All of the songs have been assigned!  Thank you so much to everyone who signed up, and for those that weren't able to get a song this time - I plan on doing a second round of the same songs/lyrics after this one is done... assuming everything goes well this time around. :)

To see the lyrics you'll be working with, click on the song title:

No such thing - Skeabs Why Georgia - Kathy
Neon - squeakyclean City love - Gag
Love song for no one - Kim Back to you - Vikram
St. Patricks day - Claudia Comfortable - Tammy
Perfect sense - Katie Sucker - Justine
Quiet - Andie Something's missing - Erica
Your body is a wonderland - Scott My stupid mouth -  Nynaeve
3x5 - Mallory 83 - Roni
Not myself - Mare Great indoors - Kid Sinclair
Man on the side - Martii and Clumsygyrl * Love soon - Larissa Lee
Why did you mess with forever? - Jenn Victoria - Rachel
Covered in rain - Glamourwitch and Charli *

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* This story has two authors because I goofed, and I didn't want to take it away from someone I already said yes to.