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He felt a tug at his pocket and looked down to see Brianna standing there.  She had been good all afternoon, but everyone seemed to notice how she'd been a little sad.  After all, in the last year or so she'd been taken from being the center of everyone's universe to being the second child and  now as the middle child she seemed to be feeling the loss of the spotlight.  It was true that the focus of the weekend wasn't on her, but having all of their attention on other things really seemed to get to her.

"What Jelly Bean?" he asked trying not to sound too condescending to the little girl.

"Up."  She put her arms out and reached up to him, going as far as to stand on the tip toes of her tiny white addidas shell toe shoes. "Up."

He leaned down and picked her up, balancing her on his forearm while the other one held her against him so she wouldn't fall.  "What are you up to Miss Brianna?"

She sighed a heavy sigh as if she'd just walked across the hottest desert in the world.  "I no wahk."

"You don't want to walk anymore?" he asked looking towards the car, "Why's that?  You weren't going that far anyway."

She sighed again and shook her head then moved her hand over her forehead and put her head against his shoulder and started to suck her thumb.  "I no wahk."

"Brianna I think you're getting to big to be held," Joey said coming up to them holding Trey in his little sleeper.  Lance still wasn't sure how Joey had gotten so domestic, but he carried the baby carrier as comfortably as Justin would be carrying a basketball in his hand.

She sighed for a third time and looked over at her father with a frown.  "I no wahk Diddy."

"She missed her nap," Joey said rolling his eyes.  He walked out towards where Kelly was standing in the grass with a laugh.

"Are you tired?" Colleen asked as Brianna let her head rest on Lance's shoulder.  Lance watched the way she put her hand on the little girl's foot carefully and leaned across him to talk to her.

"No," she said with a yawn, "I rest my eye."

Lance rubbed her back and looked over at Colleen.  "She's usually not this huggy."  He pressed a kiss to her forehead. And reached and put a hand  on her cheek.  "Are you not feeling good Jelly Bean?"

"I a fower," she said randomly.

"You're a flower?" Colleen asked.

She nodded.  "I in a fower dress."

"You've got a flower dress?" she asked.  He couldn't help but love the way her lips curled into a smile.  He hadn't really seen her around kids before so it was a nice change to see her interacting with them.  With Patty he'd seen her right off because she had a child, but with Colleen he still felt like there was more to learn about her every day.

"No weheding," she said, "Mommy say no weheding, but a fower dress."

"There wasn't a wedding, but you got to wear a flower girl dress."

"Yeah," she said.  Her little eyes closed. "Ina a nap."

"I think I should ask Kelly if she needs to go home," Colleen said with a quiet voice.

"Why don't you go ask her and we'll head out in a little while.  I've got until like ten tonight before that party starts.  We should go home and take a nap."


When he leaned towards her to kiss her she met his kiss with a weak return.  He was puzzled by her reaction and watched her walk over to Kelly and smiled again at the nickname that her jersey had been given.

Colleen held her breath as she walked across the lawn.  She felt tears in her eyes.  She wasn't sure what had brought it all on, but seeing Lance with Brianna made her wish that she could make this thing more real than it was.  They'd played along well that afternoon with Patty, but none of that seemed real.  Currently she knew that he cared for her, but she didn't know if it was something more than just friendship that kept them where they were.


"Yeah?" she asked squinting at Kelly.

"You ok?"

"Yeah," she said, "I think my allergies are acting up a little.  She swiped at her eyes quickly.  "I was just gonna ask if you wanted help loading Brianna into the car or if you and Joey were going to stick around for a while."

Kelly reached and grabbed her arm and held her there.  "We're gonna be here for a while--because I'm not leaving until you tell me what's wrong."

Colleen looked back over at Lance and Brianna and then looked at Kelly.  "I can't.  I just--It's nothing.  It's just my stupid girly brain making more of something than I should."

"Come here," Kelly said.  They walked around the far side of Joey's Expedition and Kelly opened up the door and pointed.  "Get in."


"Get in," she said, "You look like you could use a talk."

"No, really, it's ok."

"What's going on?" Kelly asked.  "Are you and Lance fighting?"

"No."  She climbed into the car when her eyes started to tear up.  "I shouldn't even be having this conversation because I know I'm just over reacting about this, but a part of me...that girly part of me keeps wondering what he thinks of me.  I mean I know he likes me, but I'm wondering where that line is drawn and--Just where I stand with him.  In one breath I'm his girlfriend and in the next it seems like he doesn't even know me."

"Girl this is totally a common thing."

Colleen rolled her eyes and sighed.  "Common?"

"It's not him."  She smiled.  "It's the media."


"If he didn't like you he wouldn't have invited you," Kelly said with a smile.  "He's never invited anyone here except his friends from home so I would expect that you are kind of in the group.  Dani told him that he should invite you because it's clear that he's in love with you."

"Wait.  What?" she said, "Dani told him to invite me?"

"Yeah," she said, "Well not told him, but suggested that he should invite you because you've been so cool about stuff and he said you were fun to be with."

