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As they collapsed in a heap after their orgasms had subsided Lance found himself instantly not knowing what to say to her.  He knew that he should say something, but there wasn't anything in his extensive public relations grooming for the group that would cover a situation like this.  There was the list of how to excuse yourself from a situation, but he doubted that she'd believe that he had a meeting to get to or that a flight that he'd had made him too tired to hang out late that night at a party.  It was strange that in some senses he was so overly prepared to deal with that general public, but in one on one situations like this, he didn't have a clue how to handle things.

Luckily he didn't have to deal with finding something to say.  Soon he felt Colleen's hand press against his shoulder.  "I hate to fuck and run," she said, "But I really don't think that I want to be caught in here with you with my clothes off."

"Yeah," he said even though he was hurt at her use of the word fuck.  He had wanted to believe that there might be something more between them than just being fuck buddies.  Of course it was crazy to think that this woman that he'd just met would be more than just an affair, but there had been a point in the middle of their love making that he'd seen a look in her eyes that he wanted to see again from her.

She slid out from under him and gathered her clothes up.  He lay on his stomach for a moment catching his breath before he too reached for his boxers and then grabbed up his shirt and jeans and pulled them on.

When he was finally dressed he went over to the balcony part of the suite and looked down at the crowd.  He wondered for a moment if anyone had realized that they'd been doing up there.  It was a stupid move to have sex with her in such a public place, more adventurous that he'd probably ever thought he'd be, but something had pulled him to do it.  He knew that they'd be parting ways after that night and he'd wanted to take advantage of the situation.

Songs were still going on, but he didn't really recognize the one that John was playing.  "Hey Colleen?"

"Yeah," she said.  She moved put next to him and slid against him so that his arm ended up being around her.  When he looked down at her she smiled, "What?"

"What song is this?" he asked.

I know you've been sworn
I read your complaint
you're needing someone older
and though I've been warned to live day by day
there's something taking over

did you expect to kiss me one time
while looking at me with the same eyes ever again?
so come on and face it
so come on and face it
it's time that we say it

you can cross the line whenever you want to
I'm calling it love soon
close your mind and waste some time if you have to
I'm calling it love soon
it's not about you now
it's what we are

"It's called Love Soon," she said and kissed his neck.

"Oh," he said and took a breath.  He moved away from her and went to get a drink.  He needed some space or he was going to start to really think that there might be something there between them.  Of course he wanted there to be something, but at the same time he knew it wasn't possible and he wasn't about to let himself think that.

"You ok?" she asked.  She was looking at him again with this concern that was so genuine he had to suspect that she was faking things well just to get passed this step in their relationship.  If he saw her than more than just someone to sleep with she might be entitled to more of the girlfriend status instead of being a play thing.  He'd seen it happen before.  When they got a little edge on one of the guys they would take advantage of their position and blow a loose relationship into an engagement or something of that nature quickly.

"Yeah," he said and popped open another beer.



"Seriously can you please answer my question?" she asked.

"What?" he asked.

She went over to him and put her arms around him.  She pressed herself against him.  "What's wrong?"  She hesitated for a moment.  "Was it something that has to do with--"  Her eyes blinked up at him.  "It wasn't what just happened was it?"

"No," he said, "Oh God no.  That-"  He looked at the couch where they'd just been.  "-That was great.  I just have a lot of business on my mind right now and stuff at home is strange.  I didn't mean to ruin your night."

"You didn't ruin it," she said, "The only thing that would ruin my night now would be for you to send me home alone."

There was something in her eyes that calmed him.  He knew that she probably didn't have a deep connection with him just yet, but at least there wasn't that empty look in her eyes like their had been in other girl's eyes.  It wasn't anywhere close to the looks that Carrah gave him, but it was closer than anything else he'd seen lately.  "Really?" He leaned and kissed her cheek.

"Yeah," she said with now sleepy eyes.  "Can we go back to the hotel and go to bed?"

"As in sleep?" he asked and move to hug her better.  "Or something else?"

"Something else," she said.

He smiled against her cheek.  "But the concert isn't over.  You don't want to miss the end do you?"

"He'll sing two more songs," she said and started to lick his neck.  "I've got them on CD.

"Ok," he said and drank down the rest of his beer in a big swig.  He sighed when he was done and pulled her along to the door.

Loni was waiting outside the door.  "Everything ok?"

"Yep," Lance said, "We're gonna head back early.  I don't want to get stuck in this crowd."

"Sounds good to me," Loni said with a nod.  He reached for Colleen and she stepped back.

