Staring Down The Sun 3

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Justin smiled against her lips and moved so that the piano bench was farther away from the piano.  He pulled Meredith up and around so that she was straddling his legs.  He moved his hands from her hips, up her sides and to her breasts, pushing her shirt out of the way to get at her skin.  They both jumped when her elbows fell back onto the keys of the piano.  She quickly leaned forward pushing her breasts into his face as she moved her arms to shut the cover over the keys.

"We'll wake up the kids," she said breathlessly before leaning back against the piano.  "Better."

He nodded and felt the urgency between them surge.  They weren't normally ones to rush.  Even when they didn't have time, they still managed to savor the moments they did have together, but this was different.  This was rushed, passionate, and definitely not the normal routine for them.

It was good.

The sound of her breath as she moved and twisted to pull him into position was intoxicating.  He had felt himself go half hard the moment that she was lying in his arms and as soon as she was moved to sit in his lap he knew that he was going to take her right there on the piano.  Or maybe the floor.  He loved that.  He loved the fact that he still wanted her and she still wanted him as bad as they'd wanted each other when they'd first started seeing each other.

As her hips moved more towards his lap and she moved back even more making his hands drop from her breasts to her ribs.  His hands spanned her ribs then fell to her stomach.  He paused there for a moment trying to move to kiss her, but she moved her hips again clearly giving him the sign that his hands were in the wrong place.  He quickly got the idea when she moved her legs up and around to wrap around his middle.  His hands went to her jeans immediately.  She was close enough to rub against him as she rocked her hips, which made his breath catch in his throat, but he kept his attention on the task at hand.  His fingers worked the button and the zipper open and as he began to slip his hands behind her to cup her bottom she let out a moan.

He instantly paused, knowing full well that this wasn't at all a good moan, one that she should be making at the moment.  "What?"

"Baby monitor," she said nodding towards where the baby monitor was on the top of the piano.  It was as if all the energy in her body left her and she slumped against the piano.  Her feet unhooked from behind his back.

He looked up at her and felt instantly that his question would be a stupid one, but he had to ask it.  "What?"

She sighed.  "Jack's awake."

"Damn," he said and lifted his hands out from where he'd shoved them in the back of her jeans.  He should have felt bad and it probably looked like he felt bad because they were being interrupted, but truthfully he felt bad about not hearing his son.  "I didn't even hear him."

"Yeah," she said, "I know.  I wish I could ignore him, but--"

"No," he said, "Bear.  It's ok.  He's sick and you're worried about his cold.  I'll go check on him."  He moved his hands to zip up her pants as she moved a hand to cover her eyes.  "You want to close up the house and meet up upstairs?"

She nodded and moved her hand away from her face.  "You sure?"

"Yep," he said.  He didn't have a clue how he was going to make his erection go away by the time he go up to his son's room, but he was going to have to do something or he'd end up having the birds and the bees conversation with his son about thirteen years too early.

"Meet me in there in a little bit?" she asked.

He nodded and leaned to kiss her.

"Did you want dinner?" she asked when she pulled back.

Dinner was the last  thing on his mind.  He had a mission now.  He was going to settle Jack back into bed as quickly as he could before he went to settle her into bed.  "Maybe later," he said, "I'll heat it up--"

She giggled at the "heat it up" comment.  "Sounds good."

"You're bad," he said with a sly grin and leaned to kiss her again.

Another cry came out of the monitor and Justin groaned.  "I'll go get him."

"I love you," she said.

"I love you too," he said and held her hand as she got up off his lap.  She straightened her shirt and her pants a little then walked towards the kitchen while he moved away from her and went towards the stairs all the while hoping that his erection would go down.

Meredith slid around the house on silent feet, closing the doors and setting the alarm.  It was a bit early to be going to bed, but if sacrificing her evening was going to be done by spending time with her husband then she would do it.  She smiled at that thought.  Her husband.  The word, the title, and everything else about it, even after five years was still so new to her.  She was a mother of two, and a wife, a home owner--owned a few homes.  It was so strange how so much time had gone by and yet it seemed like yesterday that she'd found him again and became a couple again.

She started to hum a bit and half sang the verse of their song as she went up to the second floor.

Like the desert waiting for the rain
Like a school kid waiting for the spring
I'm just sitting here waiting for you
To come on home and turn me on

She heard Justin reading Where The Wild Things Are to Jack as she passed his room and smiled.

Wild things.  That was something to think about.  From the look on Justin's face before she knew that he expected to come to bed and find her sleeping.  He'd been cursing himself under his breath about his erection on the way up the stairs.  She'd tried not to laugh too hard about it, but he was mumbling and not realizing he was doing it.  Laughing now was not the mood she needed.  She needed roses and candles and romance.

The bedroom was dark when she entered it so she turned on the lamp beside the bed before she moved across to the closet and looked at her wardrobe.  She didn't have much in the way of romantic outfits.  Packing for tour and for taking care of two kids had been her objective.  Of course she had a few outfits to wear if they were invited to parties and such, but for the moment all of her sexy lingerie was in Florida.

"Damn," she sighed out then moved across the room to Justin's closet and found a shirt to pull on.  She stripped down to her underwear and threw the shirt over her shoulders, cuffing the arms and buttoning a few buttons before she literally ran into the bathroom to fix her hair.  She knew he'd love her no matter what she looked like, but for the moment she wanted to at least not have an afro when she met up with Justin again.

