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As of right now, these are the only stories that have been submitted.  Almost all of the others will be up shortly... as everyone knows, life can get a bit hectic so most of these authors will be submitting their stories soon.  Please check back!

St. Patricks day - "Sweet Afton" by Claudia: Just an ordinary Friday night, Afton Chase finds herself in not so ordinary company. Blackmailed by her childhood friend to go out and have fun, she finds herself literally running into the epitome of her fantasy in the six foot frame of Justin Timberlake. What’s a girl to do when Mr. JT takes a liking to her and goads her into showing him "her" New York? Take him up on his offer of course

Story type: Het / Romance / PG-13 / Justin Timberlake

Words used: mystery, techno, jaded, secret, backseat,  midnight, and neon

Why Georgia - "Why Georgia" by kathy"There comes a time in your life when everything falls apart and you need someone to put it back together again, because you can't do it yourself. To be put back together is to find peace of mind with your heart again. Once that is done, you are functioning as a whole again. Don't ever let go of the person that put you together, they are more important than you know." -- Anonymous

Story type: Het / PG / Romance/angst

Words used: midnight, fix, backseat, secret, February, frame, techno, pillowcase, jaded 

Neon - "Neon" by squeakyclean: She's always buzzing just like.

Story type: Slash / R / Britney

Words used: condescendingly, mystery, mystery, jaded, advice, lame, cruel, fix

City love - "City Love" by Gag:   JC falls into a quirky love.

Story type: Het / PG-13 / JC Chasez

Words used: mystery, sirens, silhouette, februrary, laundry, backseat, midnight

Covered in rain - "Covered in Rain" by GlamourwitchMisguided Hollywood upcoming-star tries to become a decent significant other.

Story type: PG-13

Words used: condescendingly, pillowcase, sirens, frame, February, laundry, lame, cruel, midnight, fix

Not myself - "Not Myself" by  Mare: Lance soul-searching, losing the girl

Story type:  Angst / Het / PG-13 / Lance Bass

Words used:  flawless, mystery, stolen, February, poetry, cruel, lame

Victoria - "Victoria" by RachelJC and his girlfriend Darrin are as happy as anyone could ever hope to be. Then something happens and Darrin changes. JC blows it off as nerves about their upcoming wedding, but soon finds out from his best man, Tony, that it is something much more serious. JC and Darrin struggle with this new obstacle until one of them gives up.

Story type: Het / R / Romance

Words used: Flawless, Fix, Silhouette, Secret, Backseat, Pillowcase, Lame

Man on the side - "On the side" by ClumsygyrlReassurance that everything was going to be okay and that he’d have them both in his life like before was all he needed. That they would come and fix the broken parts that he was left with. It was no one’s fault really. Things like this happen. He would get comforted, maybe even rocked, and it would be okay. They’d let him back into their lives like before. Make him believe that he meant something to them. Friendship and brotherhood meant more than fucking and couple’s shit. Right?

Story type: Angst / Het / PG

Words used:  Condescendingly, Superstitions, Mystery, pillowcase, techno, frame, explore, secret, advice, midnight, fix

Great indoors - "Lamplight makes the shadows play" by Kid Sinclair: A story about Josh as a struggling actor in the city of angels.

Story type: AU / PG-13 / Angst / JC Chasez

Words used:  lame, sirens, mystery, laundry, explore, silhouette, techno

Man on the side - "Man on the side" by   MartiiAt the end of the day, Joey still waits by the phone.

Story type:  Angst / het(ish) / PG / Joey Fatone

Words used: pillowcase, sirens, frame, February, flawless, secret, laundry, cruel, midnight, stolen

Quiet - "Quiet" by AndieJC thought he had gotten over the painful memories of his past, until one night, a repeating nightmare returns to haunt him.

Story type:  Angst / PG / JC Chasez

Words used: February, midnight, Pillowcase, superstitions, sillhouette, frame, advice

Sucker - Justine (het, nsync) My stupid mouth - Nynaeve (slash, nsync)
Comfortable - Tammy  (het-nsync) 83 - Roni  (nsync)
Your body is a wonderland - Scott Covered in rainCharli
3x5 - Mallory (nsync) Love soon - larissa Lee (nsync)
Love song for no one - kim (nsync) Something's missing - Erica
Why did you mess with forever? - Jenn (nsync) No such thing - skeabs 
Back to you - Vikram (het, britney) Perfect sense - Katie (nsync slash)

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