Dayna stood outside the makeshift office door and pounded loudly, "David!" She shouted to be heard over the constant noise of the arena. "David! It’s Dayna." She stood there for a second, but  heard no movement from inside. She licked her lips quickly and thought to herself, "Dentene Ice…"

"Dammit David!" She pounded on the door again and tried to block JC’s lips from invading her mind.

"He’s not in there." Justin said with a smile as he walked up.

"Go away Justin." Dayna grumbled.

"What’d I do?" He asked defensively.

"Honestly that boy has the biggest mouth in the world." She realized how that sounded, considering the circumstances, and blushed.



"JC has a big mouth?" Justin gave her a look. "Ooookay."

"You didn’t just run into him?"

"Um, no… but if I did, what would he have said?" He laughed lightly.

"Nothing." Dayna shook her head and raised her hand to bang on the door again.

"He’s not in there Day. What’s the rush?"

"Nothing, nevermind. Where is he?"

"He’s in the greenroom with some media reps." Justin frowned, "Are you sure you’re okay?"

"I’m fine." She forced a smile and trotted back down the hall to the greenroom. Dayna pushed the door open and stepped into the crowded room. She immediately spotted David by the exit on the opposite side of the room surrounded by the media hounds. Dayna took a deep breath and kept her eyes on David, willing herself not to glance sideways at Lance and Patty or Chris and… what’s-her-name.

"Dayna!" Joey ran up behind her and draped his arm over her shoulder while turning her around, "You don’t wanna do that."

"Leave me alone Joey, yeah I do."

"No you don’t." Joey pulled her over to the wall and pinned her there, one hand on either side of her head against the wall.

"If you kiss me, I’m going to knee you in the nuts." Dayna threatened as Joey leaned in closer.

"Yeah whatever." Joey rolled his eyes and laughed. "Listen to me." He said softly, drumming his fingers on the wall beside her ear. "With the look on your face, I can tell you’re not happy with someone, and if you’re going to David about it, it’s probably one of us." He frowned and paused for a second, "It’s not me is it?"

"No, dammit Joey it’s not you." She tried to duck under his arm.

"Whoa whoa whoa… hang on." He stepped sideways blocking her exit. "David is livid pissed right now. Whatever it is and whoever you're mad at… you’ve gotta wait till tomorrow." Joey explained.

"Why’s he pissed?"

"Scott? The chief sound guy? He talked to the press and wasn’t, shall we say, entirely accurate." Joey gave her a half smile and stood up straight. "So, if you go over there now and say ‘Lance is being a bite in the ass’, well then David will kill Lance, Chris will kill David, I’ll go to jail for being an accessory to murder, Justin will go to juvie and JC will have to go solo." Joey laughed, "And that, would suck."

"Justin’s not a minor." Dayna muttered under her breath as she sighed.

"Well everything else will happen, so please, please, please don’t go over there right now." Joey smiled flirtatiously.

"He’s really that pissed?" Dayna asked a second later as she glanced across the room at David.

"He really is." Joey nodded. Dayna watched and winced as David slammed his cup into the trash and stormed out through the side door, his face bright red with anger. The media reps watched him leave then shrugged and continued talking amongst themselves.

"Dammit." Dayna took a deep breath and looked up at Joey, who still had her pinned to the wall.

"So, tomorrow?"

"Yeah whatever. I’ll talk to him tomorrow." Dayna rolled her eyes and slouched against the wall.

"Thanks." Joey leaned in and quickly kissed the tip of her nose as his hand went down to block his privates. "See ya." He waved as he took off, just in time to avoid her knee.


Dayna got very little sleep on the road to the next venue that night, which only made her more cranky in the morning when the boys arrived to get their hair done. "Did you have a nice flight?" She scowled as she tore a brush through Joey’s hair.

"Yeah, it was all right." Joey winced as she pulled at his hair. "Careful."

"Don’t be a baby." Dayna sighed and took it easier on his hair. "I’m cranky today."


"What do you mean ‘still’?"

"Last night you weren’t exactly cheery." Joey said cautiously.

"Yes. I’m still cranky." Dayna said as she slammed the hairbrush onto the counter.

