You must have a code visible on your site before you will be added to the members list.  The code must also remain on your site while you are a member.

You must not have any plagiarized work on your site (obviously).  If it is found out that you knowingly have stolen work on your site, you will be removed. (for example: if a story you are hosting is plagiarized and you had no way to know, you will simply be asked to remove it.)

** rule amended 6/23 **  You must have a site related to online writing and/or online authors.  Whether it's your work, hosted work, a review site or any other kind of site focused on or featuring online creative writing.  Any genre is acceptable, plagiarists are not picky and neither are we.   ** I have opened this up to any site, as long as the webmasters support the anti-plagiarist cause and will support the writers represented here and abide by the other rules here **

Other cliques/clubs focused on writers/writing are of course allowed, as long as they promote a positive message.                                                                                                                                                                                  

No "anti" or hate sites.  This is a positive clique, supporting positive sites and writers.   There's no room for negativity here.                                                                                                                                                      

All sites will be viewed and approved before they are added to the members list.  Basically I just want to make sure it  is not a hate/anti site.