The Snap Shots Series:  Picture Perfect:  Part One


"So who's relative are you?" He leaned in close due to the noise of the party and as his bass voice came out his breath tickled her ear; a sensation that was definitely not a welcomed one. Although he smelled of cologne, which was welcome change from the stale smoke in the room, she silently wished that she'd worn her hair down that night instead of wrapping it into a clip so that it was off her shoulders and neck.

"Excuse me?" she asked sipping her non-alcoholic drink she stepped back and looked him in the eyes. The slightly bloodshot pupils that stared back at her were a gorgeous shade of green and she would have appreciated them if they didn't have that lusty look in them that were clearly directed in her general direction.

"It seems that every time anyone introduces me to anyone at these kinds of things it's because the person is somebody's relative." He craned his neck to look around the party for a moment, tugging at the collar of the black shirt he wore then looked back at her as if he was trying to match her face to someone's in the crowd. "So who do you belong to?"

"Praise the Lord!" She sighed.

After a year of attending a million other publicity parties she'd finally found someone who didn't know who she was and she hoped that she could keep it that way for a few more minutes.

"Huh?" He turned and stared at her as she celebrated her victory of the evening.

"Praise the Lord," she repeated. "Finally, someone who doesn't know who I am. And a male at that."

"Doesn't know who YOU are?" He seemed confused b her comment. He sipped his drink. She could tell he was trying to cover for his lack of the upper hand in the situation.

"You really are clueless aren't you?" she commented.

He stared at her with a blank expression on his face.

"Maybe because I have all my clothes on."

"What?" his expression changed to one of shock. He took his cup away from his face and began to choke a bit.

She laughed realizing what her comment had sounded like. "No. No. I model swimsuits for Speedo and some other companies."

This was when the guy would normally try and picture her in a swimsuit. He was like the others. His eyes darted from her face, down her body and back up, not once, but twice. When he made eye contact with her again his eyes were bright with appreciation, as if she'd been waiting for his approval or disapproval of her figure.

Normally it was a bit challenging for guys to picture her that way. She usually dressed in baggy clothes, jeans and t-shirts were more her style, but at the moment she was wearing a right black dress. The designer outfit was perfect for the night of partying, but didn't leave much to the imagination; an argument she threw at her agent the day before when the dress had arrived at the hotel. 

"So if I don't know who you are, do you know who I am?" he asked. He didn't really sound cocky, but she expected him to considering the almost over confident look he had on his face now.

She bit her lip debating whether to tell him that he was an idiot if she didn't think that people knew him. She'd been on magazine covers and a few calendars that year, but *NSYNC and Lance had been around for two years now. She didn't think that anyone in the free world would mistake him for someone else. If her agent had been there with her he would have scolded her for the action of biting her lip. It was a habit she was trying to break along with her habit of biting her nails.

"What is it that they call you?" she asked, "Scoop is it? I guess they are going to have to take the name away if you don't know my name LANCE."

Lance's expression changed. It was as if she'd angered him by spitting the information she knew about him at him. "Joey's the one who knows all the models." He looked around again acting as if he was bored with her already. "I usually know all the IMPORTANT information."

She wanted to smack him. In his own little stealth way he'd just insulted her. To her face. At least most people waited until she turned her back.

"You aren't going to get all bitchy supermodel on me are you?"

"Excuse me?" she asked putting her hand on her hip she glared at him.

"You know," he said with a laugh. "Throw a fit or call your agent or your publicist to yell at me for you."

"Ugh! No!" She started to walk away from him. She didn't want to cause a scene. She needed to get away as soon as she could.

"Come on Princess," he said, "Let's dance."

She uncurled his fingers from around her arm and pushed his hand back at him. "Maybe when you learn my name you bleach-blond-albino-teeny-bopper!" She turned on her heel and stalked away from him ignoring the sound of laughter that she heard coming from him.


[ Six months later… ]


A baby blue flash of clothing known as Justin Timberlake ran down the hallway screaming their band-mate's name. It was late in the afternoon, close to dinnertime for any normal person, but for the guys the day was only half over. After a morning full of boring interviews and a lunchtime commitment, the youngest member of the band was taking advantage of the empty hotel hallway but using it as a running track. Although Chris was known as the hyperactive one of the group it seemed as if that day Justin had taken the title. Justin had been fidgety all morning, with the excitement of the new video and now that he'd been let loose of the social obligations had made it a point to try to tire himself out after some strong encouragement from the others.

"Did you check the bar?" JC asked with a sarcastic tone as he leaned against the wall and waited for the others. JC had the hood of his sweatshirt pulled up over a baseball hat and sunglasses hiding the fact that he was dozing in and out of consciousness while he waited.

"I think he was downstairs to eat," Lance said with a lazy tone looking up from where he'd knelt to tie the shoelaces of his running shoes.

They were supposed to be leaving for a meeting with the director of the next video when somehow Joey had gone missing. The guys always seemed to joke about needing a drink while doing interviews, but Joey would be the one to actually go and get one. Lance figured that the more believable excuse would be that the guy had met some girl and was probably trying to get the girl's phone number. It had happened before, at least five times in the past week, which normally hadn't been a problem, but that day they were on a fairly tight schedule and Joey should haven known better than to disappear.

"Does anyone have a radio?" Justin yelled speaking about the security system that their bodyguards used to keep track of them and each other. It seemed like a strict system, but when one of the five group members would go off by themselves the traffic on the security airwaves tripled not only in volume but also in the urgency of the messages.

"Stop screaming!" Chris yelled at the top of his lungs as he joined the others in the hallway. He wore nylon running pants and a huge sweatshirt and even had taken out his contacts. He was the symbol of comfort in his Adidas sports sandals, but the look on his face was stressed. He had his hand over the microphone part of his cell phone and was giving Justin the evil eye. "I'm trying to talk to Dani and all she can here is your Afro-Ass!" He turned back to his conversation and spoke into the phone with a completely calm tone. "Sorry about that honey."

Lance watched his band mate talking to his girlfriend with a half smile on his face. Dani had been away from the group for almost a month, a record amount of time for Chris to be away from his long-time girlfriend. Lance remembered that feeling. He'd experienced it over and over again with Danielle when they'd been dating when she was filming her television show and he was on the road. Lance's relationship with Danielle had ended, but Chris and Dani seemed to keep going, no matter what came up. This came partially from the fact that Lance thought of Chris as such a phone hog and never let more than a few hours go by without talking to Dani, even if it was only for a few minutes. Frankly, the guy would talk anyone's ear off, but Dani didn't seem to mind.

