The Song Remembers When 1

Coming down from the bedroom, JC ran his hand through his hair and looked around the main floor of the house.  He'd taken his shower and had been trying to get his hair to move in just the right now.  It wasn't working.  The strands of curly dark hair were already turning into a curly yet somehow expertly styled mop on the top of his head.

He shrugged when he saw his reflection in the glass case of trophies that sat near the entrance to the dining room.  That night was all about comfort.  He was going to party his evening away with everyone at OME's anniversary party then come home to his wife and make love to her the rest of the evening.

Seemed easy enough.

The only hitch in his plan was that his wife was going to be staying home that night, working on last minute tweaks to her latest creation in the studio.  If he was anyone else he would have been upset that she was backing out of the party that night, but he knew about deadlines and creative whims and tonight was going to be a stay in the studio night instead of a party night.

He looked around the main level of the house, found it empty, then snuck his way across to the kitchen, grabbing a water out of the refrigerator.  He knew that she'd been in and out of the studio on and off for the last three days and figured that if he didn't see her right away that she might have fallen asleep on the couch.  He'd found her there that morning when he'd woken up.  He'd been in and out of town ten or fifteen times already that month and had gone to bed early to catch up on his sleep.

"You're gonna have to pee five minutes after you get there if you drink that."

He turned around on his heel when he heard her voice finding her standing there in a fuzzy long bathrobe, the one he'd gotten her from the Kids Choice Awards two years ago, bright orange with white logo on the chest pocket, with a pair baggy Montreal Maple Leaf logo pajama pants and a ROCK THE VOTE tank top.  A ballpoint pen was tucked over one ear and her hair had been lazily pulled up in a sagging ponytail.  She was carrying an empty I <3 NYC coffee mug, letting it dangle to the side, showing that it was empty and she was only there to look for something more to keep herself going.

"You look gorgeous," he lifted half a smile towards her.  He could joke like this with her only because she'd been looking so polished the last few weeks.  Six weeks ago, before the post production on the songs DREAMSTREET had been working on for their next album had begun, Farzana had been on a promotional tour with a girl named JoJo who was working on her third album, half of the songs had been co-written or produced in their own home studio.  JC had been a part of that project, but he'd been off promoting his own new album and had only seen his wife because she'd been on every channel across the boards promoting with JoJo and singing a few back up gigs along with her.

She stuck her tongue out at him then pushed by him with a bit of a grunt.  "I'm a fashion-ista."

"Looks like," he said watching the way she shuffled over to the pot of coffee.  Even underneath the baggy pants and baggy robe, he took a moment to watch her move around their kitchen.

Farzana rested a hip against the counter, replacing the mug in her hand with a half full coffee pot.  With her free hand she motioned towards the empty space in the kitchen.  "So walk the runway for me honey so I can see what my little stud is going to look like tonight."

JC nodded and walked about three feet away then turned around and walked back towards her, keeping a straight look on his face the entire time even if he did feel ridiculous doing it.  He was dressed in fairly casual clothes that night, black boots, slightly faded blue jeans, a black t-shirt and a black tuxedo jacket with a white Chinese dragon embroidered into the back of it.

"Lookin' good hot stuff," she said with a smile and leaned to kiss him.  She smelled of the flowery insense that she'd been burning in the house lately.  She told him that it reminded her of their trip to The Keys and kept her relaxed when she was getting stressed out.  Her free hand touched the LEO necklace around his neck before she pulled back from him.  "I love that thing.  I'm glad that you started wearing it again."

"I know," he said moving his eyes so that he could try to see the necklace as she looked at it.  While she was concentrating on that he curled an arm around her to keep her close to him.  He could feel her melt into him a bit.  She wasn't totally relaxed, but there was a way that her body met with his that nothing could get in the way of, not even deadlines or parties.  "I feel naked without it."

"Hmm," she said, "Naked without it."  Her head bopped a little bit, her head leaning against his chin for a few moments as she hugged him.  He thought that she might kiss him again, but instead she twisted away from him, pulled a paper towel from the roll on the counter and scribbled down the words.  "That's good."

"Zana," he said with a frustrated groan.  There wasn't a way in hell that he was sexually frustrated.  They'd both been traveling a lot lately, but they'd made time for time together between trips and he figured that even couples who lived together twenty four hours a day seven days a week had some nights that they didn't have sex.  Their schedule was busy, but it didn't leave them wanting anything outside of each other's company.  "I know you're on a kick right now, but--"  He took the pen from her and tucked it behind her ear again before he captured her in a hug.  "I'm leaving for the night so I wanted--"  He looked up at the clock on the far side of the kitchen.  "Five minutes of attention."

She wiggled away from him scolding him in the process.  "Joshua."

"Ok," he said with a sad look, "Ok. No sex on the counter top before I have to leave for the party."

Her eyebrow raised at him and she gave him a quick wink before turning back towards the coffee pot.

"Zana," he groaned out.

"I love you," she said and stepped towards him again abandoning the coffee pot.  She kissed him then moved back then kissed him again.  "Have fun tonight.  Don't go getting into trouble."

