Anything But Ordinary 6

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[Four days later...Friday Night...]

“I’ll have a green apple martini.”

Watching her almost trip over her own feet as she went to grab for the countertop of the bar shot adrenaline through him and he quickened his pace over to get to her. He never would understand why women wore these crazy shoes while they drank. She was doing ok on the two inch heeled boots, but watching them teeter on them wasn’t something he liked to see. "I think that you need to cool it."

She nodded her head no.

Countering her answer, he moved and slapped a hand down on the counter to get the attention of the bartender. “She’ll have a water,” JC interrupted waving away the martini glass when the bartender started to set up her drink.

“I want a martini,” she whined then stuck her bottom lip out in a pout, turning so that she was pressed against his chest as they squeezed into a spot at the bar that probably would have been made for the size of only one person. She was flirting with him using that touchy-feely body language, holding onto his forearm for balance with that slight lean towards him, let him know that she was interested in him, not that he needed a reminder of that considering how close they’d been on the dance floor that night.

He shook his head at her, not meaning to sound like a father figure, but finding that it was the only way to deal with someone that had been drinking as much as she had. He pouted back at her then kissed her cheek. “Baby you need water.”

Her hands snaked around his neck and pulled him closer than he already was. She pressed her nose to his and breathed slowly for a moment teasing his mouth with an almost kiss before pulling back to smile at him. Her body had been up close and personal with his on the dance floor, which had seemed fine considering how they were dancing just as close as everyone else was, but standing there at the bar groping each other seemed a little out of the ordinary. He instantly hated the idea that he was looking over her shoulder for cameras pointed their way.

It had been a long week and he was tired and wanted nothing than to go home and get some more sleep, but he'd been invited to the party after The Next One's first show.  They'd met up with Lance and Colleen to see the opening act as well as Marc Anthony's show then were whisked away to the after-party.  It had been restricted to a short VIP list and had added contest winners and a few fan club members of the three groups involved that night--NSYNC, The Next Ones & Marc Anthony's--to it, but he knew that someone had been snapping pictures earlier of people dancing and he figured that since he and Farzana had been out of the spotlight except for their time at CFTC weekend, that a picture of them would probably be newsworthy. Her hands pulled at his shirt, loosening it from his jeans. His back arched a bit towards her as she fanned his back with slightly cooler air. He turned to make sure she wasn't hitting anyone around them then turned back to her. “Do not--” He sucked in a breath of air as her fingers raked against the small of his back. "Don't start that honey. Wait until we get home."

“Why can’t I have a martini?” she asked with a child-like voice.

“Because baby you’re feeling it right now." He moved his hands to her neck and massaged her shoulders. If they'd been at home he would have moved the straps of her tank-shirt out of the way and would have kissed over her shoulders. "--And if you have a water you’ll feel better instead of worse." His hands moved her hair out of her face and tucked it behind her ears. He leaned and kissed her cheek and spoke into her ear, “Plus I don’t want you falling out of bed when I take you home tonight and make love to you all weekend until you have to go to the airport on Monday morning.”

“I like that idea,” she said and turned towards the bar again. “Can I get a BIG glass of water!”

Trying not to laugh too hard he held her close against his body and danced a little with her as they waited for her water. At this point in the night he was starting to feel that he was going to get caught being a pervert in the club. He meant to hold her close to his front so he wouldn’t embarrass himself, but she took that as an invitation to make things worse for him.

He finally put his head near her ear and ground out, “Zana please don’t do that."

"Please?" she asked.

He moved her hand away.  "Wait at least until we get up to VIP ok?”

The small closed off area had six huge booths, three on each wall and as they slid into the one in the farthest corner of the room, Farzana moved her legs so that she could put them across JC’s lap. He moved so that he could put an arm around her back and put his other hand on her knees. “Comfy?” he asked.

“I wanna go home and be with you,” she said drunkenly.