"Whatever," Colleen hopped out the far side of the car, "Thanks Kelly.  You just cleared up a whole bunch of questions for me."

"Colleen!"  She shouted after her.  "Colleen.  Wait."

Her feet carried her across the grass towards Lance.  She watched him with Brianna for a moment then turned back to where Kelly was watching her from the car and she walked back over to Kelly and got back into the car.

"What am I gonna do?" she asked praying that she could call Stacey.  She'd forgotten her phone and hated herself for not having it with her.

"First off you need to calm down or he's gonna freak out about it."


"Carrah his best friend of like a thousand years told him a few weeks ago that she couldn't be his friend anymore.  I don't know if there was anything more than a just friends kind of thing, but she's the second woman to walk away from him in the last six months or so--"

"Walked away?"

"His last, girlfriend/interest/whatever you want to call it decided that she wanted to be with her ex-husband more than him and then Carrah came to him one night and told him that she didn't want to see him anymore.  I don't know what happened in either cases, but if you don't fight for him, with him, whatever you want to call it, I think that he's gonna--"

She looked out the window at him and Brianna.  "He acts like he doesn't need anyone or anything.  The only person that I've seen him half care about is Brianna."

"She's his goddaughter and probably is the only one that gets through to him.  We try talking to him, but he doesn't listen to us anymore."

"That's great to know," Colleen sighed.

"My best advice to you is to keep fighting him on this," she said, "God knows I had to fight Joey for a long time before we got where we are and Justin fought Meredith and JC fought Farzana.  We're a tough bunch to crack, but once we break we glue back together with a bond that's unbreakable."

Colleen turned back towards her.  "I hope you're right."

"Just be patient."

They stopped just inside the door, laughing after Lance had to try three times to get the door to open.  It hadn't only been the alcohol that had gotten him so jittery.  She'd been teasing him earlier by moving her hands all over him, but it had been at the door where she'd made her boldest move, undo his belt as they stood there.

The house was completely dark and quiet and as they stumbled towards the steps, Lance stripped out of his jacket and threw it over the banister, sliding his belt off to hang over the edge of the banister too.  "Come on girl."

"Where are you going?" she asked.

They'd been out at the club later than his parents and Stacey and Ford and were probably going to wake them up if they didn't quiet down.  If they'd been the only ones home it would have been something different but neither of them wanted to be caught by his parents this drunk.

"Hmm," he said, "Why don't you follow me and see?"

"Are we gonna fuck?" she asked then put a hand over her mouth and started to giggle as she heard her own voice echo.  "Oh my god that was loud."  She took a breath.  "Are we gonna go upstairs and fuck?" she asked in a harsh whisper.

"Jesus girl," he said and came over to her.  His arm slid around her and cupped her bottom, pressing her body against his.  " kiss your mother with that mouth?"

"Yes," she said with a laugh, "But I'd rather be kissing something-"  Her hand went to the waist of his pants and her fingers played with the zipper "-I mean someone else."

"Oh really?" he said and moved closer to her, pulling her into a deep kiss.

It wasn't the most romantic of moments, standing there groping each other in the entryway, smelling of cigarette smoke and alcohol, but the two of them weren't thinking about anything past the feeling of  his hands moving across her leather pants and her hands trying to hold her from falling over while moving across the crotch of his jeans.  The house groaned and creaked its normal sounds, but even if someone had set up a drum set in the room they wouldn't have noticed the noise.  All their attention was on fingertips and lips and the guttural sounds that they were both making as they caressed each other through their clothes.

When her hand slid his zipper down far enough for her to get a hand on him he pulled back from her kisses.  "Fuck," he breathed out, eyes lazily half closed.  His hips seemed to move against her hand without his permission.  "Girl, we need to go upstairs."  His hand moved to take her hand away, but paused for a moment over her hand to hold her grip on him a little tighter moving his hips for a moment helping her give him a hand job.

Without saying a word she took his hand from holding onto him and moved his hand to touch her in the same place on her own body, moving the zipper down so that he could touch her through her thin panties instead of through the leather of her pants.  Once his hand was in place, she moved her hand back to the front of his jeans and wrapped her other arm over his shoulder so that she could hold herself up far enough to be tall enough so that he could feel her and not be breaking his wrist trying to hold his hand against her.

"Jesus," he said as her hand moved against him and his hand was pressed into place as her thighs squeezed together.  "Col-leen."

"What?" she moaned out.  Her blood pressure was through the roof and as his fingers moved against her through the material she could already feel herself step towards orgasm.

He pressed his forehead into her shoulder and pressed his mouth against the bare skin and tank-top shoulder strap, slightly biting into her shoulder before he moved so that his chin was sitting on her shoulder instead.  "We have to go up-"  He paused for a moment and held still as if she'd hurt him for a moment, but it must have been more pleasure than pain that had stopped him.  "Up-stairs," he moaned out.

