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When he turned back around he caught her expression changing to one of confusion.  She tried to hide it for a moment, he recognized the struggle of her lips pressing together and her eyebrows bunching together then relaxing before she spoke.  "What's that supposed to mean?"

"I don't know," he sighed.  It had been on his mind all day, hell, all month, and probably had surfaced in different ways the last year or so of this space travel project.  They were a married couple and they did most things together, but he had a feeling that if she had chosen again to be with him in Russia that she would have opted to visit and not stay with him the entire time.

In the beginning she'd been very against him going to Russia.  He was suspicious that now that it had blown up in his face, that she was silently laughing her way through every moment that he had to explain to everyone that he wasn't going to space.  She'd been concerned in the beginning that the idea was just a little too out there for people to get behind and when the supposedly secured corporate sponsors of the project backed out at the last night, she didn't seemed to be shocked by their decision.

"Well it's got to mean something," she said moving into the house further and putting Peaches down on the floor where the dog plopped down on it's bottom and sat looking up at her with a wagging tail.

Both of them watched the dog, giving off a half laugh when the dog's expression seemed to say to the both of them that she was ready for more petting and that she was wondering why they were still standing in the entryway.

"It's nothing honey."  He tried to control the tone of his voice knowing that a conversation like this could blow out of proportion.  This late at night people tended to get over-sensitive and do and say things that they wouldn't do or say if they were well rested.  They'd had a few moments in the last week, after late nights where they each calmed into a dazed state where neither of them wanted to start a conversation for fear that they might say the wrong thing  "I'm dead tired, my nerves are raw from the last few weeks, and well--"

He figured she must have picked up on the suddenly tense mood that had come over them.  She look a deep breath and move towards him.  Sliding her arms around his middle, she hugged him close without saying a word which gave him the opportunity to let out the breath he was holding.  He kissed her temple as she leaned her head against his then finally pulled back.  "We need sleep."

"We need to be normal again.  This last month has really been hell."

"You never really said anything," he said.

"I think I'm only just now realizing it," she mumbled with a tired tone as she rubbed her eye.  "You know how after we went on that Disney Cruise two years ago and I got home and still felt like I was on a boat?"

"Yeah," he said remembering that when they'd returned they'd thought for a few days that she might be pregnant due to the way that she seemed to be so fatigued and slightly dizzy all the time.

"It's like that wobbly feeling," she said, "You're on the boat and it's moving and you move with it, but once you get back on dry land, you're body is compensating for things that aren't even happening to you anymore."

Lance nodded knowing that feeling very well.  It would take them days to realize that they were home to stay and that they didn't have to be anywhere or do anything.  He guessed that they would both be up in the early morning hours every day for the next week, in anticipation of the early call times they'd experienced on their media tour.

Framing her face in his hands he looked at her squarely then smiled.  "You and I definitely need to leave these bags here, grab Peaches and go crash upstairs."

Colleen nodded and closed her eyes when he moved to kiss her.  Peaches seemed to be instantly jealous of this and barked a squeaky puppy bark to get some attention.

"We have a doggie," Colleen said in a slight baby voice and moved to pick Peaches up.  Speaking to the puppy she glanced at Lance every so often, "We don't want to forget her.  Oh no we don't."

"You're insane," Lance said with a laugh, moving his hands to her waist so that he could guide her up the stairs towards the bedroom.

"Just a little," she said with a smile back at him as they climbed the stairs together.

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