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Mission Statement

In 1999, written in pen on the college lined pages of my English composition book for my creative writing class, JLBFF wasn't much more than a concept.  Almost five years later, I never thought it would become what it is today.  Despite times of inactivity and complete frustration, I still haven't run out of ideas and I hope in the months and years to come that I keep the spirit of what fanfiction is alive.

This is a place of fun.  Over the years I've become very attached to the friends that I've made through fanfiction and the stories that I've read.  I know logicially that the real people that are portrayed in these stories are nothing like the way they are written, but I hope to keep that spirit alive, so that that the readers of this type of fiction get as much enjoyment out of reading these pages as I do writing them.

Onto the FanFiction...


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