Meredith lay on her bed and stared at the ceiling.  Her thoughts were making her crazy.  She couldn't sit still for long so when she finally got fed up with that position she got up and changed into pajama bottoms.  When she was feeling a little more comfortable she plumped up the pillows and stared at the ceiling again.

She'd realized that morning that her period was late.  She had been paying attention to her own little body schedule, but she was usually so regular that she didn't really think about it too much, until she realized that it was almost two weeks late.  Her night with Justin a few days before had been great, but she was now thinking that their short little romp in the grass was going to cost her more than just being embarrassed about where she and he decided to have sex.

Groaning she rolled over onto her side and reached for her phone.  She ran through a list of people to call and the first one that came to mind was Farzana.  She would have called Addy, but then the news of this would have gotten back to both her parents and Justin's parents and no matter how much she thought she was a grown up, news like that for parents was definitely something that needed to be either true of false before it got reported to them.  There was nothing like the words "maybe pregnant" to freak out parents and cause mass destruction in family structures.   She knew that this wasn't something she usually would talk to a friend about, other than joking around about, but she knew she needed to talk to someone.

Her fingers dialed the number and soon it was ringing.  When it was picked up she heard JC and not Farzana's voice on the line.  "Hey JC.  It's Mere.  Is Farzana around?"

"Yeah Mere," he said, "Hold on just a second."

She heard him lean back and call to Farzana then a few moments later she got on the phone.  "Hey girly."

"Hi," she said hating that she sounded so serious.  It seemed like the only conversations they had lately were about stressful situations and subjects that two friends shouldn't always be talking about.  "I need to talk to you."

"Is it something with Justin?" Farzana immediately went into big sister mode and sounded overly concerned about the situation.

"Kind of--"  She could hear JC and someone else watching television and she knew that this wasn't something she wanted him to hear.   "Can you please not stand next to JC when I talk to you?  I don't want to be mean, but I really don't want him listening in on this conversation.  Not that he's a peeping tom--"

"Sure," Farzana said and she heard her moving away.  "This sounds serious."

JC said something in the background and Farzana told him she'd be back in a minute.

"Ok," Farzana sighed, "What's up?"

Meredith went and closed the door to the back bedroom.  Just the thought of saying this out loud was going to make her cry.  If she said it out loud it would make it real and not just something her mind had cooked up to freak her out a little and torture her for being irresponsible.  "I think I might be pregnant."

"What?"  She couldn't see her friend, but she knew that her jaw had just dropped.  "What?  Are you sure?  Did you take a test?  How long ago did you figure this out?"

"I'm two weeks late on my period and I haven't taken a test.  I don't think I can just go to the store and buy one and I can't just make an OBGYN appointment out of the blue.  Everyone will know."  Meredith shuttered at the idea of flying back to Orlando for a doctors appointment and having it be on Extra or Entertainment Tonight.

"You need to find someone who will get you one," she said, "Or you need to make an appointment. That isn't just something you should let go."

"I know," Meredith said, "I don't know what I'm gonna do."  Tears formed in her eyes.  "I can't tell Justin.  I think he'll throw a fit or something if he found out right now."

"Don't go crazy this soon into the game," Farzana said, "Where are you guys staying tomorrow?"

"I don't have a clue," she said.

A sigh could be heard over the line.  She didn't know how to take that sigh.  Either Mere had reached the limits of their friendships or this was something that Farzana didn't know how to deal with.  "Look, you need to tell Gritty that you need to go shopping or find someone to go and buy one for you."

Meredith shook her head.  She felt like a little girl not being able to do things like this.  It was like junior high again when the girls would whisper about girl stuff and the boys would always think they were sick for talking about stuff like that.  "I don't think I can do that."


She jolted out of her nap and immediately went searching through her bag.

"What's up?" he asked reaching over with a free hand to touch her shoulder.

Her eyes darted to his for a moment then moved back to where she was leaned over into the back seat looking through the bags that were on the seat.  "Where's my overnight bag?"

"Isn't it back there?" he asked.

Meredith pushed Justin's backpack out of the way.  "Damn.  I can't find it."

"What is so important that you need your bag?" he asked.

Meredith turned back around in her seat and looked out the window.  She wasn't about to just come out and tell him what was going on.  How was she going to tell them that on the first weekend alone they'd planned in years that she and he would be stuck without protection.  They could technically have sex, after all they were married and it wasn't against the law to have sex without protection, but at this point in their lives she wasn't sure that either of them were ready more kids, they had hard enough time taking care of the ones that they had and being on tour was no place for a pregnant woman.

"Bear," Justin said, "Baby what's wrong?"

"Nothing," Meredith said eyes tearing up so quickly that she had to turn away from him before she embarrassed herself.

"Meredith."  He moved his hand to lay on her thigh and gave her a squeeze.  "Why are you crying?"

"Because I think I just ruined the weekend," she said.

"Ruined the weekend?" he asked, moving his hand away from her.  He gripped the steering wheel with both hands.

"Yeah," she said, "Ruined the weekend."

"Did you start your period or something?" he asked.

Meredith glared at him.

"I mean do you need me to pull over so you can get a tampon or something?"

Meredith's mouth crack into a smile.


"You just said tampon," she said.

