"So… did you get rid of her?" Chris asked as he dropped himself in Dayna’s chair. Joey stood off to the side talking into his cell phone while JC sat on the couch pulling on the strings hanging from the cuff of his frayed jeans.

"Yeah." Dayna said softly as she blushed. Her ponytail fell to the side of her face and blocked Chris from seeing her pink cheeks.

"Yeah? What’d you do?"

"I took care of it." She mumbled.

"No wait, I wanna know what you did." Chris laughed. "So I can be sure she doesn’t come back."

"I had Sosa come with me and he told her we’d get a restraining order if she showed up again."

"Dayna!" Chris turned his head around quickly, catching Dayna’s fingernail in his cheek. "You can’t ban fans from the shows. Shit." He sighed and sunk back in his chair as a red mark rose on his cheek.

"She’s not banned from the show."

"She just can’t show up?" He asked sarcastically.

"Chris, I got rid of her which is what you asked me to do." Dayna said defensively as her finger throbbed. "You need to be more careful."

"Me? You’re the one that hooked me up with the psycho stalker."

"I meant about my fingernail in your cheek. You almost broke my nail."

"Poor baby."

"Don’t be an ass." Dayna dropped her hands to her sides and looked at him in the mirror. "I’m running on fumes here, so please don’t test me."

"Late night?" Chris looked from Dayna to JC as JC yawned on the couch.

"Early morning." She frowned.

"You didn’t have to be here till nine." Chris argued.

"Don’t pick a fight with me right now."

"I’m not picking a fight, but nine isn’t exactly early."

"She had to set up." JC mumbled from the couch.


"All this stuff." JC looked around the little room. "She had to get it set up. And she had to get herself up and ready."

"Thank you." Dayna nodded at JC. "I’ve been up since six and I didn’t sleep well last night."

"You never sleep well." Chris said under his breath.

Dayna sighed and dropped her hands to her side, "You’re finished. Get out of my chair."

"You’re not done." He met her eye in the mirror as a lock of damp hair fell over his eye.

"Oh I’m done all right." Dayna crossed her arms over her chest and raised her eyebrow at Chris.

"My hair is still wet." He tried to laugh to lighten the mood.

"It’ll dry." She turned to look at Joey who was still on the phone, "Joe, you’re next."

"Can I at least borrow your hair drier?" Chris asked as he reached for it.

"No. Chris, get out of here, you’re making me cranky."

"Making? You were cranky when you got here."

Dayna closed her eyes and addressed JC, "Jace… can you make him leave before I really get cranky?"

JC looked up from his pant leg and met Chris’s eye, "Be smart Chris. Wet hair is nothing compared to Dayna’s wrath."

Chris opened his mouth to say something but instead opened the door and left with a big smile on his face. "I’m gonna bitch slap him if he keeps that up." Dayna said after taking a deep breath.

"He’s just trying to piss you off." JC shrugged and went back to picking at his cuff.

"Well one of these days it’s not gonna be as funny." Dayna shook her hairbrush at JC.

"I’m not laughing." He said softly as a smile crept across his lips.

"Joe. Come on, you’re the last one today and I’ve got some sleep to catch up on."

Joey crossed the room with his cell phone still firmly attached to his ear. "Yeah I know. We’ll be there for I think five days. Yeah. How many? Yeah right, really how many?" She heard his side of the conversation as he sat in her chair.

"Let me know when you’re done." Dayna said sarcastically as she stood in front of him with her hands in her pockets. Joey continued with his conversation and motioned for her to start on his hair. She shook her head and imitated him talking on the phone.

"Hang on." He said to the person on the phone. "I’ve seen you work around a phone before." He smiled, then went back to his conversation.

"JC? I’ll see you tonight before the show. If Joey ever gets off the phone, tell him to stock up on gel and protein spray. I am now your official hair girl, these bozos can do their own." Dayna said loud enough for both Joey and JC to hear.

"What about Lance?" JC asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Patty can do his." She scowled and picked her purse up off the floor. Dayna waved over her shoulder at JC, then opened the door and stepped out into the hallway. She heard Joey ask where she was going as the door shut behind her.

Before she stopped herself, she walked quickly down the short hall to her room and locked the door. David called ten minutes later, which was actually five minutes later than she expected, "What’s the problem Day?"