"Babe, he's not gonna hurt you," he said, "You need to walk on the inside."

"Walk on the inside?"

"Between me and him," Loni said.  "Trust me.  If someone sees you two walking out right now they're going to plaster your face all over the internet."

"What? Why?" she said.

Lance leaned and kissed her.  "It's nothing babe.  I'll explain it later."

With a nod she slid in between the two men and kept her head low.  She must have paid to much attention to those behind the scenes shows or had paid too much attention to the way that people took pictures of celebrities because she seemed to have the moves down pat.  She leaned against him, but didn't try to look at him and she didn't look up even when someone called out his name.

By the time they reached the car it seemed as if years had gone by.  She scooted into the seat of the limo and waited for Lance to sit down next to her.  She wasn't sure how to read him and she wasn't putting any expectations on the way the rest of the evening was going to go.  She was going to regret later sleeping with him so quickly, but at the same time it had been one of those moments that a person shouldn't pass up.  They'd had sparks and the sex had been amazing which wasn't something that happened too many times.

"Hey," he said, "You aren't getting tired yet are you?"

She caught herself yawning right when he asked her that and held a hand over her mouth for a moment.  "I've been up since like three in the morning."

"Jesus," he said, "I didn't know.  You should have told me."  He scooted over and put his arm around her and pulled her against him.  He tucked her head against his shoulder.

"I didn't want to bother you," she said looking up at him, "You seemed to assume that I was just up for everything that was going on and so when we got here I just kind of forgot about telling you."  She sighed.  "I didn't want to bother you."

"Sugar it's not a bother."  He closed his eyes for a minute.  "We'll go back and get a shower and get in bed.  Maybe order room service."

"Shower--"  She yawned.  "Bed--"  She yawned again.  "Sounds good."

Her cheek pressed against him and her eyes stayed closed the entire way to the hotel.


She noticed in the lobby and in the elevator and in the hallway, the different ways in which Lance acted with her.  Sometimes she could imagine herself as his girlfriend and being used to all the attention that he got, but clearly he wasn't at all used to the idea that he would have someone, a significant other, walking with him, or if he did, he sure didn't act like it.

On the trek from the car to the lobby they'd walked closely through a crowd of fans that had gathered outside, but in the lobby he kept his distance from her a little, making it seem like they were together but not TOGETHER. It was a blow to the ego, not that she knew the proper ways one should treat someone they barely knew, but had had sex with.  In the elevator he stood close to her, leaned against one wall of the corner of the tiny room while she leaned against the other.  At one point he showed a glimpse of the nice guy that he was and moved some hair out of her face, but when their eyes met he seemed to notice too how much of a significant act that  insignificant act had become.  He moved away from her just as the elevator doors came open and when the two of them and security exited he waved to the guard who went into one room and motioned down the hallway in the next moment.

It was a critical time for their friendship/relationship/whatever they were going to term this.  The options for them were limitless and she wasn't sure that she even had a clue about which way things would go.

As Lance turned to use his key to let them into his room she stayed about two feet away from him.  They hadn't kissed since before when they were in the midst of their passions, but she felt the urge as she stood there to wrap herself against his back, kiss his earlobe and force him to keep her there for the night.  Impulsive behavior like that wasn't something that would get her anyplace good quickly, but she wanted to stay there and see if this guy was as good as he seemed.

"You coming in?" he asked.

Her head had dipped and she'd been staring at her shoes when his voice brought her back to the present.  She smiled and stepped by him as he held open the door.  She thought she heard him start to say something, but when she turned around to find him coming in behind her she kept her mouth shut and watched the next few minutes of action unfold like some great mystery novel.

"Fuck it's late," he said.  He looked at his watch as he slid out of his jacket and threw it on the seat in the corner of the room.  A sigh escaped his mouth and he yawned.  She'd noticed the way his eyes seemed to look a little more hollow that they had been earlier in the day and the posture of his shoulders showed the fatigue of the day that was catching up with them.

"Maybe I should head out," she said praying that she wasn't about to make a fool of herself.  She wanted desperately to be that brave girl that would just make herself at home and assume that the invitation to spend the night with him was there, but she decided she'd go the cautious way and see if she could at least salvage something of this strange night.

"You can stay here," he said as he started to pull his shirt out of his jeans.  He kicked off his shoes and started to undo the fly of his jeans, an act that made her heart rate jump and her mouth go dry.

