A lot of writers out there don't know where to start... or ask for help.  Here are some resources I've found that may be helpful for you, as far as writing and simple fact finding.  In the day and age of computers - I don't see a reason why little facts like the driving time from Las Vegas to Los Angeles are coming up way wrong (it's not 2 hours... it's not a 2 day trip... it's about 5 hours - depending on traffic)

Below are some sites that I've found (and used) that may be helpful!

If you have any you'd like to add, please e-mail me here:  amyk@amyk.nu


10 Commandments

What is copyright??

Ms.Nitpickers Writing tips

The Wading Pool - Fanfic pointers

Avoiding "Mary Sues"

Grammar and Writing


Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Medical Fanfic writing resources  - if you're writing a story that centers around a medical condition, you'll want to be as accurate as you can

MapBlast - get those driving times at least close to right

Travelocity - flight times... in real time

Nolo - Law Encyclopedia - Great resource to get actual legal information regarding everything from copyright laws, child custody, divorce... all kinds of things that come up in fanfics.

BabyCenter - If you're writing about children or pregnancy, this site has a lot of information right at your fingertips.   Everything from prenatal to the teen years. :)