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Several months later... Well guys - I have pictures from my latest trip to Rome with my grandmother, the pictures are here: Rome Pics 2005.  I’ve been fighting off the sickies, working hard, and cleaning like a madwoman for the last few weeks (though not all at once).  I hope everyone is well and I hope to have an update soon!!


Happy New Year!!!!  Well for those of you who don’t know, I had a busy holiday season.  On top of the holidays themselves I had pneumonia which set be back more than a few weeks *sigh*  But I’m back now and I have a new chapter.  Chapter 15 of "Once in a lifetime"  is done and waiting.  Grab a Kleenex and settle in for a long-ish chapter.  I hope everyone had a great holiday… J  *hugs*


Chapter 14 of "Once in a lifetime"   well there ya go.  Thank you guys for hanging in there, for not hunting me down and throwing tomatoes at me, and for understanding that sometimes life come up in the middle of everything.  *hugs*  On a related note, the rest of this story should come a little quicker since most of it is done.  Yay!


edit:: It went better than I thought.   Chapter 13 of "Once in a lifetime"

Also, I’m here to promote the awards. :)  They are still accepting nominations and most of the categories are still open - click on over and nominate!  There are so many great new stories out there - they need more recognition.  And don’t forget to return at the end of July to vote!!


I can’t believe I didn’t mention this before.  If you’re a reader or a writer (and if you’re here I’d imagine that you’re one of those at least) click on over to the site :)  It like but all Nsync.  So go post your stories or find something new to read. Yay!  They’re also looking for reviewers, so if you can help out, fill out their submission form thing and get the ball rolling.   And, *sigh* looking back here I see that I mentioned my Rome pics but never actually linked the.  So let me try this again:  ROME pics here!


Okay.  This is strange.  A few hours ago I uploaded this updated page and two snippets, and now I can’t find either of them.  This is strange… or, you know, I’m doing something wrong.  Anyway, I’ve posted two little snippets, “Almost” and “Truth or Dare (2)” - they can be found on the main fiction page.  I’m working on “Once in a lifetime” as well as some new stuff that should be ready to post here in the next month or so (I hope!) :)


I got the story quote thing fixed - yay!  And of course when I went to check there were about 40 new ones people had submitted.  I’ve been sick for the last week - or well… not feeling 100% (heck, not feeling 40%) - so I haven’t gotten much done.  But… but… but… but I got the quote code! :)  That counts for something, right?


Happy birthday mom!!! (I know it was yesterday, but I’m running late)  :)  Well, as you can see (or if you can’t, hit “refresh”) I’ve changed up the layout a bit.  Since Frontpage has decided not to work for me anymore, I had to switch to an easier format for me to work with.  Unfortunately, I’ve lost the code for the quotes thing and since it’s been forever since I’ve edited it, I don’t remember my username/password to go get it again *sigh* typical.  Anyway, here it is.   Plain and simple.  If you have questions or comments, email me :)  It may change again later, but right now I’m on my way to Easter dinner at Grandma’s and if I’m late there will be hell to pay!


Please save the throwing of rotten fruit until after you've read the chapter... thank you :)  I know it's been a long time since I've updated, but as most of you know I've had stuff going on (as usual).  I got a new job, dealt with computer issues and took a trip to Rome!  There are pictures of my trip HERE.  But of course, that's not what you're here for. :)   Chapter 12 of "Once in a lifetime" Go get 'em. :)


*whew*  Finally... The End of "Said and Done".  This series has been almost 3 years in the making.  I can't believe it's actually over.  I've had some trouble with this ending and for a while I thought it got the best of me.  But here it is... the final ending to a part of my life I've enjoyed, but that I'm ready to say goodbye to.  Thank you all for hanging in there through all three stories - all of the long waits and cliffhangers, emotional chapters and writers block.  You guys rule. :)


All righty... as promised I have a new chapter. :)   Chapter 11 of "Once in a lifetime" is ready to be read.  The next (final) chapter of "Said and Done" is in progress as well... I'm about halfway done with it.  I hope to update again before the holidays...


Hey guys :)  I just wanted to drop a quick note here to let you know that I haven't abandoned the site.  Things have been hectic around here (isn't that always the case??).  I've been sick, there are some major changes at work, and writers block has aparently taken over *argh*  However, I am working on new chapters, slowly but surely.  This weekend I've actually added several pages to both stories (more than I've written in weeks!).  I hope to have at least one story update by next weekend... if things go as planned.  Thank you for hanging in there, I know what a drag it is to wait for new chapters.  *hugs*


Man oh man... I never thought the end of the year could be so nuts.  As some of you may know, I live in San Diego.  The fires in the area got about 3 miles from my house and about 1/4 mile from my parents house.  No one in my family was injured of lost their homes, though several of us had to evacuate.   *whew* but that's all done now.  I don't have an update just yet, but I'm working on it.  I did however find some more snippets.  They're all on the stories page :)  City Love, Shopping, Shopping 2, Snow globes in Russia and Waiting