"I really probably should go and-"

"Colleen.  I've-"  He started to say something but stopped.  He closed his eyes and pulled in a deep breath of air.  "I want you to stay tonight.  I know that before we kind of got a little carried away with ourselves, but I really-"

She put a hand up to stop him.  "I'm not expecting to become Mrs. Bass overnight or anything.  I just thought that maybe after a day like this and a schedule like yours that you might want to get away from it all."

His hand went to rub the back of his neck and she glanced and saw his toes curling into the carpeting a little as if the stretching motion that he curled out into was hitting every part of his body.  "Normally I would say to leave," a smile touched his lips, "but being with you tonight has made me actually forget about work for a while, which is a very rare occasion and if it's ok with you, I'd like to have that continue a little longer."

"Sure."  She shrugged in response to him not knowing how exactly she was supposed to respond to something like that.  It was such a strange comment that she wasn't sure that she should encourage more of that.

"Make yourself at home then."  He nodded as if some great decision had just been made.  "I was gonna go hop in the shower real quick then sack out in front of the television if you want to join me."

As he moved across the room humming Your Body Is A Wonderland, his hooked an arm around her and pressed a kiss to her temple.  "I'll be in there if you need me."

She found it hard to swallow as his mouth went to her ear and whispered to her, "Don't get lonely."

The hair on the back of her neck and on her arms stood on end as she turned to watch him walk towards the bathroom.  She could feel the air go dry and her knees turned to jell-o.  He pulled his shirt off and she saw the muscles of his back move as he reached to turn on the shower.

Feeling like she was being perverted by staring at him she went and sat down on the bed and slid her shoes off.  She was still mulling over the idea of going into the room when she saw a t-shirt and the jeans that he had been wearing thrown out the bathroom door.  They fell into a pile just outside the door, making her raise an eyebrow, then a smile crept over her face as his boxers joined the pile and she heard the shower door shut.

She left her shoes in a neat row against the edge of the bed and pulled off both her jeans and her shirt in a folded pile on the edge of the bed.  It was the last pieces consisting of her bra and panties that made her hesitate.  She could hear Ree already lecturing her on this, but she knew that she needed to go with her heart and not her head on this one.

She could see him through the frosted glass of the shower and she stood there watching him for a moment catching only a clear vision of the bottom half of his thighs and from about his shoulders up. All of the technically inappropriate parts of him were covered, but the length of his legs and the site of his hands and arms reaching up to run the water through his hair and over his shoulders was enough for her.  With his hair wet and matted against his head he looked like a different man.  There was something vulnerable about him standing there and she liked the feeling that it gave her to know that this incredibly mature man that she'd spent time with that night had a softer part of him.

When she moved her eyes up again she found him watching her through the glass.  His eyes were heavy with fatigue and something else.  "Are you going to stand out there and torture me all night?"

She cocked her head to the side and moved her hands to the back of her bra to start to remove it.  "Torture you?"

He let a groan out and licked his lips and brushed his hands over his face to get the water off.  "Come in here and I'll show you," he said with a heavy breathed voice.

She stopped her hands from moving against the material of her bra and moved them to slide down her hips.  Hoping that he wasn't going to laugh at her next action she put her hand on her hip and moved her hand so that her fingers were just at the edge of he underwear.  When she looked at his face his eyes were directed towards where her hand was.

"I swear on all that is Holy--"

Her hand moved the material carefully away from her body.  She smiled to herself congratulating herself on remembering to shave her legs the night before.  She laughed thinking about the old saying about wearing clean underwear when you left the house in case of an emergency.  For Stacey and her it was making sure you always shaved your legs because you never knew who's bed you might fall into, or at least it had been before Stacey had settled down.

When she was completely naked she moved and opened the door and stepped into the shower.  She kept her nervous eyes on his face and didn't try to take in the rest of him.  She wasn't completely naive when it came to men, but the idea of just standing there staring at all of him made her feel uncomfortable.  "You're--you're--"

She watched his hand moved to obscure any kind of a view of his more private parts and she saw some pink color come to his cheeks.

"You're all muscle," she said and pressed a hand against his right pectoral muscle, right over his heart.  "I know the big wigs up on high are making sure that you're looking good and stuff, but--"  She started to feel herself ramble, but the noise of her chatter was more comfortable than the silence between them.  Her hand slid down the muscle and towards his ribs and stomach muscles.

"Jesus," he breathed out.  His hand moved to grasp hers and stop her movement down his body.  "Sugar don't do that."

"I wasn't--"

His arms slid around her and brought her up against his body and she felt all the air in his lungs rush out in a hiss that he somehow let out against her ear while hugged her. His hands slipped down to cup her body against his and she felt the natural way his hips pressed against her.

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