Wasted Love 11

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The first time Meredith felt the bed move that night she'd woken up to find Steven in front of her, much the way he'd been in front of her earlier in the day. He was on his knees, leaning over her as if trying not to wake her up, but had said her name quietly to make her eyes open.

"I can't sleep," he said with a hiccup, holding a teddy bear in his arms, "Justin says that I'm a big boy and I need to not have nightmares anymore, but I still had one."

She had instantly invited him to stay with her and had it explained her to her through half tears that if Justin found out that he wasn't sleeping in his own bed that he would get teased. Meredith understood his plight and snuggled him up with her.

The second time she felt the bed move she pulled Steven against her and held him tight thinking that he might have been having a nightmare. It wasn't until she felt the bed move behind her that she tensed up for a moment then relaxed as a pair of warm arms went around her. One arm slid under her head and neck and curled back around to give her an extra little pillow to sleep on and the other arm went around her middle, sliding between her stomach and Steven's back. Again she had that warm comfortable feeling from the night before.

When his head came to rest next to hers his lips touched her cheek for a moment and he let out a long breath as if he'd been holding it since the night before. She knew in her head that she should protest, get up and move or have him move, but her heart wouldn't let her. He felt too good holding her and she wasn't about to give that up for anything in the world.

Moving her hand she carefully pulled one arm over his arm that was around her stomach and gave his hand a squeeze. She knew that if she acted asleep she could enjoy the moment without having to have a discussion about it. She'd been glad that there had been no discussion over the events of the night before, but having him pressed up against her like that now was going to be tough to stay quiet about.

"Bear," Justin said softly in her ear and kissed her cheek again, "I missed you."

"Mmmm," she replied pretending to be asleep as she felt him pull her back against him a little more, settling against her back so they were spooned up against each other. Tears came to her eyes and she tried to keep her breathing even so he wouldn't know she was awake.

She waited, trying to take breaths in an even manner so that she wasn't discovered. His arms moved around her more, pulling her further back against him, as one of his hands slid under the cotton material of the tank top she'd worn to bed. His palm pressed against her stomach and she could hear him take a deep breath, as if he was trying to calm himself down after reaching that point with her.

When his fingers started to dance small circle-like touches across her belly she felt a warmth flow over her. It was strange to be there that way, especially when Steven was curled up against her sleeping. She knew that Justin wouldn't start anything in front of Steven, even if he was asleep. He might have been horny or something, but he wasn't about to do anything that would embarrass him or Steven.

His hand slid lower on her belly, pressing on her stomach so her hips scooted away from his brother leaving him enough room to slid his hand over her without hitting Steven. His fingertips paused at the tiny elastic band of her underwear. She wanted to smile knowing how much she'd wanted him to touch her like that, but again she was reminded of Steven sleeping there against her chest.

The movement of his hand from her belly to the fabric between her legs caught her off guard. She hadn't expected Justin to be that bold with her with Steven there, but he didn't seem to mind. That was until Steven stirred in his sleep.

Meredith's eyes squeezed shut and she waited for something to happen. She first felt his hand retreat from where it had buried itself between her legs on the outside of her panties then slid back up and along her arm a little before his body slowly retreated from her, leaving her back and body chilled in the air in the room.

Moments later the warmth from her front side was being pulled away. "Bear let him go," Justin said in a soft voice, "I'm just gonna put him back to bed."

"Mmmm." She knew that doing this was going to get her in a lot of trouble but if she acted asleep she'd never get blamed for any of this. She would use that as her excuse. She'd been waiting six months for another opportunity like this and she wasn't about to throw it away by being practical.

Justin's lips touched her forehead a moment later, "I'll be right back Bear."

"Mmm," she said and rolled over onto her back moving a hand across her eyes to make it seem as if she was just waking up enough to hear him.

She heard his feet on the floor walking out of the room and down the hall and heard him return moments later, closing and locking the door behind him. If it had been someone else she would have woken up for sure, but it was Justin and she trusted him.

When the bed moved she took a breath and prayed to God that whatever plan had been set in motion before would stay moving. With her eyes closed she really didn't know what was going to happen, but when she felt his hand lightly on her arm pushing her onto her side so that he could slide behind her again she moved with him instead of fighting him.

Slowly as they resumed their previous positions on the bed Meredith could feel him against her back and bottom, his lap pressed into her as he hand snaked around her again and began to slowly move back to where it had been before he'd moved Steven.





Justin's hands moved lightly over her knowing that she was half-asleep. He figured that it was probably a little perverted of him to take advantage of her like this, but her skin felt so good to him and the way she pressed up against him moving her hips towards his hand made it hard to stop.