When the metallic ding of the elevator sounded Lance looked over and saw Joey exiting with a girl on his arm. He seemed to strut down the hallway as if the tall girl on his arm was some kind of prize that he'd won.

"And where the fuck have you been?" JC asked pushing his hood off his head. If the fans could have heard that…they'd have a heart attack. He smiled and slid the sunglasses up off of his face, resting them on his forehead, then formed his face into a frown to stare at Joey with. He wasn't really mad at Joey. Actually JC was usually the late one, always siting that he needed to get a new alarm clock, which made the comment a bit funny.

Lance glanced up at the duo taking JC's playful wrath then went back to tying his other shoe up. A scene like this happened about every two weeks. Nothing new to report. Joey was a hormonal flirt and JC was playing "Daddy" again, even though JC had been late for the last three days of meetings because he'd overslept.

"I found Willa here in the lobby," he said looking over at the girl on his arm.

Willa's posture was one that screamed confidence. Head held high she watched the group of guys in the hallway as if they were equals, not the superstars that most girls her age would swoon over. Willa smiled sweetly as Joey made the introductions. "That's Justin down the hall, JC is the one who just chewed us out, Chris is on the phone with his woman no doubt." Joey made a silly face, which made Willa laugh. "And that one over there learning to tie his own shoes is Lance."

"Well not offense…" JC looked at the girl. "…we have to leave now which means you need to disappear." JC made a shooing motion with his hand towards Willa as if she was a pest.

"I see what you mean," Willa took a chance and made a sympathetic face towards Joey. "He is really anal."

Lance looked up at the girl for an instant to see what type of person would tell off JC to his face. Most girls were shy or giggly around all of them. It was a nice change of pace to have that kind of reaction to them.

"Excuse me?" JC stuttered out.

"You heard me," she said brashly. She made a face.

Something clicked in Lance's head. He knew that voice from somewhere but couldn't quite remember.

"JC shut it, ok. Willa is working on the video with us. She's staying in the hotel so I told her that she could catch a ride with us over to meet up with Wayne." Joey made a face as if JC was ruining some master flirting plan that he was using on the girl.


[ Nine p.m. that evening ]

"Willa," Lance groaned out in disgust. As he crawled into the limo he saw her sitting in the limo already. She had her legs crossed and looked as sweet as any other girl. Too bad Lance knew the real her. She was a little bitch and it had come out not only a few months before but had been reinforced in the hallway then again in the meeting room when they'd been discussing scenes. Lance hadn't fully been paying attention, but he'd caught the part when Willa had been talking about her outfits for the video shoot.

"At least you know my name now," she snapped.

"I know it before," he sputtered out and pulled himself into the farthest seat away from her.

"Sure." She studied her nails for a moment then looked out the window.


They sat silently until the others made their way inside. Lance leaned his head against the window and prayed that traffic would be light so he wouldn't have to spend too much time with her.

Joey and the others began their usual entertaining bits of comedy, the same stupid jokes Lance had heard every time someone new came into their midst, leaving Lance alone to sit and look out the window. He laughed at the jokes when appropriate and stayed somewhat in the conversation, but mostly he tried to ignore the strange vibes that were coming from Willa's direction. He felt as if he was being stared at. The hairs on the back of his neck were even standing on end.

"So Lance…I guess you're psyched about teaming up with Willa in the love scenes."

"Huh?" He stared across at the group, all of whom were staring back at him.

"See I told you he wasn't listening before," Justin supplied.

"Shut it Timberlake!" Lance pouted a bit then threw up his middle finger up at his band mate. "What the hell are you talking about?"

"You? Willa? Love Scenes? Video? Ring any bells Scoop?" Justin made one of those "duh!" faces. It was patronizing in the worst way.

Willa didn't say a word, but Lance noticed the small smile that creased her lips. If she wasn't acting like such a little bitch, Lance thought, she'd be pretty. Instead of staring at her Lance looked out the window.

"I told you that they were going to have to retire that nickname."

"Whatever." Lance snapped.

When they arrived back at the hotel everyone piled out of the car and as they waited for the elevators everyone began making their plans for the evening. The guys had a self-imposed curfew that evening of one a.m. which meant that they would have just enough time to go out and party for a few hours before having to be back "home" in the hotel.

"We were going to go to the Brook," Joey said sliding up next to where Willa was waiting with them. "Want to go hang out in my old hometown?"

Willa smiled, "Maybe."

"Awe, come on Willa, when else are you going to get to date five guys at once?" Justin had been throwing himself hopelessly at her for most of the afternoon. The competition between Joey and him was almost embarrassing.

"Make that four," Lance said folding his arms over his chest.

"You aren't coming out tonight?" JC asked.

"I've got shit to do J," Lance said, "Phone calls…you know…business and stuff."

They all seemed to take the excuse at face value then went back to bugging Willa.

When she got off the elevator two floors below theirs Willa smiled and waved. "Give me a call when you're leaving and I'll see if I want to go with you."

"Ok," Joey said.

"Bye guys," she said then paused and looked at Lance, "Goodbye Lance…or did your mother not teach you manners enough to say goodbye?"

Before Lance could jump out and grab her around the neck and strangle her for the remark the door closed leaving the five guys and their security team on the way to their rooms.


Her cell phone chirped it's happy little ring an hour later. Willa picked it up and sat down on the bed in her hotel room for a moment. She bounced on the bed for a moment testing out the firmness of the mattress knowing that after her long day of flights and meetings she was going to need a good night' sleep. It wasn't as good as the one that she'd had in the Bahamas a few weeks before, but then again, nothing could top having their own suite in a tropical paradise. She'd stayed down there a few extra days to fully enjoy her stay.

She checked the number on the tiny screen of the phone. It was a Los Angeles number, which meant it was either the NSYNC guys or someone from the agency. Her agent was on vacation for a few days, which was something. Usually they were attached at the hip. It was actually the first time in a while that she'd been on a job without someone looking after her. Normally she had a friend, her agent or some security person with her. "Hello?"

"How you doin'?" a male voice asked.

She smiled trying to guess if it was Chris or Joey. She figured Joey would be the spokesperson since he'd been the one to find her in the lobby. "Hi Joey."

"Ah man. How'd you know it was me?"

Willa laughed at the thought of him trying hard to flirt with her over the phone. He'd probably have some cute little smile on his face, like he'd had thrown in her direction for most of the meetings they'd been in that day. For the most part Willa hated men looking at her like that, but with Joey it didn't seem to matter. He'd been like a brother to her from the moment they'd met in the lobby and she couldn't take his flirting attempts too seriously no matter how hard she tried.

