Spirit of Steel -- 33

"You're getting cold."

It wasn't a question.

It was a statement.

As he said it his arms curled tighter around her and his legs tugged her back into his body more where she was already tucked in between them.  It wasn't really that cold out, probably still in the fifties at least, but being out there on the beach in the elements had probably cooled them down a little more than normal.  She instantly liked that.  It was an excuse to cuddle up to each other, not that they needed a reason to press up against each other.  Tonight he'd picked a spot and they were sitting in the sand.  He was pressed fully up against her in the first place, but having him adjusting to keep her warm made her whole body shiver with excitement.

"I'm fine," she said and leaned her cheek up against his.  He was sitting behind her, holding her in a bear hug with his arms around her, legs tucked around her and his chin propped on her right shoulder looking out at the water with her.  They couldn't really see anything since it was still in the middle of the night, but neither of them up until now had seemed to mind.

"You're shivering," he mumbled, reaching up a hand to move her hair out of the way as a little wind moved it into her face.  "I should have brought a blanket with us or something.  How long have we been sitting out here?"

She shook her head a bit,  "I'm not cold."  She didn't know how to explain why she was shaking.  How could you describe to another person that you were so excited about just being there with them that your whole body was shaking with energy.  She let out a sigh.  "I don't know how long we've been out here."

Justin pressed his lips against her cheek kissing her sweetly.  "We should go back soon."

"Just a little more," she said trying not to sound too out of it.  She was drunk with the moment.  In her life she didn't think that she'd be able to enjoy a moment like this again.  Just the two of them sitting there with nothing more than each other to be thinking about.  She hoped that Justin was only focusing on just the two of them, but she had a feeling that his mind was on anything BUT the two of them.  He worked too hard and she hoped that she could change that in the next few months.  He knew that he liked to play hard, as well as work hard, but she thought that he needed to work and play a little less and just de-stress.

He nodded his head and bumped his chin against her shoulder twice before kissing her there.  "Ok then."

"Isn't this amazing?" she said.  She wanted to throw her arms wide and take it all in physically as well as mentally.  She knew though that it wasn't possible.  Justin would think she was insane if she got up from where they were sitting to spin in circles with her arms held wide.  It was tempting though.  The beach that afternoon had been fairly full and with a few guards standing by they'd been able to enjoy themselves, but out here, truly along she could kiss and cuddle with him and pretend for a moment that they were the only two people in the world.

"What's that?" he asked.

"Sitting here."  She turned her face towards him and kissed his cheek.  "You don't have to go anywhere.  I don't have to go anywhere.  It's almost like we're two normal people."

He sighed and sounded a bit disappointed, "Yeah.  Normal.  Except we're sitting on a beach in Hawaii at a fairly pricey hotel after I just came off stage--"

"Justin," she said, "Sometimes you just need to focus on the first few things that come out of your mouth instead of over explaining things."

She'd always tried to be an optimist.  Even when she'd screwed up her leg she'd tried to not dwell in the thoughts of what it was going to do to her life and her career.  She'd come to cherish the months that she'd spent at home with her parents.  After training so long and so hard for so many years, she had finally gotten a chance to just be, instead of being on her way somewhere.

"Really?" he said with a laugh.

"Yeah."  She turned in his arms so she could look at him.  "If you start from the moment we stopped talking about work and sat down here then you'd be able to believe that we're a normal couple."

Why did it have to be so difficult with him?  Was it really that hard to suspend reality for a few hours, since no one was around, and pretend that they were just two normal people sitting on the beach together?  Maybe that was what set them apart.  She could imagine being something else, someone else, and he was stuck knowing full well who he was and that he couldn't change that.  "Well what if I don't want to be normal," he said.

"You always seem to have this obsession with being normal and now that I want to play normal you don't want to be that?"

"I don't want to be normal," he said, his voice softening, "At least with our relationship.  I think we owe it to each other to make it extraordinary."

"Oh," she said with a laugh.  "I guess then we can't be normal."

"That's what I like to hear," he said, "Speaking of which, since we aren't going to be normal I really have to tell you something."

"What's that?"

He moved his hand to her hair and moved it out of the way before cupping her face and looking at her closely.  "I'm freezing my ass off.  I know I'm supposed to be this hunky guy, but really girl.  I'm freezing."

"Oh my god," she said laughing.  "Baby.  Let's go in then."

"Thank you!"  He immediately scooted back and stood up then walking around and pulled her up before brushing her backside off and pulling her up against him.  "Keep me warm."

"You need to fatten yourself up a little bit," she said curling her arms around him, "I love your body, don't get me wrong, but you get too skinny when you're on the road."

"I know," he said, "I'm surprised my mother wasn't bugging me about eating earlier.  She normally gets on my case."


The room was cool from the air conditioning when they got back and both of them shivered as they walked in the door.  Justin let out a little laugh.  Being cold in Hawaii seemed so odd.  He knew that it couldn't be that cold temperature wise, since Hawaii was still in the sixties on it's coldest days.  If they'd been back in Tennessee or in Colorado it would have been at least below freezing and they really would have been shaking from the cold.