While she pulled a brush through her hair she couldn't help but notice the way the shirt fell on her.  It was a fairly sexy outfit for being short notice.  She reminded herself that she needed to do a little shopping on the road.  If she could get away before they hit the mid-west she'd try to get to a Victoria's Secret for at least one sexy outfit.

"Bear?" she heard his voice in the outer bedroom and took a deep breath.  Throwing her shoulders back she stretched and then relaxed before she moved out to meet him.

"What are you doing?" he asked walking towards her.

She looked up from where she was rolling up the sleeves a bit and smiled.  "I was just changing."

"Into my shirt?" he asked, the side of his mouth curling up as if he might start to laugh at her outfit--in a loving way of course.

She nodded and moved a bit to the side.  She didn't have a clue what was sexy anymore when it came to things like this, but she twisted a little so that he could see that his shirt was barely covering the backside of her thighs.  "Do you want it back?"

Just as he expected, he stopped to look her over.  His eyes scanned her body from head to toe and then on the way back up again his hand reached out and touched the buttons of the shirt as if his hands were tracing where his eyes were moving.  His fingers seemed to know the way just as well as his eyes did and his fingertips grazed her skin as he finally got his gaze to her eyes.  "Eventually."

"Good answer Mr. Timberlake," she said with a nod.

"I try," he didn't quite smile when he called her by name.  It was more of a smirk as if he still thought it was amazing that he could call her his own.  "Mrs. Timberlake."

"BeeDee?" she asked.

His fingers slid through hers where their hands joined and he bent his arm causing her to be pulled towards him without much effort on his part.  "Hmm?"

She moved her free arm around him as he pulled their joined hands up to his chest where he leaned a bit to kiss their knuckles.  "Make love to me."

His eyes lifted to hers.  "You little horn-ball."

"BeeDee," she groaned out, "Don't be rude.  I just want to be with you.  Give a girl a little romance instead of a quickie and porn talk.  Is that so bad?"

"Porn talk?"  He watched her closely for a moment with a flat expression then said, "So I'd like have to take my time."  His hand slid from hers and he wrapped his arms around her pulling their hips together.  One hand slid down her back and snuck up under the hem of her shirt to move against her bare skin after pushing her panties aside.  "And spend a whole bunch of time in bed with you?"

"I think that's what is in order," she said.

His fingers gripped her skin and he moved to kiss her neck.  His tongue and teeth nipped and her skin and she pulled away a bit with a laugh.  "Do I have to give you the hickie rule again?"

It had been a fairly funny experience to her, but for Justin he'd been completely embarrassed.  His mother had cornered him at a Christmas party just after they started trying to have a second baby and had instructed him that if he was going to suck on his wife's neck like a vampire, he might as well not bring her out in public.  It hadn't been a bad hickie

He nodded his head no, moving closer to her instead of away and the friction of his lips against her skin caused her to squirm in his arms, which somehow let him pull her even closer.

"Are the kids asleep?" she asked.

"Hmm," he said and moved to suck on her earlobe, lifting a hand up to move her hair out of the way.


He moved back and looked at her, seeming to be annoyed by her talking at him.  Even though his action showed that he was annoyed he smiled at her as if he understood her hesitance.  "Hmm?"

"Nothing," she said and looked away.

"Bear," he sighed and pulled back to look her in the eyes, "What?"

She sighed and started to blush a bit.  "I'm nervous."

He smiled and she knew what he was thinking about.  It was hard not to think of what he was thinking.  She hadn't been nervous about this in a long time, probably since the first time.


"I'm scared."

"It's just me baby. Don't be scared."

"I can't help it." She swallowed her tears and looked away from him, not wanting him to see the worry in her face.

"Shhh..." He traveled up her body and rested on his side, beside her. He turned her chin back to him and smiled. "To be honest, I'm scared too."

"But you've done-"

"Not with you. Not with the girl that I love more than anything I've ever known. It's almost as new to me as it is to you, Merebear."

His fingers danced upon her cheek. "I'll try not to hurt you. Trust me? Please?"


"Come here Bear," he said and pulled her close.  She could sense the change in him.  His touch was a little lighter and the light that was in his eyes had turned from a sexual need into a loving gaze at her--that protective look that he could get with her that set her at ease instantly.  He linked his fingers with hers and smiled at her over their hands.  "I love you."  He leaned and kissed her.

"I love you too," she said with a smile.

"Make love with me," he said.

She nodded and leaned towards him a sighed.  "This is what it's all about."

"What's that?" he asked.

She closed her eyes for a moment and took a deep breath and then looked him straight in the eyes.  "You understanding me even when I'm being a spazz," she said.

"Spazz?" he asked.  "I don't think you're a spazz."

"I am one," she said and moved towards the bed, pulling him along with her.  "Definite spazz."

"No Bear," he said and plopped down to sit when she motioned him to do so.

It was a shock when she moved to sit on his lap a few moments later.  "Yes," she said, "Because a sane person wouldn't do this."  She pushed him back on the bed and started to kiss him urgently in between laughs.  "Definite."  She kissed him hard and rocked against his body.  "Definite. Spazz."

He started to laugh.  "Maybe a little."

"But you love me?" she asked.

"Definitely," he said moving to kiss her strongly.  "Definitely."

Nora Jones -- Turn Me On

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