"I’m running on empty here David and those two were pushing my buttons." Dayna explained as she rubbed her temple.

"They’ve got a meeting with FOX executives in an hour." He said slowly.

"So? They look fine."


"David, they look fine. Chris’ hair is a little damp, but it’ll be dry in another five minutes and Joey’s hair still looks like it did last night because I doubt he’s slept." Dayna sighed, "And it’s just a meeting, it’s not like they’re getting shots taken."

"It’s an important meeting."

"They look better than if they did it themselves."

"Do you need some time off? I can call the agency and get a replacement for a few weeks."

"No." Dayna said quickly. "No, David I’m fine. I just need a solid nights sleep and some caffeine before I deal with them and I didn’t have either those morning."

"Okay…" He said softly. "But if you need the time let me know."

"Maybe when we get to Hawaii." She smiled.

"I’m not flying you to Hawaii to give you four days off." David laughed. "But listen, get some rest, we’ll see you tonight before the show."

"Okay." Dayna nodded. "They’re not pissed are they?"

"Nah, don’t sweat it."

"All right, thanks."

"See you tonight Day."

Dayna hung up the phone and collapsed onto her bed with the intentions of sleeping for a few more hours. By the time they all got together that night her mood had improved and she was ready to pretty them up. They only had a few days left before they went to Hawaii and like everyone; Dayna was counting down the days.


Four days later they were down in Little Rock, Arkansas when Dayna ran into a young lady that she was sure Chris would like. They met at the mall when Dayna went to pick up more hair supplies. Allison was in the salon getting her haircut and Dayna was browsing the new products on display. She knew what she wanted as far as gel and hair spray went, but there was also a handful of new stuff that she wanted to check out.

Allison made small talk with Dayna as she waited for her appointment and Dayna gave her some pointers as far as products to use and how to dry her hair to make it straighter. Dayna ended up hanging around during Allison's haircut and talking the whole time. During their conversation Dayna couldn’t help but think how this mature young lady who liked to have fun would be a great choice for Chris.

She brought up the topic of possibly going on a blind date with one of her friends, and Allison sounded interested and left Dayna with her number if the guy was interested. After spending more than an hour with her, she knew Chris would be interested. Dayna said goodbye and took a cab back to the hotel to try to talk Chris into giving her another shot.

Dayna nervously tapped on his door then pushed it open when he said that it was unlocked. She stepped into the room and sat at the table across from Chris as he turned the page in his magazine. She didn’t say anything at first; she just folded her hands in front of her and watched him turn the pages in front of him.

"Chris… I know you said you wanted to call off the – "

"No." Chris shook his head and held his hands up. "No Dayna."

"She’s really – "

"No." He kept his eyes on the magazine in his lap as he flipped the pages.

"She’s a professional."

"A hooker?"

"A paralegal." Dayna frowned.


"She’s 27 and a college gra – "


"She’s not a stalker Chris!"

"N. O." He spelled it for her without looking up.

"Her name is Allison and she – "

"Dayna." Chris tore his eyes from the pages of Maxim and looked up at her. "No."

"So that’s it? Just no?"

"You want a hell no?"

"I can’t get another chance?"

"Dayna, look at your track record. I’m afraid that if I give you another chance you’ll hook me up with a guy!" Chris leaned back in his chair.

"You’re not being fair."

"I gave you the chance Day, and it didn’t work. No big deal, I can go back to finding my own dates."

"You date ska – "

"Doooon’t even go there Day." Chris shook his head and stood up to pull her to her feet. "You don’t want to touch that one, you really really don’t." He led her to the door and opened it.

"But Chris I – "

"I’ll see you tonight." Chris smiled and shut the door, leaving her in the hall. She sighed a defeated sigh and took the stairs up one flight to her floor. She’d have to find a way to change Chris’s mind. All she needed was a decent girl to hook him up with just so he could see that she did have some idea what she was doing.

With the thought of Patty joining them in Hawaii, Dayna definitely needed something to keep her mind occupied. JC was doing his part in keeping her busy, but that wasn’t cutting it either.


They left Arkansas for LA the next morning and checked into their hotel that afternoon. They would only be in LA over night before they left for Hawaii. Dayna was given a free day while they were there since the guys had no social engagements they had to attend.