Willa lay back on the bed and looked up at the ceiling with a smile. It had been a while since she'd openly flirted with a guy. She'd almost forgotten how nice it could be. At most events she was with her agent or someone who didn't let her get too out of control. Not only would it look bad, but with her pictures all over the place most of the time she worried about her safety. She would have brought someone with her on her trip to the video shoot, but her agent had assured her that because the NSYNC guys had so much security around them that she'd be safe enough in their presence. "I'm psychic. I knew you'd be on the line when I picked up."

"Sure you did." His sarcastic tone was a nice change of pace. When she'd gotten back to the room she'd had a conversation with her agent, which, by her standards was a far more boring conversation than Joey's little phone flirting session.

"It's called Caller ID? Heard of it?" She sat up and leaned the phone against her shoulder while she attempted to pull her hair up into some sort of ponytail. She hated the long brown mass that fell past her shoulders, but there wasn't much she could do about it until her agent agreed with a hairstylist about changing the style. She was the sporty-sexy type model that had to have that low maintenance haircut, but Willa wanted to break out of the mold a little and do something with it.

She listened to him laugh and wondered for a moment if she'd been traveling too much lately. She had a ton of friends at home, but she never saw them with all the traveling and such. Her friends from high school were now all over the country, at their respective colleges and she missed them and the kinds of laughs that they would send to her in moments like that.

"Wanna come out with us tonight?" He sounded casual about the whole situation, but Willa knew that the event would be an ordeal. There would be security and no doubt she'd get her picture in the paper. It seemed more trouble than it was worth and she wasn't about to explain her actions to her agents when the pictures surfaced later.

Willa hesitated before answering, trying to make her decision. She didn't have coin with her, but it would have come in handy in a situation like that. She wanted to join them badly, but as she looked in the mirror across the room from her she noticed how tired she was. She knew she should get to sleep that night early considering that she had to be in front of a camera the next day. She'd heard more than a few photographers yell at her for the sometime-visible bags under her eyes and she knew that she didn't want to add anything to whatever ammunition Lance would be throwing her way that next day. He'd already picked on her enough at that party without knowing a thing about her.

"I think I'm going to pass Joey, but thanks for asking me," she said and got up and paced the room for a moment before going to find clothes to sleep in. She remembered putting them into her bag when she'd packed up, but didn't see them on the first look.

He turned and spoke to whatever people were in the room with him.

Willa could hear the pleading tones of the people in the room with him as they all tried to peer pressure her into going out with them that night.

"Are you sure?" Joey asked.

"Yes, Joe," she said, "I'm already in my pajamas."

She looked down at her skirt and shirt and laughed. Yeah right. The only time she slept in that outfit was when she was out partying the night before. She cringed knowing what the comment about her sleeping attire would do for the conversation. She knew better than to go that route, but she'd done the damage, now she just had to get Joey to get off the phone with her so she would be able to get to sleep.

"You are?"

She let out a groan, "Come on Joey, get your head out of the gutter. I wear sweats and a hooded sweatshirt to sleep in." It was partially the truth. She usually froze at night and had gotten in the habit of wearing long pants and a long sleeved shirt to bed.

"Sure you do," he replied sarcastically, "You have too good of a body to be hiding your stuff girl."

"I told you I'm not going out with you Joey," she said.


"Don't beg," she said, "Use that on your fans."

"I don't have to beg with them," he said with a laugh.

"Like you have someone with you every night."

"Just Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays," he said.

He laughed at his comment. "Well I'm going to bed alone tonight so who would I be showing off for?"

Joey's voice lowered at least two octaves. He spoke to her in an almost Barry-White sort of voice, "You don't have to go to bed alone."

"Check your hormones," Willa said. She laughed knowing that if she went off on him she would never hear the last of it. It was one thing for her to trade remarks with Lance, but she didn't want to do that with all the guys or what Lance had said would come true. She would be acting the part of the bitch.

"Fine, fine, fine," Joey said, "Check ya laters then. You'll wish you came out with us tomorrow when we tell you all about how much fun we had."

"I'm sure I'll regret it Joey," Willa said with a smile digging further into the bag she grabbed her sweatpants and T-shirt and triumphantly smiled at herself in the mirror. One stop to get her nightclothes on and she'd sleep away the rest of the night. IF she got them on in the next few minutes she'd get at least seven hours of sleep before her five am wake-up call. She envied the guys. While she had to get to the shoot early to get her hair and make-up done, the guys were going to get there an hour ahead of time to do some superficial touch-ups to their looks for the video.

"Bye then," Joey said.


Willa took a deep breath and prayed that the others were going to be as easy going, as Joey seemed to be. They all seemed ok, except for Lance. Other than their first meeting, she didn't know why he had such a problem with her. She'd done nothing to act like the princess bitchy model type. He was going to be a challenge.

She laughed and tucked her phone into her purse. She'd had a habit of loosing it and didn't

Without a challenge, life would be boring.

She knew in the back of her mind that she could have men fall at her feet--it had happened on more than a few occasions in the past year--but with Lance she had a lot of resistance. It was a nice change of pace and she didn't want to ruin the surprise ending by leaving instead of putting up a fight.

With a smile on her face, Willa slid out of her outfit and into her sweats and T-shirt. She slid some socks on her feet and turned down the covers on the bed. Settling herself in for the night she flipped on the television and thought she'd use it as background noise to go to sleep to.


Lance rolled over in bed for the fifth time in the last five minutes. He'd climbed into bed that night earlier than usual in sweats and a T-shirt. The air conditioning had been on and the room had been cold. He normally wasn't such a wuss about the weather, but after flying cross-country and with the climate changes and all he didn't want to get sick.

His over-planning for the cold he found himself practically sweating as the room heated up a little now that the air conditioning was off. He'd gotten up and had changed into shorts and a tank top.

When he'd gotten back into bed he'd been cold so he'd had to play with his covers for a while before getting warmer. Then it seemed; when all his climate troubles were under control, he'd gotten thirsty so he'd gotten up to get a drink.

Then it was his pillows. He'd punched them into shape three different times, but nothing was working. He just couldn't get comfortable.

He looked at the clock. It read one a.m.

"Damn," he sighed out loud into the dark empty room. The guys would be back soon which meant even if he did get to sleep in the next half-hour he'd get woken up again by Justin since they were rooming together.

He loved the guy, but he could tell from his behavior earlier that it was going to be one of Justin's loud nights. When the kid had one of those it was as if he made more noise by trying to be quiet.

Lance pushed himself out of bed again, hopefully for the last time that night and found his sweats again where he'd thrown them onto his suitcase. As he slid the shorts off and the pants back on he made a plan to take a walk. He'd tried, a few weeks ago when he couldn't sleep, to exercise a little then go back to sleep. Last time he'd snuck into the hotel's gym and had run almost five miles before he'd gotten tired. The trick had worked though and he'd found himself actually sleeping in the next morning.