"I'll turn it off," Carolina suggested when the fan seemed to jump on the moment that they opened the door.

He blushed a bit.  He knew he wasn't going to be able to get through that incident without a little teasing.  It was good for him to be humbled by her.  He didn't mind that she knew some of his weaknesses.  So far he didn't think that she had any, even when she was in a weak moment, she herself never was weak.  "Don't publicize that I'm a wimp ok?"  He brushed his feet off his feet one last time then ran over into the bathroom to wash his hands before he went to his suitcase.  He pulled out a sweatshirt from his bag then pulled out another one for her.  "Come here."

She turned to see him holding up a black sweatshirt with ROCKSTAR written across the front of it.  After he watched her eyes scan the front of the sweatshirt, a smile formed on her face at the way he moved so that his arms were coming through the arms of the sweatshirt the wrong way.  His plan was to put it on her as if she was a little kid, tucking her in just the right way.  "Give me you're hands," he said and a moment later had taken her hands and pulled them through the sweatshirt and helped her pull it over her head.

"I wouldn't tell anyone that you hate the cold," she laughed as he fixed her hair a little before smiling at her.

While she fixed her hair some more he slipped into his own sweatshirt.  He couldn't remember when he'd gotten the orange mass of material, but Carolina seemed to need to comment on it.

"Volunteers?" she said.

He nodded.

"I need to get you one from Daddy's school," she said.  She sighed, "I won't tell anyone that you're a wimp."

He pulled her into his arms.  "That's why I love you."

"You being a wimp is why I love you," she said.


She nodded and kept herself against him, face tucked to his shoulder.  "I love the fact that you're a real person and not this THING of a person that is on my television every other minute of the day."

He rubbed her back and took deep breaths.  "I'm glad that you don't see me as this THING."  He laughed a bit.  "Sometimes I just feel like a piece of meat that people are just--"

Carolina broke out into laughter.  "I'm glad that you can keep your sense of humor honey.

"Definitely."  He moved and kissed her forehead.  "You'd never be with me if I took myself too seriously."

She nodded.

"You look like you're ready to hit the sheets," he said looking at the way her eyes were now getting a little lazy.  She'd blink and it would take a little more effort to open them when she needed.

She nodded again and leaned against him.

He looked around the room and tried to find a place for them to cuddle.  He didn't want to flat out tell her that he wanted to get in bed with her.  Of course he did want to be there with her, since it'd been so long since they'd been together, but it was going to put a bad spin on things if he made it look as if he really only wanted to be there with her so he could sleep with her.  Being a younger guy, the sexual appeal of her was something that was a weight on his mind, but that wasn't the only reason he wanted to be with her.  "How about we go jump under the covers and throw on a movie and get some rest?"

"Sounds good," she sighed.

He looked at the bed and wondered if he should grab another blanket.  They'd dressed the beds for summer time and it seemed as if both of them were a little cooler than maybe the hotel would have expected.  "You gonna be warm enough?"

"Shouldn't I be asking you that?" she laughed.

He stepped back and dipped his head with embarrassment.  "I'm never going to live that down, am I?"

"You will," she winked at him and with attitude in her voice said, "Eventually."

He laughed.  "Whatever."

They moved apart so that they could find their spots on the bed.  When she started to pull the sheets back he pulled back the sheets on his side.  He wasn't going to put her in an akward position, but he also wanted to let her know that if she felt comfortable with him then he wasn't going to shy away from whatever physical contact they could have.

Justin got settled on his back for a moment, flipped on the television then sighed and got up and turned off the lights leaving them to see by the light of the television.

When he slid back into bed next to her she slid over underneath the covers and curled herself around him, moving so that an arm was draped across his stomach and her head was lying on his upper chest.  He curled his arm around her, moved his legs a little so she could throw one over his and then both of them seemed to take a deep breath.

"Comfy?" he asked.

"Yeah," she said and pressed herself closer to him.  He rewarded her with a hand tucking underneath her sweatshirt to touch her side.  "I missed this."

"I did too," he said, "Definitely better than being with you on the phone all the time."

She nodded.

It wasn't hard to agree with him.  Going to sleep with her at night was definitely better than being on the phone with her every night.

Silence fell over them for a while.  He flipped through the channels, past QVC, a local station playing a Christmas talent show thing, until he got to a movie.  He couldn't remember the name of it, but it had Nickolas Cage so he thought he'd watch a little and see if it was a good movie or not.


"Hmm."  He was too lazy to actually speak, but his fingers drew circles on her skin.

"Would it be too slutty of me to admit that I want you?"

"Slutty?" he asked, "Definitely not.  You can tell me that any time you want to...if I of course can say the same thing back tot you."

"Of course," she said.

"This whole movie thing is just so I don't scare you to death...keeps my hands busy."

"I've got a better way for you to keep your hands busy," she said scooting closer to him.

"Oh really?" he asked and looked down and where she'd now turned in his arms and was propping herself up so that she could look at him.

"Definitely," she said with a certain smile, "Wanna hear my idea?"

"Sure," he said.

She reached for the television channel changer and shut off the set before he felt her moving the covers around, pressing herself against him before her lips found his in the darkness.

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