"Okay." He said softly. He shut up and let her finish.

"Done. Next." She said quickly as she ran her fingers through her dark hair and sighed.

"Is it safe?" Lance asked Joey as he passed.

"Have you had your rabies shot?" Joey asked with a raised eyebrow.

"You know, you can do your own stupid hair." Dayna put her hands on her hips and glared at the two.

"What’s up Dayna? Spill it." Lance smiled, which he knew usually made her smile back. Her lips didn’t move as he settled into her chair and caught her eye in the mirror.

"Nothing." She sighed and tried to force a tight smile. She was really going to miss these guys, no matter how bitchy they made her. "What’s up with you?"

"Well Patty left this morning, so I’m about as bummed as you look." He gave her a sad smile and cracked her knuckles in his lap.

"Oh yeah?" Dayna scowled and brushed his hair harshly.

His head pulled to the side and he winced as she brushed the tangles out of his damp hair, "That’s connected, you know?"

"What?" She stopped brushing and looked at him in the mirror.

"My hair. It’s connected to my head." He smiled and gently touched his hairline.

"Sorry." She mumbled under her breath. She sighed again and made a conscious effort to be gentler.

She finished Lance’s hair wordlessly and rubbed her eyes as he stood up to leave, that was the only way she could avoid watching his butt as he walked away. "Hey…" JC said softly as he sat in the chair in front of her, he was the last of the five and she had no doubt he planned it that way.

"You didn’t shave." She said as she cracked open her eyes and began to spritz his half dry hair.

"No, I didn’t have time this morning."

"Everyone else but you huh?"

"I slept in a little." He smiled and tapped his feet to a silent beat.

"Must be nice."

"You could have slept in too, we didn’t have to be here till 8:30."

"Yeah, well this stuff doesn’t magically set itself up you know." Dayna grumbled under her breath as she placed a small circle of gel in her hand.

"We could have come to your room again, that worked out pretty good."

"Dream on." She shook her head and worked the gel through his short hair.

JC kept quite for a minute, then asked, "Did you uh, talk to David last night?"

"No." She said shortly.

"So you’re staying?"

"No." She looked at him in the mirror. "I’m talking to David today."

"You don’t really want to leave the tour do you?" He asked.

"Yes. I do. And your little stunt last night didn’t help matters any."

"Stunt?" JC laughed. "That wasn’t a stunt, that was a kiss."

"You know what I mean." She frowned and scratched the side of her nose.

"So you’re leaving because I kissed you?"

"No." Dayna sighed and shook her head.

"Then you’re leaving because of Chris?"

"No, dammit, I’m not leaving because of Chris." She growled and dropped her hands to her side. "I’m leaving because this sucks."

"When did this start sucking? Like three days ago it was cool and now it’s not?" JC stared at her in the mirror and tilted his head to the side.

"Keep your head straight." She straightened his head and frowned again. "It’s a lot of things JC."

"Is there anything I can do?"

"Just leave me alone and let me do it." She pouted and finished his hair. She patted his shoulder and told him he was done, then spun the chair and sat in it as he left the room. She put her head in her hands as she began to cry softly. Crying was so out of character for Dayna that the shock of that only made her cry more. She was angry with them all for being stupid, and angry with herself for letting herself become so attached to them, and for falling head over heels for Lance, the only truly unavailable one. She was tired on top of it all and almost definitely PMSing, all of that put together equaled one big pity party for Dayna.

"Hey Day, did I leave my – " Justin slammed the door behind him as he swept into the room. "Whoa, hey… are you okay?" He asked as he noticed her crying.

"Ugh, go away Justin." She kept her face covered by her sweet smelling hands and turned the chair away. "What are you looking for?"

"My pager." He reached over and grabbed it off the table, tucking it in his pocket as he knelt in front of Dayna, "What’s wrong?"


"Nothing? You just like to sit here and cry when we leave you alone?" He smiled. "You like us that much?"

"I don’t like you at all right now."

"You don’t like me? Or us?"

"Any of you." She sniffed. "I’m just being a moody bitch."

"Well don’t be." Justin knelt in front of her and patted her knee that was at his chin level. "We still like you." He smiled.