He figured he'd go out and talk a walk or something or maybe go down to the lobby and hang out for a while before trying to get back to sleep again. He usually didn't have trouble getting to sleep, but lately his schedule had been so hectic that he'd been taking too many naps and hadn't been getting enough sleep at night when he should.

Leaving his room he grabbed up a baseball hat off the counter near the door and shoved it onto his head, bringing the rim to rest just above his eyebrows. He waved to Loni at the end of the hall. "I'll be back. I'm going to go down to see if I can get something to eat or something."

"Why don't you just call room service?" Loni asked.

"I can't sleep. I need to take a walk."

"Be careful." Loni jogged over and handed him a walkie-talkie and said, "Call me up if you need me."

"Will do," Lance said staring at the walkie-talkie in his hand as if it were a baby monitor. He didn't usually hate to have the big eye of the security team looking over his shoulder, but that night he didn't like the idea of them having contact with him. Lately he couldn't take a pee without talking to someone first.

"I know, I know," Loni said, "It's a pain in the ass, but I'll remind you of this when some girl is trying to pull your shirt off you."

With a sigh Lance started off down the hallway. He wondered if everyone who was famous got treated that way. It made him think of Willa. She'd arrived in town with no security with her. Normally he would have been jealous of the arrangement, but now he found himself envying her.

The elevator ride didn't take long and Lance entered the empty lobby. The quiet atmosphere was something that he found alarming. He'd always had so much commotion around him that not having it around for a moment made him feel a little paranoid. He thought about calling Loni for a second to see if he wanted to hang out with him, but pushed the thought out of his mind when he saw that the little gift shop was open.

Figuring that he'd look for a magazine to read or something he walked into the gift shop. He searched through tiny California license plates, finding first his name, then his mom's name and his dad's name. He searched and even saw his sister's name and reminded himself to come back and get the plates for them in the morning.

He moved onto the magazine rack and sure enough found a picture of Willa on the cover of Women's Health.

Opening the publication to the article that featured her pictures for a new line of swimsuits he stared at her picture. She looked like an angel. Too bad that all had been placed there with airbrushing. He knew the real her and she was nothing but trouble.

"Find anything nice to read?"

Lance stiffened at the sound of her voice and didn't need to turn around to know that Willa was the person now looking over his shoulder.


"So are you deaf now?" she asked with an innocent voice from over his shoulder. She set her chin on his shoulder and turned her head. She could tell, after only a second that her closeness to him was having the desired effect. She could practically see the muscles in his back and neck tense up. The motion of the muscles tensing made her want to lean over and kiss him there, just where his neck curved down to meet his shoulder.

He turned his neck to the side as if to try to ease the tension then said, "Huh?" She could see from his surprised expression that he hadn't expected her to be the one that interupted him.

"Oh and dumb now too?" she said bluntly without thinking about it. "You're a real catch there Mr. NSYNC. I'm sure all the girls in the world are jealous of me. But really, they can have you."

"What do you want?" he asked with an annoyed tone as he threw down the magazine back onto the pile of others.

She reached around him and picked the copy up. She made sure to touch his back with her chest as she did it. She normally tried not to be too sexual in front of people she didn't know. She'd had numerous bad experiences, that of course her agent and her parents had reassured her were harmless, but they hadn't felt harmless at first. Soon though the whole whistling and staring thing got old. With Lance she felt as if this was all just a little game that they were playing. If she wasn't asleep at least she could have an entertaining time with him.

"Checking out my layout?"

He looked away from her and took a step away before she could continued. She wondered for a moment if he moved because he wanted to get away from her. Did she really turn him off? Or had he moved away because her being so close got him a little antsy?

"So do you like the new suits?" she asked.

"Why would you think I was looking at you?" he asked.

She expected some sort of reply from him about the suits, maybe some insults to go along with his tense mood, but instead she got denial. Typical.

"Do you think I'm clueless?" she asked flipping through the magazine.

"Not exactly," he mumbled.

"Come on Lance. You were looking at them. I caught you, but hey really, it's ok." She found the picture she wanted and held it out for him to see. "I like this one myself." Her arm brushed his as she turned the page.

"Hmm," Lance said. She could tell that he was trying not to stare at the picture of her lying in the surf looking longingly at the camera, but he wasn't doing a very good job of pretending to be uninterested.

"I like that suit." She smiled at the thoughts that might be running through his head. She knew that most men would immediately try to picture her in that suit standing in front of them. "They let me keep it, you know."

"Really?" he asked.

There was a silence as they looked at the other pictures. For a moment they weren't fighting. It was nice, almost too nice. She was too comfortable with him.

"You get to keep a lot of your suits?" he asked.

"A few. I usually don't though, because I already have so many of them."

"Sounds like the deal we have with all the stuffed animals that fans send us. We usually donate them to local charities or hospitals."

"How very noble of you."

Lance let out a breath quickly and stepped away from her.

"Hey!" she said. She threw the magazine back with the others. "What was that for?"

"What was what for?"

She imitated the way he'd let out his breath.

"Oh THAT," he said, "Well THAT--" He repeated the sound. "That was for the lovely attitude you're giving me."

"Me giving you?" she asked, "You started this."


"Look," she said taking a tough stance. "You and I have to work together tomorrow and although at the moment I can't stand you, we need to be professional…" She leaned into his face and pointed at him. "So you Mr.-High-and-Mighty-all-the-girls-want-me, need to settled down. We could be in some compromising positions tomorrow and don't think I won't knee you in the balls if you give me attitude tomorrow."

"Are you finished?" he asked.

"No," she said, "You may think that I'm--"

Willa's breath caught in her throat as Lance pulled her close and kissed her. It was shocking to say the least. She got caught in the moment until she felt his hands on her back.

Pulling back she smacked at his shoulder and stepped further away. "What the hell was that?"

"The last time I checked, I think it was a kiss." He brushed his fingers across his mouth and looked at her from under heavy eyelashes. She watched him check his fingers for color then wipe them against his t-shirt.

"You frustrate me to no end." She turned and stomped away from him. No man, hell no boy had ever forced her into a kiss like that before. While she wasn't at all displeased with the actual kiss, she was appalled with the manner in which it was delivered.


Lance watched her leave with a smile forming on his face. She went towards the elevators and he laughed when the elevator didn't come right away. He wondered if anyone really knew how flustered she could get from the simpliest comment or lack of comment. She seemed to be perfect, but deep down she could tell that there was something not so perfect about little Willa Marviani.