"I--"  She pressed against his hand hard for a moment then finally got up enough composure to remove his hand from her pants.  She took a deep breath and took a step back.  "I--"

"Don't," he said quickly.  He turned and pointed towards the stairs.  "Just--"  He dragged in three deep breaths.  "Just go upstairs."

She nodded and turned away from him and started up the stairs and soon found him moving behind her up into his room, at the top of the stairs he threw an arm around her stomach to bring up back against his body, reminding her of the effect she was having on him, something that didn't seem to be dependant on the fact that her hand was on him or not.

The door was slightly slammed shut behind them and Lance locked the door, keeping her against him as he leaned against the door for a moment.  "God."

"What?" she asked.

"I was about to just throw you down and screw on the tile."

"So?" she asked turning in his arms.  Her body was pressed against his and she moved so that she was standing a little between his legs as he leaned back.

He sighed.  "My mother is here."

She stepped back and looked around for a moment.  "Shit.  I totally forgot about that.  I--"  She moved away from him.  "You must be totally thinking--"

Lance kicked out of his shoes and went across to sit down on the bed.  "The only thing I've got on my mind right is the fact that I'm fucking harder than a fucking rock right now and that you're--"  He took a breath.  "Girl if you don't get those freaking pants off you right now I'm gonna get scissors and fucking cut them off you."

She smiled at him as she walked towards him.  The lights were off in the room, but they could see each other well enough.  She kicked off her shoes on the way over to him and by the time she was standing near him she was ready to pull her pants off.


When she started to protest he reached out to remove the pants for her, moving his hands slowly down her thighs to bring the material from her legs to pile at her feet.  His hand then moved to take her panties from her body, but got caught in place between her thighs for a moment when she trapped him there.

Instead of moving further with his motions he pulled her towards him and leaned to place a kiss on her hip before placing a trail of kisses leading towards her belly button.  "Sugar, take them off."

She nodded and reached her hand to remove her clothes as he moved to take off his jeans watching with wide eyes as his own hand slid from where he'd been touching her to touch himself.

"You know that totally turns me on," she whispered as she stepped out of the pile of her jeans and then her panties before she removed her shirt too.

"This?" he asked glancing down at where his hand was moving against him.

"Yeah," she said and moved to straddle his legs and perch herself on his knees.

"Why?" he asked.

"Usually people don't like to admit that they masterbate so I feel like it's something that shows how comfortable you are with a person if you can show someone how you pleasure yourself."

Lance gulped and his hand stopped moving for a moment as her hand slid up his thigh and started to pull his pants away from him and then removed his boxers as he moved to take off his shirt.

When her hand slid up his thigh and circled him before griping him the way she had when they'd been on the first floor he let out a groan.  He bit down on his lip and felt himself need to pant to get a breath of air into his lungs.  "Sugar we've got to stop this," he said.

"Stop what?" she asked innocently.

"Teasing," he said.

When her hands had moved the material of his clothes away from him she moved to kneel on the bed, so that she was hovering above where he would be able to enter her.  "I'm not teasing," she said.

"Jesus," he swore.  He scooted back from her quickly, taking his shirt off and kicked at his jeans to get them and his boxers off.

"Where are you going?"

"Con-n-n-dom," he bit out.  He found one in the dresser and ripped at the package.  He slid the condom on before he could count to ten and then reached for her hips and moved her into place.

When she slid down into her he watched her face.  Her eyes closed a bit and she pulled her bottom lip between her teeth as she let out a groan.

"You ok?" he asked.

"Hmmm," she said and moved so that her hands could be on his shoulders as his hands moved her hips to begin their rhythmn.

When her hips took over the rythmn her hands removed her bra and then found his hands and pressed his hands against her brests as she moved above him.

As their love making continued he moved to sit up more and helped her move against him before he moved her so that she was on bottom.  It wasn't until almost the moment of orgasm that he began to talk to her.  Most of it was the normal half talk, half grunting that normal lovers would have with each other, but as soon as she heard the L word come out of her mouth he fought tears that formed instantly in his eyes.

It wasn't that he'd never heard it before, but this time there was a deeper meaning to her words that got him straight in the gut.

As they reached their orgasms he let himself go and let the tears flow.  When he fell against her he pressed his face into the pillow that somehow had made it under her head.  He lay there for a long time before he pulled away from her and moved to lay on his back.

She instantly curled against him, pressing a kiss to his chest before she lay her head on his shoulder.

His eyes scanned the ceiling and he took more deep breaths.  "You ok?" he finally asked.

"Yeah," she said.

When she curled tighter against him he pushed her away a little.  "I'm hot baby."

"Sorry," she said.  She moved and pulled back the covers on the far side of the bed and slid under the sheet, turning so that she was facing away from him.  He could tell by the rise and fall of her breaths that she had started to cry.


"What?" she asked.

"Come here," he said and tried to pull her to roll over. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," she said, "I'm just--"

"Come here," he said.  He pulled her to lay with him again.  "I'm sorry."

"It's ok." She sighed and pressed her cheek against him.

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