"Justin get the phone," she said turning towards where she'd shoved the phone into her jacket pocket.

When he didn't reach for the phone she looked at him with an evil look.  She wasn't in the mood for this.  It had been a long day of filming and watching the kids and now that they were home she'd thought that she'd get to relax, but it seemed as if Justin was going to be a brat about things.  "Why can't you get it?" he asked tiredly.

"Umm," she said with an edge to her voice, "Because your son is asleep in my arms and I'm going to drop him?"

"My son?" he asked.

She sighed, "OUR SON."

"Let it ring," he said with a similar edge to his voice.  "I've got Tegan."

"Ugh," she said and walked into the house carrying Jack immediately upstairs to his room without another wood to her husband.  The phone stopped ringing half way up the stairs.  Days like this were the worst.  They didn't happen often, but at the moment all she wanted to do was curl up in a ball in bed or maybe escape into a bubble bath, but she had a feeling that wasn't going to happen tonight.

The one thing that she was happy about was that Jack had fallen asleep around six that evening and had been sleeping the whole time in the trailer under Mike's supervision and he'd stayed asleep the whole ride home and was dead to the world as she carried him up to bed.  He stirred only temporarily when she laid him out on his mattress and curled up into the blanket that she laid over him.

When he was securely in the bed, she sat down on the floor next to him and leaned back against the bed frame.  She took her hair out of the messy pony tail she had it in and ran her hands through her hair.  She took three big deep breaths and then pushed herself up.  She kissed his head, made sure that he was completely covered, checked the nightlight and slipped out of the room, leaving the door open enough so that he would be able to see out in the hallway if he needed to.

It wasn't until she was walking into the bedroom that she heard the beep signaling that she had voicemail so she pulled her phone out and looked at the screen.  With a smile, her first one in about two hours, she dialed the number to retrieve her voicemail.

"Hey girl.  It's the big FZ!"

Meredith laughed.

Farzana's voice was clearly looser than normal which meant only one thing.  She'd been drinking.  "I was wondering if you were in the LA area this fine lovely evening if you would love to join me in a little girly shopping tomorrow.  Call me sweetie!"

Meredith hung up the line and immediately dialed the phone number that the call had come in on.

"Merey Christmas!" Farzana said with a laugh.

"Have you been drinking?" Meredith asked as she took a seat on the edge of the bed.  She didn't know where Justin had disappeared off to, but figured after her call she'd go and tuck in Tegan then go find Justin and see what he was up to.

"Just a tad bit," Farzana said.

Meredith loved that her friend could still be wild and crazy.  It had taken her a long time to get comfortable with the idea of being in the party scene and lately she had seemed to have taken advantage of it.  "And why is that?"

Farzana giggled and spoke to someone near her before turning back to the phone.  "One of my songs made number one on Billboard!"

Meredith got up and closed the bedroom door then went and sat back down on the bed again to help her friend celebrate.  "REALLY?" she asked excitedly.

"HELL YEAH," Farzana said, "Dream Street's version of With All My Heart actually made it to number one!"

"Oh my god!"  Meredith was completely excited.  She'd heard rumors of how hard the band had been working and some legal troubles that had come their way right before their last single had been dropped and was glad to hear that the ending was coming out as a good one instead of a disaster.  It wasn't really competition for Justin's album or for her side projects so the joy was a true joy--not that she would have pouted if Farzana had made it to number one, but it was a lot easier to celebrate without having to worry about the single being in competition with her only family's business.

"I know," she said, "I thought boybands were over."  She fell into a fit of laughter and Meredith could hear JC's drunken voice mingling with hers about the boyband comment.

"OHHH," Meredith said, "Low blow."

"Mere!" Farzana got back on the phone.  "I'm celebrating tomorrow.  Well I'm celebrating now too, but tomorrow I want to celebrate with you!  I just got back to LA after being in New York at the label, but--want to go shopping with me?"

"Sure!" Meredith said, "We're heading out tomorrow night, but we should be ok for a morning stroll through the shops!"

"Ok," she said, "How about ten thirty?  We can meet at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on North Beverly."

"Sounds great," she said.

"And no kidlets," she said, "You need to leave those kids with the hubby and have a girls morning.  You're on the road with too many guys all the time."

Meredith rolled her eyes.  Farzana knew that she wasn't the only woman on tour, but with the number being less than a half dozen she could see where someone might think that she was in need of some female companionship.  "I love you too sweetie."

"Oh honey, you know I love those kids, but I have to talk to you about something and--"

"Ok," Meredith said, "Ok."

"Oh My God!" Farzana yelled then started to sing the song drunkenly over the phone.

It's so right
When I see the love in your eyes
All that I wanna do
Baby is to spend my life with you and I know
As long as there is tomorrow
I'll be loving you right from the start
With all my heart

"Girl I'm sooo proud of you, but I gotta run right now and check on the kids.  I'll see you tomorrow at ten!" she called over the singing.

"Bye Bye Bye!" Farzana sang and Meredith could hear JC making his protests in the background of the whole situation.

Meredith hung up the phone with a laugh and went across the room to plug her phone into charge up.