She laughed lightly and rolled her eyes, "That’s not it Justin." She shook her head and smiled down at him as she wiped her eyes.

"Aww, then what? What do you want me to do to make you un-cranky?" He smiled and looked at her expectantly. "Stand on my head?" She laughed lightly and reached for a kleenex. "I don’t know how to do a headstand." Justin said softly. "I can sing for you."

"No." Dayna laughed as Justin looked hurt. "You sing all the time… you don’t have to sing now."

"Will it make you smile?"

"Will you sing kids songs?" She smiled mischievously with her red rimmed eyes.

"If that’s what it takes." Justin smiled and raised his eyebrow at her.

"Justin… you’re the sweetest person in the whole world."

"No I’m not." He shook his head smiled up at her. "So what’ll it be?"


"What kids song?"

"I don’t care." She laughed and wiped her eyes again.

"Okay… let me see." He bit his lip and thought about it for a second, then he smiled and looked up at her, "Well… I… stuck my head in a little skunk hole, the little skunk said ‘why bless my soul! Take it out! Take it out! Take it out… remove it!’ Well… I … didn’t take it out and the little skunk said, ‘you better take it out or you’ll wish you were dead. Take it out! Take it out! Take it out… remove it. Well… I … didn’t take it out and the little skunk said schwiiiiish… I removed it." By the end of his little song, Dayna was laughing out loud and shaking her head.

"Thank you Justin."

"Anytime. Are you going to be delightful now?"

"Am I ever delightful?"

"True." He patted her knee again and stood up. "Are you going to be happy now?"

"Happier, yeah." Dayna smiled.

"Good." He leaned over and gave her a big hug, "So you’re not gonna leave, are you?" He whispered.

"JC has got the biggest mouth ever." Dayna frowned again and shook her head.

"Chris told me." Justin stood up straight.

"Well JC must have told Chris." Dayna sighed.

"Either way… you’re not really leaving are you?"

"I don’t know, Justin." She shrugged and stood up beside him to start cleaning up. "I’m really tempted, this just isn’t fun anymore, and David always said as soon as this stops being fun… you know, to let him know."

"Why isn’t it fun anymore?"

"Because Lance has a girlfriend and JC kissed me." Dayna said before she could stop herself. She blushed and quickly began collecting her brushes and spray bottles, hoping Justin would have somehow not heard what she said. She mentally kicked herself as Justin stared at her with his jaw on the floor.

"JC kissed you?"

"Well shit Justin, don’t sound so shocked." She frowned.

"I’m not shocked that he kissed you, I’m just shocked that… well that he kissed you." Justin registered her whole confession. "And what does Lance have to do with this?"

"You have your thing you’re going to be late for." She pointed to the clock on the wall with her scissors.

"Screw that, this is good gossip."

"Which is exactly why I’m not going to say another word. I shouldn’t have said anything in the first place."

"You’re going to leave me hanging like that? Why’d JC kiss you and what does Patty have to do with any – Oooh… oh man!" Justin covered his mouth and laughed, "Oh man, JC’s got it hot for you and you’ve got it on for Lance? Talk about bizarre love triangle." Justin laughed again. "What does Chris have to say about all of this?"

"You can not say a word. If this gets out I swear to you I’ll be on the first flight out of town before David even knows I’m gone." She aimed her scissors at him.

"I’ve gotta know that and not say anything? Are you serious?"

"Justin… I’m warning you. So can you tell why I need to leave?"

"Wow… it really doesn’t have anything to do with Chris." Justin put his hands on his hips and stared at the floor.

"Which I’ve been telling you all along." Dayna sighed, not wanting to go into exactly how Chris was involved.

"And it’s not me, and it’s not Joey." Justin said softly.

"If you mention one word about any of this, it’ll be all about you and I’ll make sure everyone knows it." Dayna said with a bittersweet smile.

"I got it, I got it. I’m not going to say anything." Justin smiled. "But will you promise me you won’t leave?"

"I can’t promise you that." Dayna shook her head.

"Yes you can, you just say," he squeezed her cheeks and moved her jaw to look like she was talking "I pwomise you Justin, dat I’m not gonna weave you awone with deese cwazy people!" He said in a high-pitched baby voice.