Joey and Chris immediately set out to hit the town, while JC visited some friends and Justin met with executives from Disney to talk about another made for TV movie deal. Lance went shopping to get some little gifts for Patty, who would be arriving that night from Florida.

As soon as they checked into the hotel Dayna fell into her bed and took a much needed nap, then ordered up room service, called some of her friends back home and watched movies on the pay-per-view channels. To anyone else that would be a waste of a beautiful Southern California day, but for Dayna that was just what she needed to keep her mind off of everything. She had a bar-b-cue chicken pizza sent up then pulled a chair out onto the balcony to eat in the darkness.

Dayna sat on the third floor balcony of her room and watched as Patty climbed out of the cab in front of their hotel. She was going with them to Hawaii and Lance could hardly contain himself. Dayna got a sick feeling in her stomach as Patty happily trotted into the hotel and disappeared into the lobby.

Her phone rang on the table behind her, tearing her away from the view of the city street. "Hello?" She mumbled as she pulled the phone onto her lap.

"Change of plans." David’s rushed voice sounded urgent.


"You’re flying out with the guys tomorrow. I’m needed in LA later than expected so I’m leaving on the later flight."

"So I’m getting bumped to the earlier one?" Dayna sighed. The earlier flight would include Patty, and she could think of a hundred other things she’s rather do than watch Patty and Lance in a small confined space for five and a half hours.

"This way you won’t have to rush when we get there."

"I like rushing." She grumbled as her forehead creased into a frown.

"Yeah." David laughed. "Look at it this way, you’ll get six more hours in Hawaii."

"What if I don’t want to?"

"Then I’d have to get you a shrink and find out what’s wrong with your head. It’s Hawaii Dayna, how can you not want more time there?"

"Fine." She sighed. "So now I’m leaving when?"

"Nine in the morning. The caravan leaves at seven."

"Okay." Dayna slid the heavy glass door shut and pulled the curtains closed. If she had to be ready to go at seven, she needed to think about going to bed. "Do I at least get to go in your seat?"

"What do you mean?"

"In first class." She smiled; there just might be an upside.

David laughed lightly, "Yeah, you can fly first class."

"No where near the guys?"

"You can sit wherever you like."

"Okay." Dayna smiled and pulled her hair out of the ponytail. "I’ll see you tomorrow then."

"Thanks Dayna. Remind me when I get there that I owe you a day off while we’re there."

"I’ll hold you to that."

"I know you will." David said goodnight and they hung up. Dayna jumped in the shower then set out her clothes for the next day so she could sleep in a few precious minutes more. She curled up in her bed and tried not to think about Patty and Lance, instead she dreamt of luaus and waterfalls, white sand beaches and miles of surfers.


The wake up call in the morning tore Dayna from her dream and thrust her into reality. She dressed quickly and loaded her gear into the vans with everyone else's. She was the first on the van and she chose a seat in the back where she could sink down in the seat and read her book while the other passengers boarded the van.

When they arrived at the airport half of the security team checked the luggage while the other half ushered the group through the terminals to the VIP club where they waited for their flight to be called.

When it came time to board, Dayna got at the end of the line and followed everyone onto the plane. She handed the flight attendant her boarding pass and waited for her to direct her to her seat in first class.

"I’m sorry miss, this is a coach ticket." She handed Dayna her boarding pass.

"I’m supposed to be in first class." Dayna frowned and looked at the ticket, confirming that the flight attendant was right. "Reggie! Hey Reg, what’s the deal with the tickets?"

Reggie turned around in his large first class seat and shrugged, "We only got so many first class tickets. Crew rides in coach Day, you know that."

"Yeah but I’m taking David’s seat in first."

Reggie shrugged again, "All the first seats were taken."

"There should be an extra though because David’s not here." Dayna continued to argue softly as the other passengers brushed by her.

Reggie looked over Dayna’s shoulder toward the front of the plane and nodded in the direction, "We picked up one extra up there."

Dayna followed his glance and immediately blushed; she was left looking at Lance and Patty adjusting their bags in the overhead compartment. "Patty took my ticket?" She whispered loudly.

"Looks that way." Reggie nodded.

"What’s the problem?" Justin asked as he stood up on his knees in his seat. He leaned his elbows on the back of his seat and smiled at Dayna as Reggie sat back down.