"I won't," he said then moved to cross his heart.  "Lonnie is coming with me and Tony and the guys will be there to look after me.  All us old married guys sitting in the corner with--"  He stopped for a moment knowing that the others would bring their wives or girlfriends to the party.

"Have fun," she said as if she knew what was on his mind.  They hadn't argued about her decision to stay home that night, but he had made it clear that he would have rather stayed home if she wasn't going to be there with him.  She'd insisted that for OME's sake that he should go without her.

"I will."  He motioned towards the stairs and the studio then grabbed up his bottle of water.  "Don't stay down there too long, ok?  Get some sleep or I'm going to lock that thing up."

She nodded, keeping her concentration on the paper towel on the counter next to her.  "Ok."

"Farzana," JC scolded, "I'm going to call your father."

"Ok," she sighed then turned and looked at him.  "I haven't been feeling that great anyway.  I'll try to get out of the studio by eleven and be in bed by midnight, ok?"

"Sounds good," he moved closer to her so that he could feel her forehead with his hand.  She felt warm, but nothing out of the ordinary.  He looked her over closely and hoped that she might get out over the weekend and sit in the sun.  They were going to be heading down to Orlando that next weekend to do some work at the WEG compound and he was going to make sure that if she wasn't working that she was going to sit in the sun.  Even her naturally tanned skin was looking a little pale.  "You don't have a fever, but keep an eye on yourself."

"You're going to be gone for a few hours."  Her eyes met his for a moment.  A serious expression crossed her face.  "How much trouble can we get into in a few hours?"

JC shrugged.  Nothing could be planned at events like this.  It was the behavior that people participated in during parties that got them in the papers.  Public Relations was the power that ran the industry and the only real reason that they were out that night was to get it covered on Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight and into People Magazine.  "You never know."

She frowned at him.  "Be good."

"Always," he said, "I'm always good."


Taking her coffee back down to the studio, she flopped into the studio office chair with a sigh and looked back down at the piece of paper in front of her.  It was funny how comforting lined college ruled paper could be.  Even after all these years, after all that money spent on computer programs and studio equipment, nothing could beat putting pen to paper.

She'd been scribbling all day.  The songs that she'd created for the band were done, but she'd been commissioned to do another song.  She should have told JC about the extra song, but she knew he'd just get upset with her over the time that she'd been spending in the studio.

Sipping her coffee out of her cup with one hand she searched for her pen in the paperwork on the desktop with the other.  She pushed things around from left to right then remembered that the pen was sitting over her ear.  She pulled it out and put her hand to paper, but got nothing.

Thinking quickly and knowing that she needed to finish the song she dialed JC's cell number.

"Howdy," JC said with a laugh.

"Listen to this for me for a second," she said.

JC's voice came through the phone sounding extremely relaxed considering that he was about to go walk the red carpet.  She knew that he'd been walking the red carpet for years now, but he still seemed to get nervous about it.  That evening though he seemed relaxed, almost too relaxed for her taste, when he slurred out, "Sing it to me baby."

"Have you already started drinking?" she asked.

He laughed.  "No.  Not really.  I'm having a beer with Tony in the limo.  We're stuck in traffic.  Sing to me."

I'm drifting into an empty space
I might look out of place

"Is this a new one?" he asked interupted her.

Farzana nodded even though he couldn't see her.  "Yes."

"Ok," he said, "I like the opening.  Sing more."

But that's they way it is
Sun sinking, evening streaks across the sky

JC started to laugh and she caught herself trying not to be too upset about the way he was ignoring her.  She didn't demand much of his time or energy these days, but she'd hoped that he would listen to her when she asked him to.

"Zana," he said, "Honey."  He pulled the phone away from his mouth and spoke to the other people in the limo.  "I think the phone died."

"I'm here," she said, emotion coming to her voice more quickly than she wanted it to.

"Sing the rest to me," he said.

"No,"  she held her voice steady.

"No," he said, "Sing it."

"I'll let you go," she said, "I'll sing it for you when you get back.  Ok?"

"Ok," he said and laughed, "I'll see you later."

"Bye."  She found herself half angry, but she turned back to the song, not yet ready to give up for the night.  She had more lines to work on before she felt like she could even think about sleeping.

I'm drifting into an empty space
I might look out of place
But that's they way it is
Sun sinking, evening streaks across the sky
The sun no longer blinds my eyes
And you seem far away
And it's so quiet here

Feeling as depressed as the song sounded, she took a deep breath, pushed away from the counter.  It was bed time for her.  She needed a nap or she really was going to start to lose it.

Moving up the stairs she shuffled across into the living room and curled into one end of the couch.  She reached blindly and found the lap blanket that was kept under a side table and pulled it over her, moving only when her neck started to cramp.  She wiggled down more, stretching her legs to the end of the couch before stuffing a pillow under her head, moving the lap blanket more over her body.

When a sigh left her lips involuntarily, she closed her eyes and started to think about nothing and about everything at once.  A hum came from her mouth without her realizing it and soon she was drifting off to sleep.

The song that Farzana is working on is Tomorrow.

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