"I've lived with you forever.  I think that I've seen all your moods and your menstrual cycles."

Meredith broke out laughing.  "Menstrual cycles?"

"Oh come on," he said and moved a hand back over towards her, motioning for her to take his hand.  "Tell me what's wrong instead of laughing at my use of girly vocabulary."

Meredith nodded after she put her hand in his.  "I think I forgot my pills."

"What pills?" he asked, "Midol or something?"

"No," she said, "Get off the whole period thing.  I forgot my birth control pills."

"Oh," he said.

She watched his shoulders fall and she closed her eyes.  "I'm sorry."

"It's not a crime honey," he said, "We'll just go run out and get some condoms or something.  I mean if you want we don't even have to do that.  We're married.  It's not a crime."

"Yes it is."  Meredith rubbed her eye.  "When we plan a weekend away from the kids and I screw it up by--"

"Bear," Justin groaned and moved around in his seat a little.  All this talk about being away from the kids and getting some action really was making him be a little too into the moment.  "You didn't ruin the evening.  We'll figure it out."

"Really?" she asked.

"We've got two whole days without the kids to spend time with each other.  What happens in those days is going to be special whether we have sex for forty eight hours or if we don't touch each other the whole time."

"Really?" she asked again.

"YES," he said, "Really."

Meredith was asleep when they rolled up to the hotel.  It had been a long day of driving, but he didn't mind.  From the moment they pulled up to the hotel until the moment the kids arrived was theirs.  No security, no kids, no fans.  Just the two of them.

"Bear," he said and nudged her a little to get her up.  "Honey, we're here.  Let's go check in and we'll get you upstairs and back to sleep."

Meredith moaned and turned in her seat to smile at him.  "Ok."

They spilled out of the car and pulled their bags onto the cart that a doorman showed up with.  Meredith pulled her hair up into a ponytail and pulled on a sweatshirt, grabbed her backpack and shuffled into the lobby behind Justin.

The lobby was quiet, something that they hadn't seen in months.  No one seemed to notice them as they moved towards the check in desk.  No fans approached them, something that almost seemed foreign.

"Hello there," the man at the desk said with a smile.

"Hello," Justin said, "Timberlake."

"Of course Mr. Timberlake."  The man shuffled some paperwork then turned to look back up at him.  "How as your drive down from Orlando?"

"Pretty good," Justin said, "Nothing too out of the ordinary."

"That's good to hear," he said.

Meredith leaned on Justin's shoulder, closing her eyes.

"You ok?" Justin asked kissing her forehead and slipping an arm around her.

She nodded.  "I'm tired."

"It was a long drive."

"I'm hungry too," she said.

"We'll go grab dinner in a bit," he said.

Meredith nodded.

Justin kissed her forehead again and smiled.  "Maybe after a nap for you."

"Excuse me Mr. Timberlake," the man at the desk finally spoke up, "I need your signature on this and then we'll have someone show you up to your room."

"Sorry," he said and turned back and signed his name to the paper in front of him then grabbed the key from the woman.

The man smiled.  "Someone will be here in a moment to help you get to your room.  It looks as if you and your wife have had a long drive."

"Yeah," he said taking the keys from him, "Thanks."  Justin grabbed up his bags and moved away from the counter a little and set them down.


"Penthouse Suite," the bellhop said in the elevator, "It's a private entrance so if you have visitors they'll need to check in at the front desk." He pressed the button and slid the card through a little security reader thing showing them how to do it for themselves later.

"We're not expecting anyone for a few days," Justin mumbled watching Meredith leaning against the wall.  His stomach growled and she opened her eyes and laughed a bit at him.

At the top floor the bellhop stepped out and carried their bags down a small hallway passing the three other penthouses before they got to his. "This is it," he said and put the bags down and opened the door.

Justin and Meredith went through and like with any other hotel they ever stayed in the bellhop showed him everything. "It's one thousand, seven hundred fifty square feet," he said as he walked through the living room pulling open the huge entertainment center's door to show the television and the stereo system.  The remotes are on the coffee table and shouldn't be too hard to figure out, but if you have questions I'm sure someone at the desk can help out."

"I'm sure we'll figure it all out.  They followed the bellboy to the kitchen which connected to the dining room.

"Complete kitchen with everything and a dishwasher," he explained, "There is a grocery store down the road I think its a Winn Dixie Store something. If you are really in need of something call room service and give them your shopping list."

Justin nodded then followed him to the bedroom.

"King-sized bed and in here--"

Meredith took that as an invitation and immediately went to go lay down.

Justin followed the guy into the bathroom that connected to the room, "Jacuzzi." He pulled out the drawer next to the sink and pulled out a little booklet. "Directions are in's not too hard to figure out though..."

Justin nodded.

"Do you need help with any of this?" he asked.

"Naw," Justin said and reached for his wallet. He tipped the guy a fifty dollar bill.

" you know anyplace I can get dinner or a drink?" he asked, "A friend of mine stayed down here awhile ago and said that there was some place down the road that was really good?".

"There's Breezer's downstairs or there are some up the road a little ways...Snappers is always a good one or Zappie's...both of them are just off the main can get a taxi up there if you wanted to."

"Thanks," Justin said and watched the guy leave.  He followed after him to make sure the door was locked before he felt himself relax.

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