Dayna laughed and removed his hand, "What would I do without you, you little brat?"

"Eh, you’d somehow find a way to survive." He laughed and checked his watch. "I’m officially late though. Don’t do anything till I get back at least.

"Do not say one word about this." She threatened him.

"I won’t, I won’t." He waved over his shoulder as he left Dayna alone in the room.


Dayna didn’t get a chance to talk to David that day, and by the next day she was feeling less and less like leaving. She talked with some of the other crew members about it and they all agreed that this was the best job she could hope for and whatever crap she was dealt this week would be long gone by next week. None of them worked as closely with the guys as she did, or had the kind of relationship that she had with them, but they knew the basics and they were right.

If only she could shake JC off her butt, she’d be much happier. He was a constant shadow that Dayna tried to ignore. Wherever she turned it seemed like he was there holding the door open, or pressing the elevator button, or sitting in her hair chair. It was getting annoying, but she didn’t say anything at first, she hoped he’d get the hint.

Dayna was extremely grateful to have Justin and Joey on her side, she'd confided in both of them and they were helping her out as much as they could. To them, any amount of excitement she could offer, thrilled them. They did their best to keep JC out of Dayna's hair, and listened when she needed to vent.


"Hey guess what?" Dayna said as Joey sat in her chair a week later. She never sat down and talked with David, but the guys had been on their best behavior since her threat.

"Me?" Joey asked as he met her eye in the mirror.

"Is there anyone else here?" She looked around the empty room and laughed. "I’ve decided what I need to do to make things right in my little Dayna world."

"Oh really? This I’ve got to hear." Joey settled himself in the chair and crossed his arms over his chest as Dayna began to trim the hair around his ears.

"Okay, well first of all, I was lying when I said it wasn’t Chris. Why I wanted to leave I mean. It is Chris, kind of. It's just… seeing him with all those stupid floozies just gets under my skin. Only it’s not because I want him back or anything tragic like that, I just think that he can do so much better and he’s selling himself short by cavorting with these bimbettes."

"Okay, but how are you going to fix that?"

"I’m going to find him ‘the one’."

"The one?"

"The one girl he’s supposed to be with." Dayna explained.

Joey laughed out loud, "Really? Can you find mine too?"

"I’m serious."

"You think you can find the one that was put on this earth for Chris?"

"I think I can do a better job than he is." Dayna smiled and clipped Joey’s hair.

"You need help." Joey shook his head and laughed.

"You wanna?"


"Help." Dayna straightened his head and continued to clip.

"I mean mental help. You need mental help."

"I don’t." Dayna shook her head and placed her scissors on the counter.

"You think that finding Chris a girlfriend will make you happy?"

"Joey, he needs to stop whoring himself around."

"Right… but how’s that gonna make your world right?"

"I don’t know." Dayna shrugged and sighed, "But that’s my new project. And it'll keep my wandering mind off other things."

"Like…?" Joey asked.

Just then the door flew open beside her and knocked her elbow, causing the scissors she was holding to narrowly miss Joey’s eyebrow. "Hey! Watch it!" Dayna dropped the scissors to the floor and cursed the tiny room she’d been given.

"Sorry." JC mumbled as he slid in and stood behind her.

"There’s really not a lot of room in here JC, whatcha need?" Dayna bent to pick up her scissors and conked heads with JC as he did the same. "Ow." She dropped them again and held her head.

"Sorry." JC said again, with a hint of a smile. He held the scissors out to her and rubbed the sore spot on the top of his head.

"Are you trying to kill us?" Joey asked from his position in the chair.

"No, I uh… I was just coming to see if Dayna was going to be on our bus tonight because we got a new box of DVD’s." JC explained lamely.

"And that couldn’t wait until later?" Dayna sighed and resumed trimming Joey’s hair.

"I… yeah it could. But I have some free time so I thought if you were going to ride with us, I would clean up a little and get your blanket and things from your bus."

Dayna blushed quickly, JC was only trying to be nice and she had to go snap at him, "I don’t know yet. If I decide to join you guys I’ll grab my stuff later. But thanks."

"Sure." He nodded and quickly set something on the counter in front of Joey, then ducked out the door.

