The girls returned to the beach after dropping Patty's purchases off at her room and lay back down on the sand for more peace and quiet. With their sunglasses on and their hair up, no one even gave them a second look. As they lay by the waters side, Dayna could feel the sun getting lower on her back. She frowned for a minute, then her eyes flew open. "What time is it?!" Dayna asked as she sat up with a start.

"It’s just after four." Patty said as she checked her watch.

"Shit." Dayna jumped up from her towel and spilled her drink down one leg. "Dammit. I have to go, I told Dave I’d set my own stuff up tonight. I’ve gotta go."

"Oh, okay." Patty fumbled with the cup to set it upright, but the damage had been done. Dayna's leg was covered in pineapple juice.

"I’m sorry to just take off like this, but I’ve gotta get there and set it up by five."

"That’s okay, you go ahead. I’ll grab this stuff." Patty scooped up both of their towels.

"Thanks." Dayna fished in her bag for her room key then pulled her cut offs on over her suit. "I’ll see you later." She waved quickly then took off up the beach to their hotel.


Dayna showered and changed as fast as she could then caught a ride to the venue, praying the whole way that she wouldn't be late. They pulled up with just minutes to spare so Dayna grabbed her bag and ran inside, flashing her badge at the rent-a-cop just inside the doors.

"Trey!" Dayna shouted, seeing her favorite guard of the moment walking away. "Did someone get my stuff here?"

"Yeah, it’s set up by the cafeteria." He nodded down the hall; "You’re early."

"It’s set up?" She asked as she gasped for air.


"Dave said I was supposed to set it up myself over here since we’re shorthanded." Dayna leaned against the wall and took several deep breaths.

Trey shrugged, "All I know is that all your shits in that room where it’s supposed to be and all that good stuff."

"And my kits are in there?"

"Those footlocker lookin' things?"


"Yeah those are in there too. Tucked under your counter where you always put them." He nodded.

"Well crap. I left the beach early for nothing then." She sighed and placed her hands on her hips. "Are they doing sound check?"

"Yep. If you wanna call it that. They’re pretty much goofing off out there." Trey laughed.

"So nothing out of the ordinary?" Dayna laughed and asked, "Which way to the stage?"

"Don’t go over there and get them all hyped up."

"I’m not." She smiled.

"You sure are." Trey shook his head and nodded back in the direction she had come from. "Back that way take a left, you can’t miss it."


"Anytime." He laughed again then continued on his way.

The music grew louder as she got closer to the stage; she could feel the vibrations from the beat. It abruptly stopped and she heard Justin groan and growl loudly, "Dammit."

"Justin Justin Justin…" JC stood with his hands on Justin's shoulders as Dayna walked up. "Chill out."

"That’s three times." Justin shook his head and ran his fingers through his hair.

"So we’ll skip it." JC shrugged. "Hey Trevor? We don’t wanna do ‘bye bye bye’ tonight, we can cut it, right?" He shouted to their music director.

"You bet!" Trevor shouted back from his position at the back of the stage.

"See? No worries." JC playfully threw a few punches at Justin’s chin.

"Okay kids, take fifteen." Their choreographer shook his head as he laughed and walked across the stage.

"You guys look like crap." Dayna said loudly as she hopped up the steps to the stage.

"Hey get off our stage!" Joey shouted as he ran toward her with his head bowed like a bull.

"You don’t scare me." She dodged his charge and he continued running off the stage and down the hall.

"Are you in a good mood or are you being a bitch?" Justin asked.

"Which are you more afraid of?" She laughed.

"Oh man." Justin rolled his eyes. "I don’t know which one’s worse."

Chris helped himself to a bottled water, then sat on the edge of the stage with his feet dangling above the concrete floor. He spun the cap of the bottle beside his leg as he drank and wiped the sweat from his brow. The laughter behind him made him turn around to see what all the fuss was about.

Chris watched as Dayna and JC laughed with Justin on the side of the stage. JC playfully shoved Dayna who kicked his shins then hid behind Justin for protection. JC lunged for her but ended up knocking Justin in the chin.

"You’re toast C!" Justin laughed and flicked JC’s ear as Dayna made a run for it. JC laughed and took off after Dayna who was screeching and laughing as she ran.