He stepped out into the lobby and leaned against the wall with his arms crossed watching her. He knew it would make her uncomfortable so he kept doing it even when she pretended to ignore him, although he'd seen her stare at him at a mirror on the wall she was facing.

Score one for me. She's at least interested. Now all I have to do is get through tomorrow without killing her and we're set.

He watched her get into the elevator then heard a commotion at the front door and turned to find the others coming back from the club. Justin, Joey, Chris, and JC all were still hyper from the club. He hoped that he might get away with hiding from them, but Justin saw him and ran over.

"Man, you missed it!"

"Missed what?"

As Justin launched into a huge long story about a girl that Joey had been all up on, the others joined them. It was the typical flirting story. Joey made eye contact with some girl when they walked into the club and by the end of the night the two of them were drunk and kissing in the corner.

He still had his eye on the elevator when he noticed that Justin's story had ended and that the four of them were staring at him strangely.

"What the hell are you looking at?" Lance snapped.

"Whoa!" JC said with a little bit of slurred speech. "LB has some attitude!"

"Shut it C!" Lance said then looked at each of them to see which one of them was the least drunk. He needed to have a rational conversation with him, if he was going to find out what they were staring at. "What are y'all staring at?"

Joey reached over and slid a finger along the side of his mouth. He examined the color left on his finger then showed it to Lance and asked, "Who've you been kissing up on?

Lance dodged his hand and made a face at his bandmates when Joey reached out again towards his face. "What?" Lance was shocked that they would ask him that. He knew that he shouldn't do it, but he found himself wiping his lips. He'd thought he'd done the lipstick check well before when she'd been standing next to him, but apparently he'd missed a huge spot. Trust Willa not to tell him that he might get caught.

"BUSTED!" Justin said hyperactively bouncing up and down on his tiptoes.

"LB you sly dog." JC said with a smile.

"So who's the lucky lady?" Chris asked.

"It was nothing," Lance pushed passed them and went to get to the elevator.

He'd tried to say it forcefully, but he wasn't having much luck believing it really was nothing. There was something between them, some chemistry that he couldn't quiet understand that kept bringing them together. They fought like cats and dogs, but Lance liked to view that as sexual tension more than anything else, what else could explain the way she was acting? He'd noticed the way she'd brushed up against him and stood almost too close to him.

He smiled at the thought of it. She liked him. She must like him or she wouldn't be acting that way. It was an amazing epiphany. He'd known before in his life when girls had liked him. He remembered the moment when he realized that Danielle liked him, but this was somehow different. With anyone else it would be easy to get the person to admit their feelings for him, but with Willa it was going to be a challenge. She might think that she could keep up her cool attitude towards him, but if their kiss proved anything it was that there was a passionate woman behind all those pictures and it was going to be his job to get to the bottom of all the hostility that she threw at everyone.


"Beep! Beep! Beep!"

Lance pulled his hand out from under the warmth of the covers and slammed his hand down on the alarm clock next to his head and let out a groan. He'd gone to bed as quickly as he could make it up to his room the night before, but had spent most of the night tossing and turning thinking about Willa. It was almost five in the morning, and although the thought of faking sick seemed to be a good way to catch up on his sleep he knew that he had to go to work. It was a video shoot after all and there was no real way to get out of it without completely messing up the schedules for at least fifty people. He hated that about his job. Most of his friends back home had the luxury of calling in sick. They could get away with it, but he couldn't. He was one of the front men of a huge corporation of people and he had to be "on" whenever needed. It was tiring.

"Beep! Beep! Beep!"

"Hit the freaking button LB!" Justin called from the far side of the room. He knew he should have turned the alarm off, but instead he'd just hit the sleep button.

"I got it!" Lance called out into the darkness of the room and rolled over and flipped off the alarm permanently.

"Sham bo for the shower?" Lance asked. They usually called dibs for the first shower, but that morning he thought that he'd be able to trick Justin into taking the first shower, which would give him an extra twenty minutes of sleep. He never lost when they sham-bo-ed for things.

"You go furmnst!" Justin called smothering his face into his pillow, cutting off the last of his reply.

"Fine," Lance mumbled and pushed himself up into a sitting position. He dropped his feet to the floor and took a deep breath then got out of bed and headed for the shower.

He made it through his shower in a flash. He usually was sluggish in the mornings, but being with Justin made him seem like the hare in the tortoise and the hare story. Justin was the slowest man in the world anytime before eleven in the morning.

When Lance had gotten into his jeans and shirt for the morning he nudged Justin with his knee. Checking his watch he saw that they were going to be late if Justin didn't get up so he nudged him again and called out, "Get up and get in the shower Fro. We gotta hit the road."

Just as Justin looked up to acknowledge Lance there was a knock at the door followed by the sound of Mike yelling through the door. "Get your butts up boys!"

Lance ran over to the door, threw it open to find Mike with a cup of coffee in his hand. Lance was amazed. The guy had gotten in as late as the others the night before, but probably had been up for at least an hour and a half before everyone else had to be up.

"We're on our way."

"Get his ass in the shower LB, I don't want to have to drag his ass out of here," Mike warned.

"I'm going! I'm going!" Justin yelled and Lance heard the door to the bathroom slam shut.

Mike left the doorway to move on to the next doorway so Lance shut the door and began to pack up his stuff. The room was going to be cleaned that day, but Lance liked to pack up. He'd had things stolen before so he liked to do a little inventory check before he left his things for the day.

Justin came running out of the bathroom, grabbed on some jeans and pulled a T-shirt over his head and was sliding into his loosly laced running shoes when Mike knocked again.

"We’re coming!" Lance called.

The person knocked again. "Damnit! We're coming Mike."

The knocking didn't stop. "Christ Mike. We're on the way!" Lance grabbed his backpack and went for the door. He swung it open. "Stupidass we're--"

He was cut short when he saw Willa standing at the door. Her hair was already done and she was wearing a good coating of make up, but was wearing work-out clothes.

"You kiss your mother with that mouth?" she asked.

Lance leaned against the doorway. "Yes, but that's no the only person."

Willa blushed a little and looked in. "Justin, honey, you ready yet?"

"But of course," Justin said in a formal tone as he passed Lance and joined Willa in the hallway. She smiled evilly at Lance before she took Justin's arm and went down the hall.

"You look great Willa," Justin was saying as Lance locked the door to their room and followed them. "Well the clothes need a little work, but other than that you look like you just stepped out of a magazine."

"It's her job dumbass," Lance mumbled.

"Did you say something?" Justin asked over his shoulder.

"No." Lance sneered at him and kept his head low as they waited for the elevator.

"Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?" Willa asked then laughed at her own comment. "Oopps. I forgot. You're always an asshole."

"Whoa!" Justin said and stepped back from Willa. "That wasn't cool."

"Leave it alone Justin," Lance warned.

"What? You're gonna let her talk to you like that?" he asked.

"I didn't say that." Lance spoke to him, but was looking at Willa. "She is a little bitch and she'll get her dues."

"Lance!" Mike said from beside them.

"What?" Lance questioned. "She can call me an asshole, but I can't call her a bitch?"

Mike nodded and pulled Lance away from the elevator while Justin and Willa boarded to ride down.

"Hey! That was my ride." Lance protested and tried to pull away from Mike, but he had him by about sixty pounds so he was stuck there.

"Lance, I know I didn't just hear you call that girl a bitch…"

"You did."

Mike smacked the side of his head in a not so playful manner. "What are you thinking?"

"Owe!" Lance said and rubbed his head. "Physical abuse isn't part of your…"

"And verbal abuse isn't in your job description."

"You didn't hear the things she said to me." Lance wanted the guy to know his side of the story since it was clear that he was taking her side.

"Since when do you let girls get on your ass?" Mike asked.

"Since never."

"Then do you want some cheese with that wine?"

"No," Lance said.

"So are you going to apoligize?"

"No," he said defiantly.

"Well are you at least never going to do it again?" Mike asked.

"Whatever Mike," Lance said and made his way to the elevator again.

He stepped into the elevator and Mike joined them and the two of them rode down to the lobby in silence. Lance could hear Mike breathing in the silent room and felt the guy staring at him angrily.

It wasn't often that the guys fought with their security team, but that was one subject that Lance wasn't going to back down from. He knew rationally that he shouldn't treat her that way, but for the first time in a long time he was fed up having to be the nice guy that everyone thought he should be. If his fans only knew some of the things that went through his mind, he knew that they would drop him off their "Most Whatever" list in a heartbeat.

There had been so many times when he wanted to lash out at people the way he'd ripped into Willa. All the times that they interupted him at dinner or flashed pictures of him while he was in the grocery store or even while he was driving or even when they pulled on his clothes or on his hand when he did reach out to shake hands with them. He knew that he should be sorry for treating her badly, but deep down it felt good to get out that pent up anger.


[ A few hours later… ]

Willa was exhausted as she stripped out of her outfit and changed back into the running pants and sweatshirt that she'd been in that morning when she'd arrived at the set. It wasn't the most glamourous of outfits, but she wasn't thinking about looks at the moment. She needed comfort. She'd been in costume all day, including during the lunch break and although she liked the outfit they'd chosen, she wanted back into her pajama-like outfit from the morning. She knew that the next day was going to be even longer.

Today she'd been stuck with Lance dancing around and pretending to have a picnic, but tomorrow they would have a kissing scene and would be half naked together for a scene, a thought that any normal person would have been excited about, but she found herself dreading.

"Willa dah-ling!" Justin called to her from outside the door.

"I'm coming," she giggled a little at his fake accent then adjusted her sweatshirt one last time before heading outside.

When she stepped out and found Justin waiting for her she smiled at him. It was about a quarter until midnight, and although Justin had been whining most of the evening about being tired, he sure wasn't tired now. When the mention of a party came up through the grapevine the guys instantly knew that they were going to go out to their friends' house, which had given Justin a second wind.

"You aren't going to take a long time to get ready are you?"

"No longer than it took you to do your hair this morning," she joked.

"Funny one girl."

"No seriously. I'm already ready." She twirled around and did a few overly dramatic poses. "I hope people like the casual look at this party."

"They'll like whatever you're in," he said. "Now the imporant question is…how do I look?"

"Horrible," she said then laughed at his shocked look. "Justin have you ever looked bad? Of course you look mav-e-lous!"

He pulled her into a hug as they made their way over to the van where Joey, JC, and Chris were climbing in, all wearing the casual clothes that they'd had on that morning.

"Lanceten isn't going?" Justin asked as a group lined up to get into the van parked next to the van that they were in.

"Nah, Mike grounded him."

They all laughed, but Willa frowned at the comment. She watched as Lance loaded up into the other van with some of the other staff members. As they pulled out of the driveway the two vans split and while they headed south, the other van headed north.


The knock on the door in the middle of the night came completely unexpectedly. When Lance opened his eyes he thought that it might have been Justin coming back late from the party. He figured that he'd probably lost his key again. He'd done it for the last few times that they'd been rooming together, yet another thing he LOVED about the guy. Yeah right!

When he sat up in bed and looked around the room, he found his band-mate already snoring in the bed next to his own. He was face down, no doubt after passing out drunk from the looks of it. The guy was still way under-aged, but with his charm he'd probably charmed his way into a few drinks as well as stealing a few off of the guys. It had been a private party, which meant that Justin would drink more that night anyway, since no one was would be watching him.

Thinking then that maybe he'd heard the sound in a dream Lance lay back down. He tried to drop back into the dream he'd been having until he heard the knock for a second time. He then decided that he'd better answer the door considering that Justin looked as if he was dead to the world. He pushed himself out of bed to see who was at the door when the third knock sounded.

"I'm coming," he yelled out in a whisper and pulled the door open, looking back only for an instant to see if Justin had heard his yell. He hadn't. He'd just readjusted himself in bed and the snoring began again, now with him on his back.

His mouth literally dropped open when he saw Willa on his doorstep. He would have been surprised to see her in any way, shape, or form, but it was the fact that she looked like she'd been roughed up a little that caused him to bite back whatever initial comment that he had to make to pull her into the room. Her hair, that had been styled neatly when she'd left that night with the guys was now sticking up on one side and the braid that it had been in was coming apart.

"Lance." She croaked out his name before falling into his arms crying as he pulled her into the hotel room. He looked down the hall and saw Loni and Mike sitting by the door, but they didn't seem to be alarmed by her being at the door. He wondered instantly about that fact. The guys usually kept the fans and anyone else away from the guys' rooms at night since most times they were short on sleep and needed all that they could get.

"What's going on?" he asked calmly. He wanted to panic, but knew that he shouldn't considering that she looked visibly shaken already. The way she clutched on to him made him think that something serious had happened. He wasn't stupid. He'd known something had upset her, but this looked to be more serious than most of the party drama that he'd ever experienced. If someone was kissing on someone she liked it wouldn't have caused her to be this shaken, or would it? He was still half asleep and wondered if he'd really missed something or if this was a dream in itself since he'd never expected her to be at his door.

"I…He…I…" She sobbed and buried her face into his chest. She was out of breath as if she'd been running.