*whew* yes, I'm still alive and breathing.  I've had a very weird month here with writers block added to a busy schedule and lots of stuff going on at work... but here it is!  Chapter 18 of "Said and Done" :)  I'm also working on "Once in a lifetime", but it's going slower than I expected.  I really want to wrap up "Said and done" before I put too much more time into "Once in a lifetime", mostly because the next few chapters of that are going to be tough to write and I want to be able to give them my full attention.  Also... before I go... I have a few more snippets I put up, in case you're bored and have a spare ten seconds to read some drabbles. :)  I hope everyone has a great weekend - I'm off to Chicago!! :)


Chapter 17 of "Said and Done" :)  There ya go.  As of right now I have two more chapters planned out, so that will probably be all that there is.  I'll be sad to see this story go, but at the same time... I'm glad to be moving on.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!


This will be short but sweet:  Chapter 10 of "Once in a lifetime" is up and ready... and on that note, I'm off to bed :)


Frontpage is still all hosed.  But check it out!   I'm updating again... and now I'm taking a break. :)  Which is a joke because I never really take breaks *sigh* :)  Anyway.  chapter 16 of "Said and Done" - Woo hoo!  This is actually heading the story towards the ending.   There are probably 2 more chapters left, if I had to guess.  Enjoy!


Well my Frontpage is down again, so this update may look a little weird.  *sigh* I rely on my Frontpage and its gone.  AGAIN.   Anyway... Chapter 9 of "Once in a lifetime" is up for you.  Yay!


All righty, well it's been a while, but I'm still getting emails so let me make a formal announcement :)  I've slimmed down the site considerably.  I've gotten rid of the multimedia section as well as the hosted stories.  Tonight I took down my non-nsync stories, www resources and guestbook.  I have good reasons for removing almost all of what I have, and the rest... well... I just felt like it. :)   I want to bring this site back to the basics to keep it easier for me to run, and for you to navigate.  If there is anything on any of those pages that you can't live without, email me.  Other than that, memories will have to suffice :)


One more down!  The end of "In just one night" is up... it's always weird to finish a story that I've been working on for so long, but it feels good!  I'll be able to focus more on the other "in progress" stories now, and hopefully get "said and done" finished here in the next couple chapters. :)


I'm on my way out the door, but here's the update for "Said and Done" - chapter 15! :)  Enjoy :)


I can't believe I never posted this.  It's a short little scene I wrote after a wild and crazy weekend in Vegas with my friends Amy and Kendra.  We went to Victoria's Secret... and this scene was born:  Thong  I have another little scene out here somewhere, I just need to locate it. :)  UPDATE: I found the Justin one!!  And here are some snippets I've had done for a while, and again... never really mentioned. *sigh*


Well.  There's been a lot going on in my life the past few weeks.  My grandfather passed away at home two days ago after spending more than a week in the hospital.  I was planning on writing on the fourth and that weekend, but instead I spent the time between my grandparents house and the hospital.   I did, however, have this chapter almost completely done at that point, so I finished it up today so that I'd be able to update.  I do not know when I'll have updates for my other two stories... but they may just be a good distraction.

Chapter 8, "Once in a lifetime" - Enjoy.


Yet another update... and then I'm ging to take a day or two off (and write my heart out on Friday since I dont have to work!)  Chapter 7 of "Once in a lifetime".  :)  Enjoy!


All righty.  Don't everyone click at once... Chapter 14 of "Said and done".  And that's all. :)


Here is chapter 13 of "In just one night"... as of right now (unless I get terribly wordy), there will only be one more chapter for this story. :)  Thank you all for hanging in there!


Chapter 6 of "Once in a lifetime" is up.  This will be the first of several updates.  I've been working my butt off on the next chapters of "In just one night" and "Said and done" - I hope to have something more to post this weekend.  Please don't email me asking when I'm going to update.  The answer is, and will always be: I don't know. :)


Okay.  First of all I'd like to thank everyone for their patience and support.  I know it's been forever since I was able to update, but I've been working on my stories a lot this week.  I think I've finally kicked the writers block *whew*  Also, Koralin has started a new clique that I really think is a great idea.  It focuses on authors taking chances... breaking out of the main stream and overall just improving their own work.  Please stop on by and take a look :)   It's FREE!! :)

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Argh.  I'm sorry there have been no updates lately but out of nowhere my life has gotten pretty nuts over here.  Add that to the fact that I'm not entirely sure where to take the next chapters of all of my in progress stories... that makes for one very discouraged writer.  It's writer's block at its finest, and just one more hurdle I have to work my way over. :)  I am working on notes for all of the stories, I just need to sit down and tie everything together.  I hope to have updates soon, but I don't know when exactly.  Thank you for understanding!!