"Like JC. He’s turning psycho on me." Dayna frowned and resumed her conversation with Joey. "Is this how he is with girls? Annoying them into submission?"

"Yep, basically." Joey nodded slightly.

Dayna sneezed into her sleeve and shook her head, "He’s driving me up the wall. I’m gonna leave if he keeps this up." She’d been making that empty threat ever since she initially decided to leave.

"Nu uh."

"Yeah huh." Dayna smiled.

"Hey, just so you have fair warning, Patty is coming out again in a week or so. For the awards show thing we’re doing."

"Awards show thing? You mean the Grammy’s?"

"Yeah." Joey laughed.

"Well thanks for the warning." She said softly as she concentrated on Joey’s hair. "Can I bleach your hair?"


"Not now, just eventually?"

"I’ll look like Lance." Joey made a face.

"Honey. No. No offense but that’s just not possible." Dayna smiled and shook her head. "Just the tips a little.

"Like Vanilla Ice? Come on Day, forget it."

"I can’t believe you don’t trust me." She pretended to sob.

"I trust you, just not with bleach."


"You calling me a wimp?"

"I am."

"I’m not a wimp." He flexed his arms in a mach pose.

"Then let me bleach it."

"Hell. No." Joey slouched back in the chair and let Dayna finish.

"You suck."

"Only if you ask nicely." He smiled at her with a devilish twinkle in his eye, then laughed.

"Perv. I work with a bunch of pervs." Dayna shook her head.

"So you’ve got the Chris situation planned out, what are you going to do about the Lance and JC situation?"

"I’m gonna kill JC… so there’s one. And Lance…" She sighed and shrugged. "I don’t know. If I knock off Patty he’ll hate me, so I can’t really do that."

"Yeah, he may not like you much if you did that."

"Then I don’t know what to do there…" She shrugged again and smiled. "But my Chris project will help me keep my mind off of Lance and is amazing technicolor dream butt."

"His what?" Joey laughed and tried not to turn his head.

"Oh come on, you've seen his ass." She gave an exaggerated sigh.

"I don't spend a lot of time checking out Lance's butt."

"You should. It's amazing. Really."

"You scare me." Joey slowly pushed himself out of the chair and reached for the door. "I'm going to go check your bus for human heads now." He gave her a scared look as he slowly shut the door behind hi, leaving her alone in the tiny closet sized room.


Dayna coughed into her hand and sighed, she couldn’t afford to get sick right now, and she was doing all she could to avoid it. She used Lysol wipes to try to sanitize her work area, mostly to help protect the boys from getting anything she might have, so the room smelled like lemons.

"Cuz I love feeling dirty… and I love feeling cheap…. And I love it when you hurt me, so drive them staples deep." Justin sang as he walked into the temporary hair room backstage. "Jesus, what is that?" He made a face as he fanned his hand in front of his nose.

"Lysol." Dayna sniffed and coughed again.

"Are you sick?"

"No." She insisted.

"You’re sick." Justin nodded.

"You walk in singing about feeling dirty and cheap, and I’m sick?"

"You’re germ sick, I’m nasty sick. There’s a difference." He laughed.

"What are you doing here Just?" Dayna asked with a hint of annoyance. She was tired of seeing them today.

"I was just coming by to see if you wanted to come have ice cream sundaes with us in the cafeteria, 31 flavors brought in like a truck load of junk." Justin swung the door back and forth on its hinges. "But if you’re gonna have ‘tude then nevermind."

"I don’t have ‘tude." Dayna sighed and reached for a kleenex. She blew her nose and set the Lysol on the counter before following Justin out the door.

"So have you found Miss perfect for Chris?"

"Not yet." She grumbled. "Would it be illegal for me to make a website."

"What kind of website?"

"To find a girlfriend for Chris."

Justin laughed out loud and shook his head, "I don’t know if it’s illegal or not, but I think you’d be bombarded with 14 year olds, and I think Chris would shoot you."

"It’s not easy finding non-hyper, non-teenage girls around here, you know?"

Justin laughed again, "Of course we know… why do you think that’s all he’s hooking up with? That’s all that’s available."