“I know that,” he said.  He knew if they left early someone might follow them, but after seeing her condition people would be saying horrible things about her due to the drinks she'd had that night.  He understood her need to drink, being out in public again like she was had gotten to be a challenge her her.  “But if we leave now everyone will miss us. You’re a part of that group even if you’re not on stage.”

“They don't care about me." She got a completely sobering look on her face for a moment.

"Baby," he said and turned toward her. He put his palm on her cheek and looked her in the eyes. "Don't get like this."

"I'm fine," she said suddenly brushing his hand away, "I've got six songs on that album and those girls are going to make a killing and I'm going to go to Toronto and record another song and become a big star."

"Sweetie, you already are a big star," he said.

"No," she said and pressed a hand against his chest, "You're the star. I'm just--I'm just here." She shrugged. "Just Me."

"You're more than that," he said.

She nodded that he was wrong and curled closer to him. "It's ok. I'm fine with that."

"With what?" he asked.

"Being--" She looked up at him. "Being a failure."

He moved her away from him and turned so that he could face her. "Zana, you're not a failure. You've got eighteen songs out with six different artists in the last six months. You've got a great house and a job that is steady and--" He cupped her face in his and made her look at him. "Farzana look at me."

She moved her eyes away from him.

"Farzana look at me," he said more firmly.

She turned her eyes back to him. "What?"

"Zana, I love you and you know that your career doesn't really matter. You have to do it for as long as you love it and if you don't love it any more then find something else. It's as simple as that."

"I do love it," she said.

"Then what's wrong sweetie?"

"It just all feels soo--soo wrong?"

"Why?" he asked.

"My father, my family, hell freaking everything." She closed her eyes for a moment and smiled then opened her eyes again. "At least I get to go home to Toronto."

"Do you want me to go with you?" he asked rubbing her hand against her leg. "I'll take a few days and go up there if that would make you feel better."

"No."  She took a deep breath and straightened her shoulders.  "No. I need to do this on my own--"  Her expression faultered.  "I just don't know how I'm going to get through being up there and not being able to go home."

"Honey, when you get there call your brother and your mom and have them come to the hotel. If they really want to see you they can drive the last five miles across town after you've flown two thousand miles to get there."

She shook her head and reached for her water. "I wanna go home. Can we go home now, please?"

"We'll go in a minute," he said, "Just answer something for me real quick."


"Do you want me to call up Rodney and have him be there in town with you?"

Her eyes lit up. "Really?"

"Yeah," he said and leaned and kissed her. "I don't want you up there feeling bad and I know that Rodney will take good care of you."

Tears fell down her cheeks until she swiped them away and looked around. "I love you," she said making eye contact with him again.

"I know," he said, "I love you too." He reached and tickled her a little praying that they could get out of the place without anyone noticing that her eye make up looked a little messed up. His hands went to her face again and worked on the black lines on her cheeks. "Let's go home."

She nodded, uncurled herself from him so that they could leave the club. He kept her close as they found their way to the car that would take them home and held her next to him as the driver found his way to their house.

[Three in the morning...]

"I've got one more thing to show you.  If you want it."

"More?" she asked sitting up in her seat, putting her feet down as if there might be a present in the kitchen that she might have.  They'd come home and had made love then had wrapped themselves in sheets to make their way downstairs to get something to eat.  Farzana had sobered up fairly quickly and was now starving.

"Desert," he said his eyebrows still raised.  He watched her lips part a little and her expression form into a smile. 


"You don't even know what I'm gonna feed you."  He tucked the sheet around his waste then rubbed his hands together.  "I got this specially for you a week or so ago.  I hope it's still there."

"Knowing you, it doesn't matter," she said, "Even if we just have popcorn, I know it's got to be good if you're in a mood like this."

"A mood?" he asked.

"Romance mood."  She wiggled her eyebrows at him.  " Sometimes you're in a sleepy mood, sometimes you're in a fucking mood--"  She pointed at the ceiling and giggled, "And then there are nights like this when you try to romance your way into my pants."