*sigh* Brian over at AmHosting Tech support is my new best friend.  I haven't been able to get Frontpage to work at ALL since I monkey'd with stuff.  But he helped me figure out that it's not the program that's retarded... it's the operator. *sigh*  So basically - I'm back full force now and I'll be able to get to all the things I've put off... like updating the awards paged and Zero Tolerance and stuff like that. :) YAY!!


Chapter 12 of "In just one night" is up.   This one is really wrapping up sooner than I expected, so I'll probably be focusing on this until it's done.  I am working on "Said and Done", but I don't know when I'll have an update ready.  Thanks for your patience!


I have no patience at all.  Chapter 5 of "Once in a lifetime" is up.   And now I'm taking a week or so off of writing.  I've turned out several updates here in the last week or so, so I'm wiped.  This chapter is a pivotal chapter in the story... Enjoy :)


Chapter 11 of "In just one night" is up.   I should have another update for "Once in a lifetime" this week, and more "Said and done" hopefully next week.  Thanks!!


I got this a while ago but with my email crapola and my Frontpage thing not working, I haven't been ble to put it up.  Manda over at In Our Dreams Fiction chose this site for her Site of the Month :)  So thank you very much... I truly appreciate it, and I'm glad you enjoy the stories :)

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Also - I post a lot of information as far stuff about ME in my journal... so if you ever want to know why I haven't updated, or what I've been up to... chances are I explain it all over there since it's much easier to update.  Besides - it's a lot of fun and there's always somehting to laugh at over there as well :)


Frontpage is still working my nerves.  But I have another new chapter up.  Chapter 4 of "Once in a lifetime" is ready... *sigh* I'm loving this story! :)


All righty - I haven't fixed my Frontpage yet, but I've found a way around it.  Here's the update for "Said and Done" - Chapter 13.  Thanks for your patience!


*whew* another update in less than a week (barely!)Chapter 3 of "Once in a lifetime" is up and ready to be read.   I'm working on the next chapter of "Said and done" as well... and I hope to have something new to post soon.  Enjoy!


"In just one night" has been updated - chapter 10 was added.  I'm working on updates for my other stories as well.  "Once in a lifetime" will be updated next (I'm hoping that'll be this weekend) and "Said and done" will be some time after that.  Thanks for hanging in there!!


This is just a quick update on me :)  No story update yet.  I am in the process of packing up to move on Monday the 10th.  What this means is that for the next few days, maybe a week, I won't have a whole lot of time to sit down and write, no matter how badly I want to.  Any updates I'm working on (and I'm actually working on them all) are being put on hold for the time being.  I know that people are waiting for updates... but I have to ask you to wait just a tad longer. :(  Just know that I have been working on updates for all of my "in progress" stories... and that there will be somehting new soon! :)  Thanks!


DUDE.  I made a challenge.  I really did :)   It's a John Mayer Lyric Fanfiction Challenge <-- click on over to see what it's about and to sign up if you're interested.   *sigh* His songs are just... magical.  Go check out the lyrics if nothing else :)


I'm catching up on my email tonight, so this is terribly late *sniff*  but this site was chosen for the Member Spotlight over at the Hageota Directory for Nsync Fanfiction.    Thank you so much for the special honor!!  If you have an Nsync Fanfic site, click on over and sign up!

This link here is for the topsites thing there as well.   Click for me.  Come on.  It's fun. :)

2/21  *again*

And I've done it again.  In the two hours since I got off of work, I've been to Starbucks and I got my grande non-fat toffee nut latte and I came home and finished my chapter! :)  Tonight is good.  Wanna read it?   Here it is - Chapter 12 of "Said and Done"

Okay.  I finished chapter 2 of "Once in a Lifetime" and it's up.  I'm also very close to finishing the next chapter of "Said and Done" - only another 2-3 little areas to fill in before i edit and post it.  I hope to have that up this weekend or Monday night. :) 


I haven't dropped off the face of the earth... promise!   My back is much better now and I'm able to sit... I just haven't been able to find the time.  I have tons of ideas running around my head, but no time to sit and type them out.  The stories are on my mind almost constantly, but I do have a lot of things going on right now that has to take up the majority of my attention.  I work on the chapters when I can, unfortunately when I can doesn't coincide with when I want to :)  *sigh* I do hope to have an update soon.  Thank you for understanding :)


I've changed to a Chris layout because he makes me smile and I'm in the mood for that right now :)  I'm working on all of my "in progress" stories, but I've been out of commission all week due to a hurt back.   I hope to have updates soon, though it may be a few more days before I can actually sit and write for any length of time.  Thank you for understanding!


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