"Can I come in or are you going to rip my head off?" Jusitn asked leaning into the room.

Meredith sighed and took a deep breath before turning towards him, finding him coming out of their bathroom instead in from the hall.  "I'm really sorry about--"

"I know.  It's been a long day and neither of us are in a mood to deal with anything right now."  He held out a hand to her and motioned her towards him.  "I love you."

She didn't say anything.  He wasn't speaking to her with the kind of tone that she wanted to trust.  He seemed to be using his smoothing over voice a little too boldly which she knew was because he'd figured out that he was wrong in his refusal to help her earlier.

"What do you want BeeDee?"

"I was just going to tell you that I started a bath for you and I want you to go sit in it for at least an hour."

Her jaw literally dropped when she heard the words come out of her mouth and as she moved towards him she could see that indeed the bathtub was filled with bubbles, waiting for her.  "What?"

"We've both had a long day," he said and sighed, "We're going to get on the bus again tomorrow night and I don't want us to be fighting when we do it...so my peace offering to you is a good soak in the tub while I go and get on the phone and make reservations for the weekend in the keys."

"It's late honey," she said, "You can do that tomorrow on the bus or something."


"Come sit in here with me," she said.

"In there with you, or--" he said.

She smiled at him.  "You can come and dangle your feet in the water," she said, "And you can tell me about the scenes you're gonna film tomorrow before we leave--"  She stopped short.  "Shit."

"What?" he asked.

"Farzana wants me to go shopping with her--tomorrow morning.  My brain was so tired I didn't really think about it but you're gonna be working."

Justin thought for a moment.  "It's ok," he shrugged.  "If you promise not to be gone spending all our money for the whole day, I'll talk MIke or maybe have Trayce come over to watch them again today while I do my concert scenes.  It shouldn't be that bad."

"Are you sure?" she asked as she reached to take off her shoes and socks then started to undo the tie on her sweatpants, "We're gonna go from about 10:30 until maybe after lunch?"

"Bear," he said with a laugh, pulling her over so that he could untie her pants for her, "You can go hang out with Farzana.  I know that you haven't seen her in a while and I probably have pulled you away from everyone more than a few times in the last few weeks so go and do whatever.  We'll manage."

"Are you sure though?" she asked.

"Yes," he said with a nod, "Now get your clothes off and get in the tub before it gets cold."

She moved to her tiptoes to kiss him then took over the job of taking off her pants and the rest of her clothes before she climbed into the tub.

When she turned back and saw Justin standing there watching her she smiled at him.  "BeeDee, if you don't get in here with me I'm going to get mad again."

"You sure?" he asked, "I mean--I made it for you."

"Well if it's my present then I get to say how I use it and I want to use it with you."

She loved the way that the smile on Justin's face started so slowly.  When he finally was over the embarrassed, bashful, look he grinned at her then pulled his shirt off over his head before he kicked off his shoes, pulled off his socks then slid across the room before dropped his jeans and boxers onto the floor in one movement.  He moved slowly to get into the tub with her and ended up sitting across from her, moving her feet so that they were slightly to the side of her.

"Comfy?" she asked leaning back a little.

"Yeah," he said and moved a hand to touch her leg under the water.

"Justin?" she said.

"Hmm?" he asked moving a little so that he could lean better in the huge tub.

"Just sit and--"

He moved his hand away from her and she sat up and pulled his hand over towards her leg again.  "I didn't say take your hand away, but just don't start anything until later.  I just want to relax until the water gets cold then we'll get out and--"

"We'll get out and figure it out then," he said, giving her leg a squeeze.

About an hour later they slipped from the bath water and into the shower.  She expected some big seduction scene from him, but instead he helped her wash off the soapy water and wash out her hair.  What she expected to come next didn't come either.  He simply placed a kiss on her shoulder and got out of the shower so that he could hold out a towel to her and then hold her robe for her.  When she was covered, Justin slipped on his robe before he moved out into the bedroom then towards the hallway.  "Get in bed sweetie, I'm gonna check on the kids one more time."

She nodded at the idea, having not said much since they'd gotten into the tub.  She moved towards the closet to get pajamas.

"Bear," he said with a slightly scolding tone as he realized where she was going.

"Hmm?" she asked.

"No pajamas," he said with a smile and winked at her before he disappeared.

"Damn him with the winks," she whispered to herself.  With a smile on her face she floated back into the bathroom and brushed out her hair before she went back towards the bed, pulled down the covers on her side and slid out of her robe, throwing the robe over the edge of the door of the closet before she slid naked into bed.

As soon as the cool temperature of the sheets touched her skin, bringing all the hairs on her body to stand on end, she shivered.  Pulling the sheets closer around her she turned on her side and curled up thinking that it might warm her up, but it didn't work that well.

She only truly began to relax when Justin came back in the bedroom and turned the overhead light out.  She heard his feet on the carpet and then heard him pull the bathroom door closed before his feet led him to the bed.  He slipped between the sheets and his hands moved under the covers to pull her body next to his.

Farzana's song that is number one is With All My Heart -- Dreamstreet.

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