[ Two days later]

"OH MY GOD!!!"

If the sound of Gabby yelling didn't scare him enough soon Carrah was gabbering in his ear. "What was that?" Carrah asked him as Lance pressed the phone to his ear.

"I don't know," he said, "Hold on a second."

"OH MY GOD!!!" Gabby yelled again.

"What's going on over there?" Carrah asked again.

"I don't know. Lemme go find out. I'll call you back."

He could hear the disappointment in her voice, "Alright. Talk to you in a while."

"I'll call you right back."

Lance rushed down the hallway and turned the corner in time to see Gabby holding her phone to her ear. She was jumping up and down and looking as if she might pass out. He hoped that it was from excitement and not from bad news.

"Gabby, what's going on sweetie?" he asked when she looked up at him.

She held her hand out to her. "Ok Daddy," she said, "I will...I'll be good...I'll see you soon."

Lance walked over to her and looked at her seriously. "I heard you screaming down the hall."

Gabby shoved her phone in her jacket pocket and jumped and hugged him. "My Daddy is coming to visit!"

"What?" His jaw must have literally dropped because Gabby looked at him funny. "Don't make that silly face. It's my daddy!"

"So when is he coming?" Lance said softening his expression and playing along with her good mood. "I want to meet him."

"He's gonna be in Florida first," she said with a certain smile. She started to brag. He couldn't explain it, but she seemed to act more mature as she explained, "He's having my Mommy fly to Florida to stay at this Destin Resort place for the weekend and then he's gonna tell her that he wants to marry her again and he's gonna pick me up and we're gonna go to Uncle Joe's."

"Really?" he asked making a face that would seem like he was excited about it.

"Yeah," Gabby said, "But you can't tell my Mommy...it's gonna be a surprise! Oh...My daddy wants me to fake sick so that I can stay here, but she'll just stay here if she knows I'm sick. Can I tell her that I need to stay with you to go to the Kid's Choice Awards?"

Lance wasn't at all wanting to get involved, but the excited look on her face made him stop and think about it a little bit. If he turned her down things might not work out, so he nodded, "Yeah I guess."

"Good," she said, "I gotta go tell Farzana!"

Lance watched her run away. He was amazed that Reese could be so destructive in his actions. They'd just gotten into the schedule and Gabby seemed to be getting along great with everyone even though the strange circumstances, and now he was going to come in and ruin it all. He hated to admit it, but he'd become attached to them both and he didn't like the idea that they'd be leaving.

His phone rang and he grabbed it up, "Hey girl."

"Hey," she said, "What happened?"

"You've got to hear this. That guy Reese, Gabby's dad is coming back into the picture. He's swooping in here and coming for a visit. Can you believe that? I get to hear them fight in person!"

"Where's the brat?" Rodney asked coming into the bus.

"Which brat are you talking about?" Patty asked trying to joke. "Big brat or little brat?"

He rolled his eyes at her. "Little brat."

"So now she's a brat?" she asked sounding as offended as possible.

"You just said--"

"I'm kidding," she said holding up a hand. "Gabby went to go find Lance. I personally don't think that she should be hanging out with him that much, but he keeps her out of trouble so I've been letting it slide."

"Have you seen her lately?" he asked, "I got her a pass to go on stage tonight with the guys and I wanted to give it to her."

"Give her a call," she suggested and turned back to her paperwork.

"She isn't answering."

She stacked her papers and smiled, "Would you like me to go find her?"

"Would you?" he asked, "I need to get to her so she can get changed."

Patty pushed herself away from her desk of work and followed Rodney out of the bus with a sigh. SHe was going tohave to get Gabby a tracking device because having her roam around like this was getting tiresome. She needed better control of her.

"I'll go around to the right and you go to the left and we'll meet in the middle. Check the green room," she asked then paused for a moment, "Wait. Where's Farzana?"

"She went to get some food," Rodney said, "She was hanging out with Dani so I figured she was safe."


She worked her way around towards the green room and of course got there just in time to overhear yet another conversation that concerned her.

"It's crazy. Patty is going to go crazy. The resort is--no I just looked it up on the internet. You should see this place. It's got everything. I wouldn't take someone there unless I was going to ask them something important or to tell them that I love them."

Patty backed out away from the door. Resort? I love you? Her heart started to pound and she felt sweaty all of a sudden.

"I know Carrah," he said, "I know this is a big thing. It's huge! It's amazing and it's gonna totally effect Gabby. What if this backfires? What am I gonna do about her?"

Patty took a breath and looked around for a moment. What was going on? She was definitely in the twilight zone. She didn't know what she'd gotten herself into, but this was crazy. She couldn't be with him. She wasn't supposed to fall in love with anyone. She needed to stay single. She needed to stay focused and getting anywhere near him was the wrong thing to do.

When she turned and walked back out the other way. SHe needed to get away before she hyperventalated. This was too much.



She was in the middle of moving her laptop back into it's case when Gabby came into the bus. The scream made her jump and she dropped the computer. "Damn it!" she yelled and picked up the computer. "God Damn it Gabby don't come in here screaming like a banchie."

"Mommy?" Gabby said.

She could hear the emotion in her voice and when she turned she found her daughter standing there with tears in her eyes. "I'm sorry honey. I didn't mean to yell at you," she said, "I've had a really bad morning...what's got you so excited?"

She shrugged a little, squared her shoulders and smiled. "Lance said that I get to go to the Kid's Choice Awards!"

"Really?" she asked, "That's great."

"Isn't it?" Gabby came in and plopped down on the couch, "It's this weekend. Lance said I get to be his date."

She paused and looked at her daughter. She wondered what the deal with Lance was. If he was going to be with Gabby that weekend how was he going to be with her that weekend? It didn't make sense. She'd thought immediately that she would turn Lance down, but now she was curious to find out what was going to happen.


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