Lance glanced back at Justin, who rolled over in his sleep, then pulled Willa into the bathroom and shut the door behind them. The humming sound of the fan accompanied the bright, but Willa didn't seem to notice any change in her surroundings. She just clung to him and held on to him as if he was going to disappear or that she might disappear.

"Willa, what happened?" he asked.

She leaned back a little and looked at him. Her expression changed to one of shame. "I'm sorry for waking you up."

"Honey," he said calmly, "It's ok."

She shifted in his arms and tried to get away, but he didn't let her. He held onto her and kissed the top of her head, the way his mother kissed his head when he was upset. "Why are you shaking?"

"I didn't know where else to go," she said.

"What happened?" he asked.

"I was as the party…" She stopped and hiccuped. He reached over and pulled a towel off the pile that had been left for the guys. She wiped her face and looked at him. "This guy…this guy attacked me."

"What? Who?" He was definitely not expecting this news. "I thought you were coming home from the party with the guys."

"I was, but I got separated from them so this guy said he'd give me a ride home." She frowned and trembled as if she was reliving the event in her mind. "He said that he knew you and that he would make sure that I got home ok. I had a drink or two." She held her head and paused for a moment. "I thought he knew you so I thought I'd be ok."

When she began to cry again Lance began to feel guilty about what he'd said to her earlier in the day. No matter how pissed at her he was, seeing her like this was almost more than he could handle. He'd wanted her to be hurt by his words, but never would have wished this on her. He really hadn't meant to be so harsh with her earlier and hoped he didn't let her down in any way now that she had chosen to run to him when she'd gotten in trouble.

"Honey, calm down. You're ok now. You're safe now," he said rubbing her back as she mumbled the nights' events into his shoulder.

He had no clue really what he was doing, but holding her close seemed to make her feel better so although he didn't want to he began to move. When she clutched to him harder he spoke softly to her and looked into her eyes. "Lemme just sit down ok?"

She nodded but still looked scared so as he moved across the room he held onto her hand and urged her to come with him. He pulled the toilet seat and cover down and settled himself in a sitting position. She trembled as she held on to just his hand then settled herself comfortably into his lap when he sat down, wrapping her arms around him.

"I'm so, so, so stupid," she began to mumble as she rested her chin on his shoulder.

"You're not stupid," he said.

"Yes I am. I'm an after school special waiting to happen. I should know better than to take a ride with someone I don't know. I can't believe he…" She cut off her angry words and they were replaced by sad sobbing.

"What'd he do to you Willa?" Lance asked. "I mean…how bad…"

"I kicked him in the balls before he got too…" she said with a laugh in between her tears.

Fearing that she might start crying again he smiled at her and tried to laugh about the serious situation. "I would have liked to have seen that," he said, "Thank god it wasn't me."


Willa opened her eyes and heard the sound of snoring next to her in the room. She lifted her head off the pillow and was met not only with the remanents of a hang-over, but her sinuses felt as if they'd been run through a guantlet. She was definitely sick and this definitely wasn't her room.

"Feeling better?" the low rumbling voice startled her until she realized that it was the weight of Lance's arms and the coushin of his back that was keeping her warm, not the thin hotel blanket that covered them both.

"A little," she said softly.

"You don't have to worry. Justin isn't going to be up for a while. Trust me. That guy had slept through earthquakes before."

She looked over and saw that Justin was asleep on the double bed next to the bed and she and Lance were sharing. "What time is it?"

Lance sat up a little, removing his arms from around her and turned to find the alarm clock then reported, "It's just after five."

"How long have I been asleep?"

"About an hour or so," Lance said.

"How did I get into bed?" she asked.

"Don't stress out Willa," Lance said calmly, "We got into bed when you started to fall asleep. I told you that I'd take you back to your room, but in between tears you told me that you wanted to stay here so I was going to leave you here, but you said that you wanted me here with you…"

She rolled over and faced him. "Thank you Lance."

"For what?" he asked. He reached over and pushed her hair out of her face.

"For taking me in, even though I was bitchy to you," she said.

"You came to my door in the middle of the night. I may be an asshole, to use your vocabulary, but I wouldn't have kicked you out. I'm not that big of an asshole."

"Sure you aren't," she said with a smile.

"Look. I hate to do this, but you should really get out of here before everyone gets up. Wake up call is in about an hour and I'm sure you could use another hour of sleep."

"I guess I'll see you later."

"Bye," he said.

"I'll let myself out."

"Make sure you lock the door."

Willa nodded and pushed herself up and out of bed. Her head ached an no matter how much she wanted to stay there with him under the covers she knew that he was right. She debated about whether or not to kiss him and at the last moment ran quietly over to where he was laying on his back with his eyes closed.

Climbing carefully on the bed she was leaning over him almost kissing him before he opened his eyes. She leaned and kissed him. "I'll see you later. Thanks again."

"No trouble."

He pushed himself up and kissed her again and had his arms around her, she thought to pull her down, when Justin mumbled something in his sleep.

"You'd best get out of here before he wakes up."

She nodded. "I thought he could sleep through an earthquake."

"He can…" Lance said with a seductive tone, "I'm not sure that he'd be able to sleep through…"

Justin rolled over. "Turn off the television Lance. It's too early!"

"I'm outta here," she mouthed softly and leaned to kiss him once more before exiting the room. She carefully made her way back to her room. She was still shaken up about the little adventure she'd had the night before, but remembering the kisses that she shared with Lance was enough to keep her mind off the night before.

Humming a tune to herself she stepped into the shower. She should have gone to sleep, but she decided that she was too awake to go back to sleep. She wondered, as she showered, if Lance had really gone back to sleep. She figured he probably had, considering that she'd kept him up when he should have been sleeping.

She'd be able to tell later if he'd gone to sleep or not. There would be no way to hide getting only a few hours of sleep the night before. She might have her tricks, but there would be no hiding his fatigue.


Willa looked up from her day planner to find Wayne Isham, the director of the video, bounding up to where she was sitting. She'd changed out of her morning outfit, which had consisted of a Britney Spears inspired tube-top and skirt, and back into her sweatpants and T-shirt and with her hair still done and her makeup still caked on she'd been picking at her catered lunch tray. She'd chosen the chicken sandwich, but after eating half of it she really wasn't hungry anymore.

To keep her mind off everything else in the world she had pulled open her schedule. Normally she would have called someone and chatted, but when she checked her schedule she saw that most of her friends were either working or were busy that day, leaving her to herself. She'd been trying to figure out when she might get a little vacation time in when Wayne appeared in front of her. She almost didn't see him until he was practically on top of her. He smiled a crooked smile at her from underneath his trademark sunglasses and gave her a wave.