Something inside Chris’s chest tightened as he watched the scene unfold. JC jumped over folding chairs then up the stairs to the lower level seats in pursuit of Dayna. He didn’t remember her being as playful when they were dating; he never chased her through an empty arena just to tickle her. He fanned his shirt away from his body in an attempt to cool down as he watched Dayna stop and let JC catch up before hopping over the barrier into the backstage area. JC jumped onto the stage and went around the other way.

"You think something’s going on there?" Justin asked as he walked up behind Chris.

"Dayna and JC?"

"No, Fred and Wilma." Justin said sarcastically.

"I dunno." Chris shrugged and turned to face Justin. "She says it’s nothing."

"And yet he’s in her room all the time." Justin raised his eyebrow at him.


"So you think she’s being honest?"

"I don’t care if there’s anything going on there." Chris said, trying to convince himself more than anything. "Breaks over though." He checked his watch and set his water on the edge of the stage, then jumped up and clapped his hands. "Back to work!"

Lance and Joey appeared at the side of the stage and slowly took their places in the center. "JC?" Joey shouted toward the backstage area. "Leave Day alone and get your skinny little butt back up here."

JC trotted back onstage still laughing and out of breath, "She’s toast." He shook his head and stood beside Justin as the music started again and they launched into their routine.

As soon as the sound check was over Dayna and the boys were shuttled through the venue to where hair and make-up were set up. Chris and Lance made a detour to the cafeteria on the way to grab a last minute snack.

Dayna rushed through Joey and Justin's hair and sent them off to wardrobe before anyone else showed up. Chris and Lance came in laughing and Dayna scolded them for being late.

"We’re not late." Chris laughed. "We were talking with Dave, anytime you’re talking with Dave you’re not late."

"You’re all pink." Lance said as he sat in her chair.

"I spent the day at the beach."

"What’s it with girls and beaches? That’s all Patty wants to do." He laughed as Dayna wet his hair and pulled a comb through it.

"Yeah I know, we sat together."

"You spent the day with Patty?" Chris’s eyebrows shot up in surprise.

"Hey!" Lance said defensively, "What’s wrong with that?"

"Yeah, we hung out at the beach and went shopping and stuff." Dayna gave Chris a warning look and went back to Lance’s hair.

"You hung out… and went shopping… and stuff?" Chris asked.

"Yes." Dayna frowned at him. "It’s completely possible for two people to do that you know. Be friendly I mean."

"Well yeah but – " Chris started.

"But nothing." Dayna smiled. "We had a nice time."

"Does JC know?"

"Damn why is everyone so bent that Dayna hung out with Patty?" Lance turned his head and almost caught Dayna’s finger in his eye.

"Nothing." Chris and Dayna said in unison.

"You guys are whacked." He shook his head and turned back around to let Dayna finish. When she was done he stood up and ran his fingers over the hair above his ear, "Right on, hey is Patty coming tonight?"

"She didn’t say." Dayna shook her head and shrugged as Lance headed for the door.

"All right, I’ll go try to find her."

"Wardrobe first, then you can look." Dayna shouted after him. He raised his hand in acknowledgement then trotted down the walkway to the wardrobe center. "Damn Chris, don’t you know when to keep your mouth shut?"


"About Patty… sheesh."

"You’ve told me a dozen times you can’t stand her, and now you’re all buddy buddy?"

"Yeah but Lance doesn’t know that I don’t like her."

"Why does this sound like we’re back in the third grade?" Chris raised his voice a pitch, "I like Lance but he’s dating Patty, so I hate Patty only Lance doesn’t know I hate Patty."

"Shut up." She tried not to smile as he sat in the seat. "I don’t hate Patty."

JC rushed into the room mid-sentence then stopped, "Oh good, I’m not late."

"You are late. Grab a seat, you’re last now."

"I could use a nap." JC dropped to the floor and leaned against the wall by Chris’s feet.

Chris and Dayna all but ignored JC as she went about her work, "So… how’s Celeste?"

"She’s fine." Chris smiled. "Of course she hasn’t said anything about the whole ‘dating a celebrity’ thing yet." Chris rolled his eyes.

"Oh come oh." Dayna sighed in exasperation and dropped her hands to her sides. "It’s not that bad, I don’t know why all these perfect girls are afraid of that. For crying out loud it’s a good thing if anything."

"But you won’t do it." JC mumbled from the floor.


"You won’t do it. You’ve sworn us off, remember?"