"I’ve seen plenty of older fans at shows, I need to find a way to get to them." Dayna said thoughtfully.

"David would just about shit a brick if you went out in the crowd to recruit dates for Chris."

"I know." She sighed as Justin pushed the door open for her. "But I think that’s what I’m going to have to do."

Dayna coughed again as she and Justin crossed the room to where the ice cream was set up. They dished up their sundaes then went to the little picnic style table set up in the corner. Dayna sat on the edge with Justin on one side and Lance on the other and tried to look like she was having a good time as she sniffed and wiped her nose on one of the extra napkins she’d picked up.

"Are you sick?" Lance asked as he backed away.

"I’m trying not to get sick." Dayna explained softly then took a bite of her ice cream.

"Eww, if you’re sick you’re going to get the rest of us sick." Chris moved his bowl of ice cream further from Dayna.

"Fine. Forget it." Dayna picked up her bowl and stood up from the table. She tossed her hair over her shoulder and coughed again as she headed for the door. Feeling crappy always made her more testy, and the boys were really getting on her nerves.

"Dayna come on." JC jumped up to follow her.

"Dude, she’s sick. That’s the last thing we need." Joey sprinkled more nuts on his sundae and licked his lips.

JC ignored Joe and left his ice cream on the table as he trotted after her, "Hey Day… here." He held out his hand as he caught up to her in the hall.

"Go away JC. I swear, you’re like a little gnat lately." Dayna sighed and tried not to cough again.

"Wait, here." He shook his extended hand in her direction. She sighed and opened her palm under his as he opened his fingers and dropped something small and round into her hand. He smiled and said, "I hope you feel better."

Dayna glanced at her hand and saw a small throat lozenge wrapped in dark red cellophane. She blushed and dropped it into her pocket as she turned to leave. Dayna stopped suddenly and turned around, "Why are you doing this JC? Why are you always right here?"

"I’m just trying to help." He shook his head with a slow smile.

"Well can you stop please?" A sneeze erupted from her and she tried to cover her mouth in time, she was going to get sick now, no matter what.

"Stop being me?" JC laughed and offered her a kleenex from his pocket. She grudgingly took it and wiped her nose.

"Stop being two steps behind me with everything I need." She grumbled.

"I can’t help it if I have what you need." JC smiled, enjoying his little game.

"Oh, so you just happened to have throat medicine in your pocket?"

"Yeah." He coughed lightly. "I have a little tickle."

"Well cool it JC. Seriously. Ever since you kissed me you’ve been like a little lost puppy dog hanging out under my feet."

"I haven’t been tr-"

"Well just stop because the very last thing I’m going to do is hook up with another one of you freak shows. I definitely learned my lesson with Chris, so focus on – " She stopped and sneezed again. "Focus on someone else."

"I’m not Chris." JC pointed out.

"I know that JC, but you’re all the same."

"Even Lance?" He asked with a raised eyebrow. She stared at him for a minute, not saying a word. He shrugged and said, "Didn’t think so. You’re welcome for the throat thing, and I hope you feel better." His sneakers made little squeaking sounds as he walked down the hall and away from her.

"Dammit." Dayna said under her breath. She blew her nose and carefully carried her ice cream out to the bus where she ended up throwing half of it away to suck on the lozenge JC had given her. She hated to admit it, but it worked really well.


Dayna sat in the green room curled up with a People Magazine as she sucked on a cherry flavored cough drop. She was feeling quite a bit better since JC gave her the bag of them a few days before. The man was annoying, but dangit, it helped.

She took a sip of her water every few pages then looked up, there was a lot of noise coming from the stage area, and it didn’t sound like "work". When Lance came in a few minutes later, Dayna asked, "So what are you guys doing out there?"

"Sound check." He explained as he grabbed three bottles of water from the ice tub.

"That’s not what it sounds like." She smiled sweetly, flirting before she could help it.

"Yeah, well Justin’s goofing around on the moving sidewalk thing and Chris is jumping off the back trying to be Batman." Lance laughed and shook his head at the thought. "You should come on out and watch, we’re basically just playing around."

"Nah, you guys need to get this done, I don’t want to distract you or anything."

