Welcome to the John Mayer Lyrics Challenge for fanfiction writers!

I have only recently discovered the lyrical genius of John Mayer.  Sure, I've enjoyed his songs on the radio for quite a while now, but I never really paid attention to anything more.  I wrote him off as hype.  But then my brother came and told me about this amazing musician that I had to hear.  Now, my brother is picky when it comes to music and he's… well… almost a snob when it comes to guitars.  He's a guitar player himself, a serious one at that.  He worships Stevie Ray Vaughn and holds every other guitarist to that standard. 

Well John Mayer calls SRV one of his idols, so right there he got my brothers attention. He made me listen to the CD (John Mayer's) and I loved it.  I bought it and have devoured it over the last few weeks.  I've fallen in love with how his songs all tell a story in a way, and put forth an amazing emotion and feeling that is so hard to find in songs these days.

 So why am I rambling about that?  Because you're here.   And this is a challenge.  And you probably want to know why I chose John Mayer.  As if it's not easy to see! :) 

I'm making this challenge using the lyrics of John Mayer songs to see what other people get from the words he writes and the situations he portrays with his words.  If his lyrics touch and inspire you (or if you just want a little inspiration for writing a new fic and think this might be a great opportunity) then please continue to the rules page.  There aren't many, but we can't have a free for all here :)