Updates!!!!   [ Somebody Needs You]  is now finished.  Anything But Ordinary will start soon.  I just have to do some editing before I put the new chapters up.   There is a new short that I've written.  It's probably the dumbest thing I've written to date, too much sappy stuff, but enjoy the [Bird Song]. 



I found out today that my training for my job is almost up which is definitely a good thing!!!  YAY...no more dark classroom!!!  The one thing this does mean is that my schedule is going to get really hectic coming up...so I can't make any promises about updating stuff.  I'm going to try to get something up on [The Novel Series], but I think it's going to take me a while to do it.  I plan to have another chapter up by the end of the year.    [ Somebody Needs You] will be finished as soon as I can get the JC story's first chapter edited.  I don't have an index page set up for that so I'll have to do that too.  Anyway...I added another link to my links list.  If you want yours added just [email me].



Happy B-day to me!!!  I'm sooo old now!!!  I'm kind of upset about [The Novel Series].  I hate to be so negative about this, but I spent time trying to revive the story because so many people said that I should and now I'm not hearing any feedback on it.  I mean I've gotten a few, but not as many as my poll would have dictated that I should get.  Anyway...if you like it...[email me]!  PS...I'll update later on this week.



New Layout...again.  I've gotten bored and I'm trying to see what I want this thing to look like.  Bare with me.


The poll is down and the results for [The Novel Series] are:

Divorce. 62 (2%)
 Miscarriage. 347 (14%)
Lance leaves town. 1032 (43%)
 Make Up. 941 (39%)
Total votes

I have a surprise...the newest chapter of More Ways Than One is up!!!  It's almost like the last ones, but it's going to put the story into a new spin and let me write on it even more...so enjoy [The Novel Series]!!!


YAY!!!  I updated when I said I was going to!!! There are two stories that have been updated.
[ Somebody Needs You] has three new chapters up.  23-25 are now posted.
[24 Hours] has another chapter up too.
 AND I'm starting to work on  [The Novel Series].

The poll is going to be on the site until Wednesday night so vote until then.



Ok...so everyone voted that I should work on More Ways Than One.
I've decided to start that book over and continue [
The Novel Series], but to throw the story in a different direction.
As promised, a new chapter will be up by December 15 and the story of Nicole and Lance will continue.



NEW GRAPHICS...like 'em?  Hey.  I just wanted to tell you that I fixed the link to [The Novel Series]. Thanks LORI!!!   I haven't updated yet, but I have Sunday as my day to write a chapter.  I'm putting together ideas right now...so if you have any suggestions [email me]!



Hey all...just wanted to tell you real quick.  My friend is selling her three tickets to the Jingle Ball Concert in NYC for December 12th.  If you're gonna be out that way and want to buy them off her and go email her [here].  I usually don't put up stuff like this on my site, but she wanted me to see if I knew someone who might want them.  Thanks...Patty

[24 Hours] has part three added to it.  Are you guys liking this one?  [Email me] with any comments.
[Somebody Needs You] has one chapter up.  22 is now there.

12/1/02:  AGAIN

[Somebody Needs You] has one chapter up.  21 is now there.


Voting is over.

What to Update Next? 
Snap Shots Series 1635 (37%)
Just Series 725 (16%)
Novel Series 2001 (45%)

Novel Series should have another chapter up in the next two weeks.  I'm shooting for December 15th, but if something at work comes up I may have to postpone.  I'll keep you updated though.  If you haven't already signed up go and sign up for the [Update List].

More of Somebody Needs You will be up later today.

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