"We’ve been doing this forever, we know what we’re doing out there. And trust me, right about now we can use the release." He tried to grab three more bottles but ended up dropping one of the three he already had.

"Here, let me help you." Dayna dropped her magazine on the couch and picked up three cold bottles. She followed Lance out to the stage area and handed the bottles to the kids on stage.

"Dayna! Hey try this." Chris said from the little bridge thing behind the stage. He took a few quick steps then jumped off the end causing his black trench coat to billow out behind him. He landed expertly and struck a "Justin in the bye bye bye video " pose.

"Nice." Dayna laughed.

"Come on, try it." Justin laughed and climbed the small set of stairs to where Chris had started.

"No, that’s okay." She shook her head and wrinkled her nose.

"Party pooper." Joey pretended to pout from the side.

"You do it." Dayna nodded toward the bridge where Justin was sitting with his feet dangling over the edge.

"I’ve been doing it, where do you think Chris got the idea to be Batman? Sheesh." Joey rolled his eyes exaggeratedly.

"Come on Day Day, live a little." Justin laughed and waved Dayna up.

"I'm not jumping off of there, forget it." Dayna laughed and shook her head as Justin gave her the big baby pout lip.

"I'll let you cut my fro." He said softly.

"Really?" She eyed his curly locks with a raised eyebrow. She'd been dying to trim it down for weeks.

"Yep." He ran his fingers through his hair making it stand up taller.

"You all heard him right?" Dayna turned to the others for reassurance.

"Yep." Joey nodded with a laugh.

"All righty then." Dayna took her hands out of her pockets and climbed the steps to stand beside Justin. "This is pretty high… Chris I don’t know how you could stand up here and jump."

"It's not that high." Chris shouted up at them with his hands on his hips. "Don't be a wuss Day."

"I'm not a wuss, I'm just sayin…"

"You're just saying anything you can to stall." Lance laughed from the floor.

"You guys suck." Dayna laughed nervously as she reached for Justin's hand.

"Ready?" Justin squeezed her hand and smiled.

"I guess." She squeezed back and closed her eyes.

"Cowabunga!" Justin yelled and they took a flying leap off the edge.

Justin landed expertly with his knees bent, then stood up straight to take a bow, Dayna on the other hand, landed on her ankle wrong and immediately hit the floor, "Ow shit! Damn." She swore as she reached for her ankle.

"Whoa, Day are you alright?" JC jumped onto the stage and knelt beside her.

Dayna looked up at JC, annoyed. This constant attention was getting to her, "Just leave me alone JC, I’m fine." She pushed herself up with Justin’s help and began to hobble away, wincing with every step.

"You okay?" Justin called after her.

"I'm cool." She waved over her shoulder. "Tonight. 4:30. Your hair is mine."

"Dayna, hang on." JC trotted after her and put his arm around her waist.

"Honestly JC." Dayna sighed and leaned away form him.

"Come on… lean on me and I’ll take you to see Greg. If you’ve sprained it he can wrap it for you."

"I'm serious JC, leave me alone." Dayna growled quietly as she tried to stomp off, she only got a half a step away before she cried out in pain.

"See? Come on, just let me help you out." JC smiled and again put his arm around her waist, leading her down the hall.

Dayna grudgingly followed him but she took the opportunity to give him an earful while he was there, "You know for someone who's supposed to be one of the smartest guys in the group you sure don't know how to take a hint. I mean honestly JC; you're driving me up the wall. It's no wonder you don't have a girlfriend, I mean Jesus, I'm ready to kick you to the curb and we're not even dating." She continued her tirade as he led her down the hall to where their tour doctor was stationed. "And honestly… you really need to shave, that chin puke stuff just makes you look like a bum." Where that came from, she'll never know, but she felt better having given him a piece of her mind.

"Hey Greg, Dayna biffed it off the ramp thing onstage and turned her ankle, can you have a look at it?" JC asked the doctor, ignoring Daynas comments.

"Sure." Greg smiled at Dayna as she fell into the over stuffed recliner chair.

"Thanks, I've gotta go finish up out there, I'll check on you later."

"You just don't get it JC…" Dayna sighed as JC left the little room.