"I’m supposed to be in first class." Dayna scowled.


"Well it looks like my seat has been given to someone else."

"Don’t you usually ride coach?"

"Yeah, but David said that since he changed my flight I could have his seat in first class."

"Ahh, but Patty is coming and she needed a seat in first class." Justin pointed out.

"No kidding." She sighed and rolled her eyes. "But that sucks, that’s my seat."

"So you want Patty to sit in coach with the crew, so you can sit in first class with her boyfriend?" Justin asked with a smirk.

Dayna folded her arms across her chest and frowned, "Yes."

"You’re mean."

"Justin…" She whined.

"Dayna…" He whined back.

"I didn’t even want to be on this flight, and the only thing that made me happy was sitting in first class and now I have to sit back there." She waved her hand emphatically towards the back of the plane as a flight attendant squeezed by. She stuck out her bottom lip and pouted, only half kidding.

A soft laugh came from the seats near the front and Dayna cringed as Lance said, "Sit down babe, so we can get this thing off the ground."

"This sucks." Dayna said softly as she looked up at Justin who just shrugged. "Will you come back and sit with me?"

"I think not." Justin shook his head.

"Justin…" She whined again.

"That doesn’t work on me."

"What kind of man are you? Whining wins over most men."

"Only if you’re sleeping with them. If you're not, then whining is just annoying." Justin smiled, then as an afterthought he added, "Hey, maybe you should try it on JC." Joey snorted in the seat beside Justin as the two of them tried to control their laughter.

"Bite me." Dayna said as she blushed a deep red. "I’m sleeping with him as much as I’m sleeping with Joey."

"Joey!" Justin turned around quickly with an accusing glance at Joey.

"What? I’m not!" Joey said defensively.

"My point exactly." Dayna said. "You both suck. I’m not your friend anymore." She frowned again and turned toward the back of the plane.

"Aww Day, we love you." Justin shouted after her as he and Joey continued to laugh.

She shook her head and pushed the red curtain aside, then sat on the aisle beside Trey. "David’s going to owe me a lot more than one day off for this." She scowled and secured her seat belt around her waist as the flight attendant began her speech on emergency landings and life preservers.


Dayna pouted through take off and didn't speak to anyone as the cabin got ready for the in-flight movie an hour later. A commotion behind her caused her to lean out in the aisle to see what was going on.

"Jack and coke! Is that so friggin hard to understand? I didn't ask for a coke did I? Pay attention, sweetheart." A man bellowed from several rows back.

"Yes sir, I heard you. However we have a four drink maximum on all domestic flights." The flight attendant explained to the gentleman who had already consumed his alcohol for the flight.

"Well that's a big load of bullshit, if I have the cash I should be able to drink anything I want." He argued back. Trey looked over his large shoulder at the guy and Dayna could see the annoyance growing in his eyes. The guy had about another two minutes before Trey was going to go back and shut him up.

"It's an FAA regulation, and a personal favorite of mine. The fewer drunken fools I have to put up with on my flight the better. Now please fasten your lap belt and remain in seated. I will bring you a bottled water in just one minute." The flight attendant turned on her heel and walked quickly down the aisle toward where they were sitting.

Dayna watched her walk confidently over to where the other flight attendants were standing, take a bottle of water out, then walk as quickly back to where the man was sitting. "Here you go sir, and if there's anything else you need, I'm sure Stuart would be happy to help you." She smiled sweetly, then turned to leave again.

"Bitch." He said after her.

She laughed delicately and said, "Enjoy your water."

Dayna laughed lightly with some of the other crew, who heard her little comment, then continued to watch the blonde lady as she went about her duties. When it came time for their snacks to be served, Dayna looked up and read her nametag, "Hi Celeste."

"Hi." She smiled, "How is everything? Can I get you anything?"

"Actually..." Dayna said softly, "I have a weird request."

"Well go ahead and ask, I'll see what I can do." Celeste knelt in the aisle beside Dayna and smiled up at her with wide dark green yes.

"Dayna what are you doing?" Ken asked from across the aisle.

Dayna shushed him and smiled at Celeste, "You seem like a really nice lady and I was wondering if you were single?"

Celeste blushed deeply for a second and cleared her throat, "I uh..."

