okay - the pics here are resized... to see the original HUGE pics, click on the ones here and it'll take you to the big ones.  if you want.  *shrug* so yeah.  and i ramble and repeat myself.  this is all taken from my journal, so if youve read it there - its the same :)


all righty. for the record the cast of characters is as follows: me, my dad, willow muppetfromhell, her friend leigh, amy mumbles11, jessica dogfoot75, corie dantana, joone joone, jen - joones sister, gem - joones cousin and lovelyn - joones cousing (i think those are right, but im sure ive hacked the spelling or something *sigh*) and dana :)

so dad and i arrive friday morning at like, 6am. after taking the wrong shuttle, dad finally finds me at the airport, we take the subway into the city (lots f fun with luggage. but hey - we got to sleep a little on the train) and to our hotel. after a minor room hiccup, we're told to come back after 1 and our room will be ready - so we check our luggage and head out to the big apple hostel where corie was staying!

and by the way. it was raining.

so we get to the hostel and meet corie - who i'd never met before! eeee! and the three of us head out. we went to the nbc studios and did some shopping and took the little tour there because - as i was saying - it was raining and the tour was indoors. nuff said. then corie got to make this video thing of her and conan so she was jazzed :) it turned out really cute :)

we went to lunch at rockefeller center (subway sandwiches. yum!) then i think we took corie back to the hostel and dad and i went to the hotel. where we had a major room fiasco. they gave us a room with ONE king sized bed when that wasnt what i reserved. so dad talked to them about that and explained that i was his DAUGHTER and they changed our room.

the new room was the size of a closet (im not lying - we had to put our luggage on the bed because there wasnt enough floor space) and it had two twin sized beds. i havent slept on a twin sized bed since i was like, 10. but i could do it... no problem. only think was we were told we could have a roll away bed in there and the only place we could fit it would be out in the hall... so dad called and pitched a fit again, because id reserved a room with two full beds and a roll away. THREE HOURS LATER (after dad and i had a nap on the tiny beds) they finally fixed our room and gave us what we asked for in the first place.

yada yada yada - that night dad and i went to dinner at the carnegie deli with amy and her parents - that was SO much fun. :) i cant wait for her parents to come to san diego :)

then amy came back to the hotel with us - we all crashed and woke up on saturday morning. this is where i get fuzzy. it was joey day. i have a one track mind.

i know somehow that morning we had breakfast, then picked up corie and arranged to meet jessica at the subway station at spring street... but we managed to be an hour late for that. but here's a cool pic of me amy and corie at the 42nd street station. because as corie pointed out - 42 is the answer to the universe (or something) :) 

     (r-l me, corie, amy)

so we finally get jessica... and my dads the first to see her. so theres this innocent lady reading a book on a bench and some strange dude comes up calling her name. i'd have shit my pants and ran - but jessica was brave and stood up. :) oh what fun.

im not sure what we did then - but i know we ended up at ground zero and battery park. then we went to lunch at the california pizza kitchen where i received a call from lee saying "hi, i'm lee, im calling for willow" well i was like "um. shes not here." *lost* then she explained that she was calling FOR willow because willow had lost her voice. :) long story short - EEEK! i got to meet willow! :)

after lunch we all met up (so now its dad, me, amy, corie, jessica, willow and lee) and we head for central park. :) we walked aimlessly for a while plotting how to kill a fictional, and innocent two year old (JESSICA.) and then deciding that my dad didnt know where he was going he was just leading us girls into the middle of central park to kill us one by one.

(r-l jessica, lee, willow, amy, me corie)

but instead of killing us - he lead us to the alice in wonderland statue and took a picture!

this is where it gets good. we decide to hop over to the theater because it was getting to be close to 4 and the matinee was going to let out and we could stand there to meet joey... so we go. most of us. corie and jessica went back to their places, but amy, willow, lee, dad and i went to the theater and waited.

when we got there, the barricades werent set up yet, but joeys car was there. willow (knowing the drill) put us where we needed to be and talked to the driver dude. when the barricades were set up, we were the only ones standing there. because we're losers. see:

(amy, me, willow)

well we waited, and for a long time we were the only ones there. then two other girls showed up... then the doors opened and suddenly there were girls everywhere. 5 deep. and we were against the barricade! eek!

well like ten minutes later... my joey came out. and i almost died. he signed on the other side of the barricades first:

then he came over to our side:

(thats my head with the maroon jacket on the left.. and willows head with the bandana in the corner)

then *sigh* he got to me... he was just signing stuff real quick, not really saying anything - so i was like - "i have to say something other than hi." so i told him i liked his eyebrow ring, and he looked right at me and smiled and said "thanks!" look... see? he's looking right at me. *thunk* i was reaching out to get his attention and touched his sweater. dude. it was fuzzy. and warm. like he'd been running (or um... acting) and he was hot and pulled the sweater on over his already sweaty body - then stepped out into the rain. yum.

looking right at me. my joey looked right at me.