When his hands moved up her stomach and torso again and he pushed her shirt up over her head she went along with what he did and even curled against him when the cool air of the room hit her breasts. She curled her arms up around herself. "Beedee cold," she mumbled.

Justin moved back a little so that she could lay on her back and moved over her to cover her up, slipping out of his wife beater on the way so that the skin to skin contact would warm her up.

When his lips dipped and kissed her shoulder she shivered by a smile soon came over her face. Her eyes were still closed and her breathing even, but the rest of her body seemed to be awake. Her nipples hardened against his chest and her arms snaked around him as did her legs, moving so that she was grabbing onto him like a koala bear.

His lips traveled along her shoulder and his hands slid underneath her to bring her closer. "Bear?" he said softly as her pelvis began to rub up against him. It seemed to be an involuntary movement that happened, but even beneath her pajama bottoms and panties he could feel the evidence of how much she wanted him. He was breathing hard now trying to stay still and not crush her at the same time. "Bear chill out," he gritted out and moved to push her away a little but she was latched onto him and moved with him.

That's when he noticed her eyes had opened and she was holding onto him tighter, fingers grasping at him as their bodies moved together.

"Justin," she finally said and he knew that she was awake, "Please Justin make love to me--" Her breath caught for a moment, "Make love WITH me."

The words were the last of his barrier between sanity and insanity and when she unlocked her legs and moved away from him a little to slid out of her pajama bottoms and panties he pulled off his shorts and moved back next to her.

Her hands immediately reached out to him, pulling them body to body on the bed. "Please," she pleaded then pulled him into a kiss, one that was reminiscent of the kisses they'd shared in the old days.

"I don't have--" Justin began thinking that this was probably the dumbest thing he'd ever done. He'd gotten her all horny and now he didn't have a condom on him.

"I don't care," she said moving her hand between them she touched him and began to guide him to his target.


"Justin I don't care," she said firmly, her voice now was completely awake sounding, "I want you in me."

There was nothing to do to prevent what happened next and once we was there with her, laying over here gritting his teeth trying not to push against her to hard, he finally took a breath, "Are you sure?"

When she nodded he let his strength to hold back go and began to move with her. He knew somewhere deep down in the back of his brain that he was crossing some forbidden line, but the sound of her voice and the look in her eyes, and the feel of her there with him was too much to just ignore. They needed each other at that moment, more than either of them seemed to realize at the beginning.

It was only later, when she was curled up next to him holding onto him and lazily stroking his chest with her hand that he would realize the true ramifications of this event. He'd made love to a woman that wasn't his, that couldn't be his, and what hurt him the most about that was that he wanted her to be his again.



[The Next Morning...]

The banging on the door wasn't the way he wanted to wake up. It was a common occurrence on the road that he'd have someone come looking for him early in the morning, but that morning, when his ears picked up the sound of the knock and his eyes squeezed together to hold onto sleep, he also felt a great warmth.

When he realized where he was and what had happened and it finally registered that it was his youngest brother's voice on the other side of the door instead of a bodyguard's panic hit him. He opened his eyes and saw her lying half on top of him sound asleep. Her eyes were closed and she didn't look at all bothered by the noise just outside of the room.

"Bear, unless you want to embarrass us both," he whispered carefully moving from her arms, "I have to go."

Quickly moving around the room he pulled on his clothes and quickly went to the door. He pulled it open to find Steven standing there, already dressed. The boy backed away from him then a look of confusion hit his face. He had been expecting someone else, Justin knew that much, but he wasn't sure that Steven had expected to see him.

"What time is it?" he immediately asked when Steven looked shocked to see him standing in the doorway. His mouth was dry with nervousness and he wished that he hadn't been stupid enough to fall asleep. He was always getting himself in trouble. This time he'd not only get himself in trouble with whoever else was in the house, but he knew Steven well enough to know that the whole family would know about it sooner or later.

Steven leaned and looked around him and Justin closed the door.

"Where's Meredith?"

"Sleeping," Justin said trying to calm his heart rate. He was going to get caught if he was careless like that. He needed to think of something, "Why don't we go get breakfast? Where's Gritty and Jonathan and Tiny?"

"In the kitchen," Steven said looking at him with a scared look on his face.

"What’s wrong with you?" He asked.

"Nothing," Steven said and walked down the hall.

"Go on," he said, "I’m gonna make sure that Meredith is still asleep then we’ll get breakfast."

Justin let out a sigh and turned towards the door again. He was going to go in when he noticed his brother watching him. Instead of going in like he wanted to, he looked over and saw that she was still asleep then closed the door and went after his brother to the kitchen.

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