Nicole was having a bit of bad luck when her roommate finds her a housekeeper position in the newspaper.  With her bills adding up and her being in need of a place to stay Nicole takes a chance and answers the add, not knowing just how much that job opportunity will bring her.

Settling into her new life is leaving Nicole feeling a little confused. The one thing that she's sure about is Lance and the way that they feel about each other. Lance and Nicole have had to overcome a lot of obstacles to be together... but is the revelation of her troubled past something they can overcome?

JC thought that he knew what he wanted, but when she walked into his life or rather he walked into her life, he knew things would never be the same....or would they?

Life was always about playing games for Justin Timberlake. From Playstation games to basketball, it was all about fun and winning the game, but who is making the rules to this game and will Patty play along?

All these happy endings at once. Each of them, having their last cry.

End of Part One...

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