"I’ve sworn off Nsyncers, not celebrities. There’s a difference." Dayna shook her hairbrush at him then started back in on Chris. "So you like her?"

Chris shrugged, "She’s nice."

"So my search continues." Dayna sighed again.

She finished Chris and JC, then sent them on their way to wardrobe before packing up her stuff. She checked her watch and yawned; it was almost seven and the show started at seven thirty. She wanted to get out of there before the openers took the stage so she grabbed her kits and set them by the door then went to find one of the craft guys to let him know that the kits had to be moved back to the hotel.

"Dayna, you got a minute?" Chris asked as he ran down the hall in his full concert gear.

She checked her watch and said, "Yeah, one minute. What's up?"

"Can we talk?" He removed his headset and held it in his hands as he played with the cord.

"What, now?"

"I just wanna see if you're alright."

"I'm fine."

"No, I mean… Day you just seem real obsessed with this whole thing about finding me a girlfriend."

"Shit." She sighed. "What’s wrong with this one?"

"Nothing. Celeste is really nice and everything. That's not it."

"Then what?"

"You've been weird since this whole thing started. Is there something else going on?"

"No, Dr. Chris, there's nothing else going on." She rolled her eyes and checked her watch, as if she had some place else to be.

"What about JC?"

"What about JC?" She asked.

"Well I just - "

"You think there's something going on there?" She laughed. "Chris, we're just friends."

"No, I know, but…"

"But nothing. That's not what's bothering me. Nothing is bothering me. I'm just… I'm nothing, I’m not upset or cranky or anything."

"Because if you're pissed off at one of us let me know."

"I'm not."

"So you're cool?"

"Chris… I'm cool." She sighed.

"Okay." He said hesitantly.

"And I promise to take it easy on the girlfriend thing."

Chris smiled and looked down at his shoes, "Good."

"If… if you promise not to date skanks."

"I'll do my best." He laughed. "You know… you worry too much about the stupid stuff, and you don't pay any kind of attention to the important stuff."

"Like what?"

Chris tilted his head to the side and smiled, "I uh… I don't know." One day she'd figure out that JC was falling for her; she could deal with that important stuff then. "You'd better get going though." He tapped the face of her watch. "I'll catch you later."

Instead of watching the show for the five hundredth time, Dayna went back to the hotel to sit in the jacuzzi and relax. Just thinking of the guys jumping and running around on stage made her muscles hurt.


JC let himself into his empty room and thought about his plans for the next day. They had been awarded a rare day off and he had no idea what he wanted to do with a handful of free hours. Part of him wanted to try surfing the big Hawaiian waves or hike up to waterfalls, scale a volcano, ride a bike around the island… something productive that he could never do in Florida. But another part of him wanted to lock himself in his room and shut all the drapes.

Just the thought of exerting any kind of energy made his eyes droop and his pillow look even more inviting. He fell face first onto the bed and shimmied his pants off while lying on his stomach. His shirt followed and before he knew it he was sound asleep on top of his covers.

When he awoke the next morning he pulled on his swim shorts and grabbed a beach towel before he could even brush his teeth. He was well rested and looking forward to a day of doing absolutely nothing in order to keep up this rested feeling for the show that night. He ran his fingers through his hair and slid his feet into his sandals, then smiled at his reflection and headed for the door.

Dayna stood at the end of the hall fighting with her beach bag and the door, and it looked like the inanimate objects were winning. "Dammit, come on." She pulled on the bag again which proceeded to pull the door shut, only to have it bounce back since the bag handle was in the way. "Come on." Dayna dropped her towel and reached into the room to release the bag strap from its hold on the interior door handle.

"You're going to the pool?" JC dropped his bright blue beach towel over his arm as his flip-flops slapped against his feet.

"Yeah." Dayna sighed as she hoisted her bag onto her shoulder and tossed her hair over her shoulder. Her dark eyes frowned as she walked past JC on her way to the elevator.

"Can I go?"

"You're going to the pool?" She whined.

"Well not if you're gonna be cranky about it." He laughed and fell into step beside her.

"Joey and Lance are at the beach so the pool is the only quiet place. If they attract all the girls to the beach then I can relax in peace. If you go to the pool then you just bring the chaos with you."

"So you want me to go to the beach?"

"Yes." She looked over at him quickly, but didn't crack a smile.