"What's wrong with him?" Greg asked.

"He's been my shadow for like, a week now. I just want him to leave me alone." She cringed as she set her foot on the little stool.

"Do you know how many girls out there would kill to have JC follow them around?" Greg laughed as he pulled Daynas sneaker and sock off her foot.

"They can have him." Dayna rolled her eyes, then winced as Greg applied pressure on the side of her ankle.

"Can you flex it?"

"Yeah." Dayna demonstrated by moving her foot up and down. "It hurts, but I can move it, yeah."

"Okay, well I can already see it's starting to bruise, you just landed on it wrong I think, you definitely sprained it pretty good. I'm going to wrap it up for you and have you sit here with ice on it for a while, okay?"

"Yeah." Dayna sighed and leaned back in the chair as Greg wrapped her ankle with an ace bandage and surgical tape.

"And no more jumping off the stage. Leave that to the maniacs out there." He laughed and tore the tape. "Here you go…" He set an ice pack on Daynas ankle and pulled up a chair, "Lucky you, you get to hang out with me for the next 20 minutes."

Dayna just smiled and closed her eyes, "Have we officially met? I'm Dayna. The hair girl."

"Hi." Greg laughed, "I'm Greg, resident sports therapist." He shook her hand and smiled. "I've seen you at crew meetings and stuff, I just wasn't sure what you did. But then I guess that’s good, that means you haven't hurt yourself."

"Until today." Dayna blushed and ran her fingers through her hair.

"Right." Greg laughed and scratched at his slightly graying goatee.

Dayna sat with the ice on her ankle making small talk with Greg for the next twenty minutes, then hobbled for the door, promising to ice it again in a half hour. "Hey! So what's the verdict?" Lance asked loudly as he trotted down the hall to where Dayna was.

"Ahh, it's sprained… and bruised." She crinkled her nose and smiled.

"Ouch, I'm sorry about that, we shouldn't have made you get up there and goof off. We shouldn't even really be up there." He said softly.

"Are you kidding? I get to cut the kids curls, it was worth it." She smiled and reached out to touch his arm, regretting it as soon as she did, she couldn't seem to let go.

"Well I hope you're okay, if it'll be any easier for you, we can come up to your room tomorrow, instead of making you lug all your gear down to the conference room." Dayna thought for a minute. Lance… in her room… in the morning… still smelling like sleep and warm from the blanket's he'd have just pulled himself from. "Day?" Lance's deep voice broke her from her daydream.

"Hmm? Oh, yeah, that'd be great. A uh… lot easier than, you know, going down stairs." She blushed quickly and removed her hand from his arm. "Can you pass that along to the other guys? I'm going to head on out to the bus and put ice on this some more."

"Yeah, I'll let them know, do you need help out to the bus?" Lance asked with a look of concern.

"No, I'm okay." She forced a smile and turned to continue down the hall.

"I'll come and get you when it's time for us to get primped, okay?"

"Thanks." Dayna smiled like a schoolgirl and tried not to giggle as she pulled the side door open.

"Day! Hang on!" JC shouted, running down the hall after her. "You shouldn't be up on your ankle, here let me ca-"

Dayna rolled her eyes and pushed the heavy door shut behind her. She sighed and limped across the parking lot under the watchful eye of the three security guards placed by the door. JC didn't follow her, which was a good thing, she'd have served him his head on a platter right then.

Dayna pulled herself onto the small tour bus and up into her bunk where she enjoyed the solitude and silence for a few precious hours before Lance came to collect her. "Hey, you feeling okay?"

"Yeah, I'm okay." She yawned and sat up on her bunk. "Are you guys ready?"

"Yeah." Lance hook his thumbs on his belt loops and looked around the tidy bus, "Nice place you've got here."

"Yeah right." She laughed softly and pulled her hair back into a ponytail, then reached behind Lance to grab her little sweater from the little couch by the window. Dayna sighed as she caught a whiff of his cologne, then stood up straight. "Thanks for coming to get me."

"Anytime." Lance smiled flirtatiously as Dayna knees went weak. "Let's go." He held his smile as he nodded towards the door and stepped down the little steps.

"I'd follow you anywhere." Dayna thought to herself.


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