leaning into the bathroom. "Honey are you ok?"

"I'm not fine...I'm not ok," she said crying as she reached for a towel to wipe her face off with. "I just--" Her tears became too much and she soon found herself lying on the bathroom floor, face to the cool tiled floor watching Patty.

"Justin!" Patty yelled over her should not taking her eyes off Nicole. "Justin call Lance!"

Nicole let the next few moments rush by without protest. She was lifted from the floor and Justin placed her in the middle of the master bed then gave her some tylonol and water and covered her up with a blanket before pressing a phone to her ear. He'd been talking on it for a while, but when he handed to her the only word she could make out was "talk."

"Hello?" she said.

"Lucy, what's wrong?"

"I don't feel good," she said sniffing. She wasn't sure who it was, but they were talking to her and Justin looked like he was going to yell at her if she didn't talk back.

"What's wrong sweetie?" the voice asked.

"My tummy, my head," she said, then closed her eyes, "My heart."

When she opened her eyes Patty was sitting next to Justin and he had his arms around her hugging her. Just the thought of Lance not being there with her made her cry again, "I don't feel good...maybe you should talk to Justin again."

"Lucy," the voice said, "Lucy I wanted to talk to you."

"I should go," she said and handed the phone back to Justin. He looked upset, but she didn't care. She turned onto her other side and faced away from them, but only moments later did Patty come over and leaned down so that she could look at her face.

"Are you gonna be ok?" Patty asked moving her hair off her face so that she could see her.

"I'm tired," Nicole mumbled, "I just wanna go to sleep."

"Ok Cole," she said, "Why don't you get to sleep and we'll have Lance come and wake you up when he gets here."

"Lance is in Toronto working. He has to work," she mumbled.

"I know sweetie," Patty said, "But he says that he wants to come home...Is it gonna be ok if he comes home?"

"It's his house," she said and started to move, "I'll leave if he wants me to."

"No," Patty said and pushed her down, "Just lay down and go to sleep and when you get up Lance will be here."

"He won't want me here," she mumbled. She was tired and she felt a little drunk.

"Just go to bed," Patty said and moved away from her.

Nicole closed her eyes and let sleep slip over her. She didn't know how she'd gotten that tired, but she slipped into a deep sleep, one that she hadn't had in a long time.


"What the hell happened?" Lance yelled into the phone as he slid into his jacket. He went across the small room and grabbed up his palm pilot and his wool skull cap he'd been wearing that day. He had gloves too, which he stuffed into his backpack before slipping it on his shoulder.

"Don't yell at me," Justin said defensively in a harsh whisper. "I'm just trying to make things right for the two of you."

"She sounds like shit," Lance said not letting himself linger on the dazed sound of her voice from before. Justin had told him he'd given her a tylonol PM to get her to sleep, which only made him worry that she would lose the baby or some freak thing like that. "I'm up here trying to keep things together and she's down there falling apart Justin. I need to know what happened."

"Nothing," Justin said a thousand miles away. "She was sitting out in the front room and I called to her to ask her something, but she didn't hear me for like five minutes and when she finally came into the kitchen she snapped, called me an asshole, then ran upstairs and started puking. I don't know. Patty says that it's nothing and she says that she doesn't feel well."

"I've pieced that much together," Lance said then caught himself. It wasn't Justin's fault. He should have never forced the idea on her that he wanted a divorce and he should have never let her stay in Orlando by herself, "Did she go to the doctor?"

"I don't think it's really that she's sick Lance," Justin said, "She's been like this for the whole week. She's been really quiet. Quiet like she was when we all first met. She's starting to scare the two of us."

"You've been at the house all week?" he asked, "Why didn't you call me?"

"We didn't want to bother you with it. We figured she'd be ok, but it hasn't gotten any better. We've been here since tuesday. We've been sleeping in the guest bedroom for the last few nights. Patty won't leave her alone here," he said. "She's been ok so far, but today she lost it. I'm getting tired of this Lance. You and she need to talk."

"What's been going on?" he asked. He pushed the trailer door open and Loni looked at him. "I'm leaving to go back to Orlando."

"What?" Loni asked.

"Get on the phone and get me a flight out right now," Lance said to the guard. Normally he wasn't that rude to him, but speed was the issue now. He needed to be home, and he needed to get there as soon as he could.

"You sure?" Loni asked.

"Nicole isn't feeling well and I need to get back to Orlando," he explained, "Please Loni..." He frowned, "Just get me a flight."

"You got it," Loni said seeming to snap to attention with the news of Nicole being sick. A phone was pulled from his pocket and he began to dial as he joined him on the walk out to the parking lot from where the trailers had been set up.

"Justin?" Lance finally said again, "I'll call you back as soon as I get my flight. I need someone to pick me up though...k?"

"Yeah," Justin said, "I'll send Eric over there to get you."

"Hey!" Joey yelled at him as he passed the scene they were about to film. Joey had been his partner in crime the last week and had done a great job of keeping his mind off of home. He hadn't yet told him about the troubles they were having so he knew he was going to have a strange reaction to him going back to Orlando. "Where are you going?"

"Nicole is sick," Lance called holding his phone away from his mouth, "I'm going back to Orlando."

"What's wrong with her?"

"You can't leave," Wendy yelled at him. She wore headphones and had to unhook them from the monitor in front of her before she could come out around and chase him, which gave him a little bit of an advantage.

"I'll call you before I get on the flight," Lance said into the phone, "Tell Nicole that I love her and I'll see her when she wakes up."

"Will do."

"You can't leave," Wendy said, "We've got a production schedule to keep. There are about a hundred people working tonight."

"I. Don't. Care." He gritted his teeth and thought about how right Nicole was about his life. It was all about schedules and he needed to change that. "My wife is home and is sick and I need to be with her!"

Screaming out about his wife's condition wasn't the best of ideas. He'd probably have to release a statement about it later, but he needed a Wendy to understand that he needed to be home and not in Toronto with the movie.

"Can't she go to the doctor or something?" Wendy asked.

"My wife is pregnant with my first kid and you're telling me to ignore that and stay here?" She seemed aggitated and even though Lance understood that she was in business mode he needed her to be understanding enough to know that it was something important for him to leave the project so quickly. "Leave it alone Wendy...leave it alone."


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