"Oh gosh! Not for me!" Dayna put her hand on her chest and laughed at Celeste's uncomfortablenes. "I'm sorry, no see, my ex-boyfriend is up there in first class and I'm trying to find him a date and you seem really nice."

"Well um, thank you." Celeste collected herself and stood up, "But I try not to mix business and pleasure."

"It wouldn't be pleasant." Ken said under his breath.

"Shut it Ken." Dayna said as she cast him a dirty glance across the aisle. "He's a really great guy and - "

"If he's so great then how come he's your ex?" Celeste smiled and tucked a stray lock of hair back up into her bun.

"I uh... that was my mistake." Dayna explained quickly. "Would you at least think about lunch or something? We'll be in Honolulu for four days."

"This is definitely a very unusual request." Celeste looked at the crew surrounding Dayna.

"I know, and I'm sorry. You must think I'm totally off the wall, hell maybe I am." Dayna laughed, and didn't reassure Celeste at all.

"So you want me to walk on up to him and just ask him out?" She furrowed her brow and placed her hand on her hip.

"Would you?" Dayna asked excitedly. "That would be great because then he wouldn't think I set everything up."

"I have to pass out snacks, but which one is he?" Celeste asked after thinking for a minute.

"He's up there, about the third row back on the right with dark brown hair and a green t-shirt on." Dayna pointed up the aisle as Trey laughed lightly beside her. She jabbed him sharply in the ribs and smiled up at Celeste.

"Okay." Celeste nodded quickly then looked toward the back where her coworkers were watching her with interest.

"Thanks." Dayna smiled as Celeste headed toward the first class area.

"Chris is going to smack you senseless, you know that right?" Trey asked as he and some of the other crewmembers began to laugh.

"No he won't, he's going to thank me for this one." She smirked and adjusted her headphones on her ears.

Celeste walked up the aisle into the first class section and counted three rows back. She spotted a dark haired man in a green shirt playing with his chrome looking headphones in his lap. He was apparently having trouble adjusting them to make them either larger or smaller, and was progressively getting more and more frustrated.

"Hi, excuse me." Celeste smiled as she gently touched Chris's shoulder. He turned around with a half stunned look, "Are you Chris?" She asked.

"Uh, yeah." He crinkled his forehead in confusion, then looked over at Joey. "Am I in trouble?"

"No." Celeste shook her head and laughed softly, "This may sound strange, and I apologize in advance… but there's a lady back in coach who is attempting to set us up on a lunch date." Her cheeks flushed pink and she licked her lips quickly, "Does that sound at all familiar?"

"Shit." Chris laughed and looked over at Joey again; "She's doing it again."

"I'm sorry." Celeste stood up quickly and balanced herself on the back of his chair.

"No!" Chris looked up at her, "No, it's okay. That's Dayna, she's been trying to hook me up and I finally told her to stop and she's still doing it. I'm sorry about that."

"It's okay." She blushed deeper.

"Would you like to get lunch though?" Chris asked after a second's pause. She was pretty and she seemed interested in a date, he couldn't just let her walk away like that.

"You don't have to." Celeste shook her head and turned to walk back to the coach section to let Dayna know.

"No, I'd like to." Chris smiled and swiftly kicked Joey in the shin as he began to laugh. "You're not some stalker or druggie or anything, are you?"

"No." She laughed and leaned against the back of his seat.

"You aren't in love with Lance?"


"Lance." Chris nodded toward the front of the plane where Lance was sitting with his feet in the aisle.

"No." She shook her head and gave him a look. "Should I be?"

"Nah, it's cool." Chris laughed. "I don't know what Day has told you so far, but we'll be in Hawaii for a couple days." He shrugged.

"Yeah, that's what she said." Celeste glanced down the aisle as her counterparts began to get the snack cart ready. "I need to go, but stop on your way out and I'll give you my number." She said softly.

"Okay." Chris laughed and shook his head as she walked away. "I'm gonna kill Dayna. You'll cover me, right?" He asked Joey.

"I got your back man." Joey hit Chris's outstretched fist and laughed as he sat back in his seat to finish watching the movie. Chris had another couple hours to think of a way to get back at Dayna, and not piss her off. She was taking things way too seriously lately and desperately needed to snap out of it. Chris decided that that was his goal for Hawaii, to make Dayna laugh again.


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