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By the next morning it seemed that everyone was in a fairly bad mood. Patty had been up early, had already argued with Lance over him being in a bad mood and now was late and her head was aching. She walked along with her phone in one hand scrolling over the calls she'd missed while she was dealing with Gabby and a hand on her head. She should have stopped to take some Advil or something, but couldn't find any quick enough before she had to leave.

Farzana was expecting her in the green room. She'd promised that she'd be there with her through the interviews that morning, but Gabby had been being a brat complaining about how she didn't want to do her school work so it had taken her a little longer than normal to get her settled in the bus before she made it into the arena.

As she entered the room slipping in the door to stand at the back of the room for a moment she could hear the interviewer with her questions. "What's your favorite movie?"

Patty rolled her eyes and moved around the screen that blocked a direct view into the room from the hallway and slid into a seat so she could watch. She wasn't supposed to be interupting unless things got out of control, but her entrance into the room paused both Farzana's and the interviewer's rythmn of the conversation.

"Probably the Matrix. But I haven't seen On the Line yet, so that may change." She could see the way that Farzana had forced a smile on her face as she answered. Press stuff like this was really boring for everyone. It all seemed to be the same questions with the same answers. Only the interviewers and the final publications of the information were different.

"Plugging a fellow performer's movie," the reporter said leaning back in her chair a little. "You get a commission on that?"

"No," Farzana said with a laugh, "I wish though. They'd go out of business if they had me on the payroll."

"Very sly of you."

"It's not really me being sly," she said with a shrug, "I just want to see the movie. I'm excited to see some singers do some acting. I love the entertainment industry and movies are part of that."

"Is that something that interests you? Acting I mean? If you could not be a singer, what career would you choose?"

Farzana always had hated this question. She had come to Patty a million times on how to answer it. There was a fine line of being grateful for what you have and wanting something else and Farzana didn't want to push away her love of music for her love of the rest of the entertainment industry. "I'd probably consider something along the business side of the entertainment industry. I need to be around music somehow."

Patty was beinging to feel the same way about her marriage. She had loved Reese when they were together and couldn't really imagine being truly away from him, but the time apart did give her the space she needed to explore. The only thing now was that she thought she might have found a possibility that there might be someone else out there for her, that not only put her in a bad position, but put that other person in a strange position considering that she was still married and legally would be committing adultry if she tried anything with someone other than her husband.

"How do you balance your personal life in school and your professional life?"

Finally something that was half intellectual. It took at least a little more than one word to fully answer the question. Patty had a million answers of her own, but this wasn't her interview. She could have spouted off about how there is no balance and that people in the industry don't last long and that it ruined people's lives, but she couldn't blurt those things out. Farzana hadn't been in the business long enough to have those things happen and she wasn't about to cloud her judgement on the subject.

"Balancing personal and professional lives is hard. I need to be careful of which friends I pick and time management and organization is a must."

"If you could do anything you wanted what would you do?"

Farzana smiled at the chance to let this answer out. "On or off the road?"

"Off," she said.

"When I'm not on the road would be sleeping. That and basically catching up with friends and spending quality time with my brother."

"You have a brother?" she asked, "Is he in the business?"

"No," she said.

"Do your parents travel with you to concerts?"

"Occasionally. If I'm in the area they are in. They try to keep things as normal as possible for the rest of the family since my brother is younger."

"How about your favorite book?"

"My fave book is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, but I like to read a lot of fantasy and fairytales stuff."

"So do you watch a lot of television?"

"Of course," she said with a laugh.

"Got any favorite shows?"

"I love Dark Angel, Alias, and Thieves. I have them taped and sent to me on the road."

"Yeah," Patty added, "You should see that post office bill. Its outregeous."

"Favorite color?"

Patty couldn't help but to laugh with that one. Farzana wasn't a ten year old. Who cared what color she liked? As far as Patty knew she didn't have a perference.

"Blue. And green, and orange, and red, and yellow, and--" Farzana laughed, "Shall I go on?"

"Sure," the reporter said with a smile then nervously looked at Patty.

"Basically anything but pink and that icky mustard color."

"Ok," the reporter said, "Something a little more personal now...and don't be shy. Is there a special someone you are seeing now?"

"Hey," Patty warned then was brushed away by a hand from her charge.

She could see the embarrassment with this one, but Farzana smiled graciously and looked at the woman's notebook. "No, I do not have a boyfriend at the moment, although I do date."

"What do you look for in a guy?"

"Hey...do you have to ask such personal stuff?" Patty asked.

"It's really not all that personal," she said, "It's what our readers want to know."

"Patty it's ok," Farzana said, "Really...I look for the dream. Someone who's independant, and trustworthy, and who thinks I'm the most amazing person in the world. Good looks don't hurt either. Oh, I know it sounds superficial, but nice hair is a must."

Patty's mind wandered for a moment as she took a seat next to where they were sitting. She wondered strangely what Lance's answers would be. She didn't know that much about him and she thought that he'd probably have some interesting answers, or at least some surprising ones.

"Ok, this is probably an easy one. Who were your musical influences?"

"Boyz II Men and Mariah Carey are major influences. They are incredible."

"Another music one for you. What is your fave song to perform?"

"My fave song to perform is a toss up between Somebody for Someone by the Corrs and I've Been Thinking About You by Mariah Carey."

Patty looked at her watch and the woman seemed to get the idea that she needed leave soon. Farzana probably could have taken more questions, but she was looking a bit tired and needed to rest a little before the next round of interviews.

"How about one more?"

"Ok," the woman said and looked at her notes again. "So a lot of younger people are thinking about getting into singing, have your parents always been supportive of your career choice?"

Patty wanted to laugh at this one. Having them behind her and Farzana would have make life a lot easier.

"At first they weren't that into it. They didn't think that I took this seriously and were waiting for me to get a 'real job.' But they eventually came to respect my decision."

"Well thank you for sitting with me today. I'm looking forward to seeing you perform tonight."

"You're welcome," Farzana said and Rodney showed the reporter out.

"You ok with all this?" Patty asked moving to hug her seeing that she needed something to put her back into the real world after spending the morning acting like the music star that she was.

"I'm fine," she said, "I hate those relationship ones...but what are you gonna do?"

"Just be careful. Don't say too much."

"It's all made up anyway," she said, "I mean when was the last time I really went out on a date. Other than industry parties it was back last month when Colin, Molly, and Wes flew out to see me and that really wasn't a date in the first place."

"Just be careful."

"I always am."

"I'm sorry I was late."

"Gabby again?"

"Yeah," she said with a sigh. "She'll be fine."

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