THEN he moved and stood like 2 inches from my dad (who had the camera) so i'm screaming at my dad to take pictures... but he was too close (lifes rough huh??) but he did snap off one:

nyjoey6.jpg (133806 bytes)

nice pose huh? my dad was seriously that close to him for a full minute. then... (this is why my dad is the best dad ever.) my dad tapped joeys shoulder and said "can i get a picture of you with my daughter?" and joey said. "sure, yeah. which one?" and turned around. at that point about a dozen girls leaned forward and i said "me!" and my dad went "her." and poited at me. so joey leaned back, i put my arm around his shoulder and touched. his. neck. i touched my joeys neck. and here's the picture to prove it:

(thats amy behind me, me, JOEY, and willow!)

my life is complete. and you'll notice how i refrained from nibbling his ear, biting his neck and tackling him? damn. ive got restraint.


so who cares what happened after that??

no really :) after that we met up at planet hollywood for dinner and thats where everyone showed up! :) it was awesome! it was just food - so here are the pics:

(amy, jessica, dana, me)

(on the left: lovelyn, joone, gem and jen, then corie at the back. on the right amy, jessica and dana)

(amy and jessica! in my stories theyre best friends... in real life, they met that day :) hehehe yay!)

so after dinner, we went and saw "rent" - it was wonderful! i'd seen it before, but there was something magic about this one. more than just joey. :) the girl who played maureen was wonderful! honestly... she was a lot funnier than the girl i saw.

and joey? my goodness. im so proud of him... seriously. he was great - as everyone has said - even the adults visiting from england behind me were saying "that boy from the boyband is in this? which one is he? he's mark? i never would have guessed. he's good!"

okay - then after the show people were crowding the barricade so we just left and went back to the hotel. o kay - i floated on cloud nine... but still :)

so then yada yada yada... sunday dad and i went to brunch at the waldorf astoria:

then we went back to the hotel, changed clothes -went to grand central station and tiffanys - then came home!!

and thats all.



and now my semi-review of rent.  there might be some spoilers here... but not really.  eh - if you havent seen the show before and dont want to know about it... dont read below this.  if you've seen the show - or dont mind knowing little character-isms or whatever - read on.  i dont blow the plot or anything (for those of you who havent seen it)

man.  how can i choose?   i was just lost in the whole show... seriously.  i tried not to stare at joey the whole time - to give time and attention to the other players.. and i did i think.  but everytime i'd start wathing maureen or someone, i'd think i was missing something joey was doing when the attention wasnt on him. *sigh* 

roger (manley pope) sounded fine to me, but you could tell he was still a little under the weather.  he'd be going along fine but when he'd go to hit a high or low note - it'd fall short or shallow.  but nothing too drastic - i mean, i didnt sit there going "man.  he's sick."   in fact - if i hadnt known he was sick before i went, i doubt i would have even noticed.  my dad notcied that too though - so maybe i would have. 

angel?  *sigh* the guy they had playing angel (justin johnson) did a great job, but to me he wasnt feminine enough.  i know that sounds weird, but when i saw rent last, i seem to remember that angel was a lot more feminine than this time.  not that thats a BAD thing or anything- he did a wonderful job of making us all fall in love with him :)   but like everyone - i cant help but compare it to the cast i saw first. :) 

maureen (maggie benjamin) was SO much funnier than i remembered!  her facial expressions were classic.  loved it. 

mark... *sigh* my joey... there were several moments where i just about burst.  theres one scene where mark is crying and joey reaches up and swipes his fingers up under his glasses to wipe his eyes.  that was totally in character and i dont think he was REALLY crying... but its so "mark" - for that moment i forgot that it was joey - which was an awesome feeling :)  it gave me the chills to "forget" that it was joey up there, and just think of him as mark. :)  and when he shakes the table to imitate masturbation, then he looked at the table with disgust, then smiled really big and wiped the table - and "flung" it off his hand?   yeah.  i love joey.  and him banging - literally slamming his *ahem* "goods" into that girls butt?  and grabbing her boob from behind?  i'd pay all kinds of money to be her.  and he was slamming her hard too... you could see her kind of lurch forward with each hit.  that image is burned into my mind in a freaked out "visual story needs to be written" kind of way - though i wont be writing it. :) LOL 

man... i dont know.  little things - pushing his glasses up on his nose... holding his camera down to represent his goods as he poked/humped maureen (was it maureen??) from behind (im thinking he really digs doggy style LOL)... a genuine laugh was caught in there too. 

"tango maureen"??  simply the best.  that was all joey man.  ALL joey.  i want to watch him do that scene over and over and over again.  i know someone out there has a bootleg copy of one of joeys performances... and as much as i hate to admit it - id love a copy.  its illegal and all that - but dude.  the copy is made already... right?  blah - if anyone knows where i might find that - can ya email me or something?? :) 

and of course the weirdo in me got all giddy and smiley when joey said fuck.  actually- when he swore at all.  i love seeing "good boys" swear.  now all i need is to hear/see chris or jc swear and i'll be set.  (for some reason i have no desire to see lance or justin swear - blah on the lambs) :) 

i know i'll never remember all of the little things that made that show special... but they'll come back in little flashes every now and then when i least expect it. :)  *sigh*