"Romance my way into your pants?" he asked with a laugh, knowing full well what she was trying to get at.  "I think that I already did that."

"Yes," she said, "But when you're in that kind of mood, I know that the sky is the limit."

"Ok then," he said with a sigh.

Once inside JC pulled out a dish then brought out two huge granny smith apples from the refrigerator then pulled a small container from a bag that had been sitting on the counter next to the stove.

"Apples?" she asked.

He held the container in his palm and turned the label to show her.  "Caramel."


"Yeah," he said, "Sit up on the counter and I'll cut some up and we'll have desert."

She smiled and pushed herself up onto the counter and watched him.

His hands moved swiftly to split the apples in half.  He cored them with just a few more cuts and then moved to open up the caramel container.  He opened it and handed her before he picked up a piece of apple.  He showed it to her then dipped it into the caramel before offering it to her.  He touched it to her lips for only a moment before he pulled it away and put the other end in his mouth.  He took the caramel container and set it down before he put his hands on each side of her hips and leaned towards her.

"Hewnna biwete?"

She smiled at him before she opened her mouth and began to eat the part of the apple that was sticking out of his mouth.  After chewing up the first half of the apple she went back for a second piece, but this was more of a kiss than anything else.  He kissed her soundly before pulling back a little to reach for another piece of apple.

He dipped it in caramel again and reached this time to move it near her neck.  She made a curious face a him, but when he'd brushed her hair out of the way he kissed the underside of her chin and pushed it back a little before drawing a line of caramel on her neck.  His lips then followed the line, licking the caramel and apple juice off her skin.

"Jo-osh?" she asked shivering as his tongue neared her earlobe.

His hand moved to caress down her side and came to rest on her hip.  His eyes looked up at her.  "Hmm?"

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Having desert," he said and moved away from her.  He put the apple he had in his into his mouth and chewed, his face still close to hers.  "Don't you like apples and caramel?"

"Yeah," she said.  She pulled an apple up from the pile, dunked it in the caramel and smiled, "I've just never eaten them this way.  She put a piece up to his neck and drew a line of caramel along his neck, from his earlobe to his Adam's apple.  He laughed a little as her tongue flicked out to touch his skin.

"Girl, you're killing me," he said.

"But I only had half a slice of an apple," she said, "There's sooo many more to have."

"This was a really bad idea of me to start this," he said moving his hands to her hips.  He pulled her to the edge of the counter and pulled her legs around his waist.

"What are you doing?"

"Getting closer," he said, "I don't want to miss any of this."

"Oh really?" she asked moving her head to the side again to move her mouth close enough to lick the sweet stickiness from his neck.  "Are you--"  She licked low onto his neck.  "--getting all this?"

"Ye-es," he said moving his hands to grasp at her bottom as he pulled her hips against his growing erection. 

"God Zana," he said.  His hands moved the toga style sheet away from her so he could gain access to her breasts as her tongue licked along his neck.  "This was supposed to be me feeding you desert," he said, "Not the other way around."

"But I like--"  She paused to kiss his lips.  "--I like kissing you this way and eating desert with you this way."

"I like it to girl, but I think--"

"I can feel what you think," she said, "I like the way you think."  Her hands moved down to open up the sheet around his waist.

As her hands slid down towards his waist he sucked in a breath of air in anticipation of what he knew would come next.  When her hands moved lower he moved back from the counter.  "This will be over before it starts if you go that way," he said, "This is supposed to be for you."

"I want," she said and put her hands towards him again.

"Baby," he caught her lips  into a kiss.  "Baby, just let me do this and then we'll do what you want to do."

"What is THIS?" she asked.

"Well," he said.

She got shy for a moment, or at least played shy for a moment.  "What?"

His palms lay flat on her thighs, his thumbs curling down to rub circles against the edges of her thighs.  "Because I think that apples and caramel would taste great if I licked it off your thigh."

"My thigh?" she asked with a sideways glance at him.

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