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*sigh* well guys, I've found myself busier in my real life, and less motivated in my online life.  I will not be able to keep up with the numerous (and mostly inconclusive) reports that I get through here.  So until I find myself a crapload of time, I'll be removing the "report" capability here.   On another semi-related note, I received an email from someone and she said manythings that at the time I didn't fully agree with, but the fact that I've been thinking about it since then (it's been a few weeks), has proven to me that I need to reconsider my stance.  So for the time being, the "outted" page will also be removed.

The point of the clique will remain the same.  To take a stand against plagiarism as a whole, to unite and show that we support one another.   If, due to these changes or for any other reason, you wish to cancel your membership here... please e-mail.   Or, as always, you can email me with any questions or comments you might have.

I have added several new members, bringing the count to 301 :)

If you submitted your site more than 7 days ago and you DO NOT see it on the members page, please e-mail me and tell me where the banner is.  It is not up yet because I can not find the banner on your page.  Thank you!