"Hey girlie!"

She'd never seen the glasses off of his face, but she could tell that his eyes were sparkling. He practically skipped up to her and she could tell from his excitement that he seemed like the kind of guy that loved his work.

"Hi Wayne," she said softly with a smile then glanced over his shoulder to where the guys were throwing a football back and forth. Joey and Chris threw from one side of the small alley to the other side where Justin and JC were. She hadn't spoken to them other than during their work, which she'd only been in the background for.

They all had been busy with phone calls or make up sessions or last minute dance instruction from the choreographer. She was glad that she was just a model. All she had to do was act, nothing really rehearsed, just be herself and look good in the clothes. She'd realized that the groups world and her world were far apart form each other and she had separated herself from them at lunch.

Partially she didn't want to bother them, but also she feared that Justin might know something about her being in bed with Lance. He had been sleeping, but she wouldn't have all been surprised to find that he'd heard something either before he went to sleep that night or after she and Lance had woken up that morning. She wanted to avoid any kind of conversation that might bring that information to light for the others.

"You ready to shoot some of the love story this afternoon?" he asked with a laughing tone to his voice. She was glad that he wasn't making this more serious than it needed to be. She had been nervous the night before sitting with Lance. Having to play out a love scene with him in front a crew of production people was a whole other issue. She thought, from the way that her stomach had been churning since they'd arrived on set an hour after her, that this day was going to give her a nervous breakdown.

She blushed a little. "Yeah I guess so."

His reaction to her comment was almost as if he expected her to run away screaming or something. He recovered quickly. "Ok, well," Wayne grabbed some papers out of his jeans back pocket, unfolded the packet and read for a moment. "We're going to have you and Lance in the set that I showed you this morning…the one that looks like the bedroom."

She nodded and glanced over to where Lance was talking on a cell phone. She'd been watching him and he'd been on the phone for twenty minutes. She usually wasn't the nosy type of person, but she wanted to know who was taking up so much of his time on the phone.

"I don't know if you and Lance know each other that well, but if you need some time to get some…"

Willa waved her hand at him. "I think Lance and I are mature enough to handle a little bit of petting and kissing." Her eyes drifted back to where Lance was sitting and found him staring at her. She drifted back to look at Wayne again. It was the chance she needed to go up and see him again considering that they'd been busy for most of the day. "I'll go talk to him now, ok?"

"Sounds good," he said, "I want you in your outfit for the afternoon at one, in the bedroom."

She nodded and reached into her backpack for her cell phone. She pushed the menu button twice until the time showed up. It was already twelve-thirty, which gave her a half an hour to talk to Lance and get changed. She'd be wearing a skin colored swimsuit top and a pair of shorts. It was an outfit that she wasn't pleased with, but for the shoot she knew that she needed to wear it. "I'll see you then."

"I'll see you then," he patted her leg and left her alone.

"Ok," she said. She folded up her book and slid her leftover sandwich into a trash bag then made the decision to get up and go over to Lance.

She approached him carefully as he sat rigidly at the aluminum picnic table.

"Have a good lunch?" he asked when her shadow fell over the binder of papers in front of him. She doubted that he would have noticed her if she hadn't been blocking his sun.

"Yeah," she said with a smile. She frowned when he didn't look at her.

"You didn't eat much," he commented then looked her up and down once then again, "On a diet?"

Great, another set of stereotypes to break. She'd never been the modelish type and wasn't going to start now. "I'm not an anorexic model, so give it up," she said, "I've been snacking all day on power bars."

"Hey, you don't have to justify that to me," he said with a nasty tone not looking at her.

"What's YOUR problem?" she asked.

Lance gathered up his phone, his binder, and backpack, stood up and walked past her. "You haven't spoken to me all day. I thought YOU were the one with the problem."

Willa watched him walk past her and let her mouth hang open a little. After all that they'd gone through, the fighting and the making up that she'd thought that they'd gone through the night before, she was still fighting with him.

"Lance?" she called after him.

He turned around and stared at her for a moment. "I don't want to hear it," he said sternly, "Just be there at one."


[[ One hour later… ]]

"Willa honey we have to have you take the top off," Wayne said, "We keep catching it in the shot and it's going to look horrible if you arent…"

There were some hoots and hollers from where Lance knew that the other's were sitting, which he thought made him blush more than Willa. He was in an embarrassing enough position without them listening into the session. He knew that they could barely see what was going on since the cameras were in between the set and their chairs, but they could hear what was going on and that was bad enough. He was already laying half on top of her for their bedroom scene, but he knew it was about to get worse.

"You don't have to do this," Lance said calmly knowing how strange he felt to be topless in front of the crew, even though he walked around without a shirt on every time he went swimming.

He watched the anger form in her eyes and he wasn't at all surprised when, just to spite him, she shook her head and pushed him back. "Move out of the way Bass."

Lance rolled carefully away from her and watched as she ducked under the bed sheet. She came up again holding the sheet to her chest.

"You ready?" Wayne asked.

Willa nodded and blinked a few times. Lance moved over, back into position and shivered a little as their bare skin touched each other.

"You guys ok?" Wayne asked.

They both looked over at him and practically spat out the words in unison. "Get on with it!" "Come on Wayne."

Wayne smiled at them and the playback filled the air. Wayne shouted instructions at them to turn a certain way or move over a little, but mainly the two of them worked together to make the scene look realistic.

Lance leaned against her, nuzzling his nose into her hair and making passes over her face as if he was going to kiss her, but never did as his arms caressed her back.

"Ok guys. I need you to kiss, just once, for the fade out!"

With the film still rolling Lance stopped what he was doing and looked at her. "You ok with this?"

She didn't answer him. She reached her neck up and kissed him hard on the lips. He melted into her kiss with a sigh and found his arms pulling her closer. He'd wanted to do this to her this morning, before daylight had ruined the moment that they'd shared the night before.

When they pulled part it was way too quiet. The set had been fairly quiet, but now it seemed as if someone could hear a pin drop.

"That was great guys!" Wayne said. He popped out from behind a monitor and flashed them a smile. "Hold up just a second and we'll film some more in a second. Just don't move, in case we have to refilm the scene."

Lance stayed where he was and held his breath in anticipation of the next instructions. He could feel her skin against his and it was making it hard for him to stay calm. It had been a while since he'd been that up close and personal to a woman and it was having a very "positive" effect on him.

"Cat got your tongue?" Willa asked.

She must have asked it too loud because a moment later Justin yelled out. "I think you have his tongue Willa!"

Lance rolled away from Willa, leaving the set, stormed past the guys as he grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head and went outside into the heat of the day.

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