"What if I promise to leave if the girls get crazy?"

Dayna sighed and put her hands on her hips, "It's a free country."

"Great, then I’d love to join you." He smiled and held the elevator door open for her. They rode down together and he slipped his sunglasses on before they stepped outside. His hat was pulled down over his hair as he led the way around to the opposite end of the pool so that they’d be more in a corner and out of the line of traffic to the bar.

"How’s this?" He asked as he spotted two empty chairs by the edge of the pool.

"This is fine." Dayna dropped her bag and arranged her towel on the chair.

"Cool, do you want a drink?" He pulled his wallet out of his pocket and dropped it on the chair, then pulled his tank top over his head.

"Sure, can you get me an iced tea?"

"With ice?"

Dayna fanned herself and covered her eyes, "Yeah, ice would be good."

"Okay." He turned and left her alone by the pool as he walked around to the bar.

Dayna smoothed suntan lotion into her legs and arms then worked it into her chest and stomach. She frowned as two scantly clad girls walked up to get a picture with JC and he happily posed with an arm around each of them. He chatted for a few minutes then excused himself and took the drinks from the bartender before returning to where Dayna sat by his towel; "You're scowling again." He sat her drink by her chair and took a sip of his own.

"I'm not scowling." Dayna said as she tossed him her lotion.

"I put some on before I left." He set it on the ground between their chairs.

"Can you put it on my back please? I'm going to burn like crazy."

"Is that some kind of cheesy come on?" JC asked with a playful laugh.

"I can always go over and have the bartender do it if you want. You're just closer." She raised her eyebrow at him and lifted her hair off her back. "Be a pal Jace."

JC reached for the lotion as he shook his head. He squeezed the lotion onto his hand and then rubbed his hands together before placing them flat on Dayna's bare back. He massaged it into her shoulders and across her back down to the waist of her bathing suit, then gently patted her shoulder, "You're uh, you're covered."

"Thanks." She turned around and lay flat on her stomach with her head resting in her arms. "Just don't let me fall asleep, okay?"

"Okay." They sat in silence for a few minutes then JC asked, "So uh, Chris said you spent the day with Patty yesterday?"

"Uh huh."

"How’d that go over?"


"You didn’t choke her?"

"She’s not that bad." Her words were almost smothered by her arm.

"Well I know that, but you’re the one who wanted to make her go away."

Dayna sighed, "I know."


"She’s fine. I just still want Lance to break up with her and go out with me."

JC laughed softly, "That’s not a nice thing to say about a friend."

Dayna lifter her head and turned to face him, "I said she wasn’t that bad, I never said we were friends." She looked past him for a second and rolled her eyes, "Incoming." She grumbled before she lay her head back down.

JC looked over his shoulder to see two other girls trying to look nonchalant as they walked over to where he was sitting. "Play along." He said to Dayna as they got closer.


"Yes." He said as he re-tied the waist of his shorts.

"No." Dayna repeated.

"Hi, um… wow. My name is Kylie, and this is my friend Nikki." The shorter blonde girl announced as she stood beside JC’s chair. Her friend stood closer to the pool and shuffled her feet.

"Hi." JC smiled nicely and left the ball in their court.

"Can we um, take a picture? Just real quick?" Kylie asked as she looked over at Nikki, who held the camera."

"Sure." JC pushed himself to a standing position and nudged Dayna’s thigh. "Do you want Dayna in the picture too?"

"Who?" Nikki asked as she fumbled with her camera.

"Dayna." JC nudged her again and she finally looked up.

"I don’t want to be in a picture." Dayna glared up at JC.

"Is she your girlfriend?" Kylie asked as her smile dropped.

"No, she’s our new prot�g�. She’s going to be the next Britney Spears, only edgier." He reached down and pulled Dayna to her feet then draped his arm over her shoulder.

"No I – " Dayna began to protest.

"She doesn’t like to be compared to Britney. They’re rivals you know." JC smiled as Nikki got her camera ready.

"I’m really not – "

"Yeah you are. Come on, Kylie and Nikki want a picture. Imagine how much money this will be worth when you hit it big." JC laughed and placed his arm around Kylie's shoulders. Nikki took a picture of the three of them, then Kylie took Nikki's picture with them. After that they insisted on getting Dayna to take a picture of both girls with JC, then JC took the picture of all three girls. "Just wait till fall, Dayna will be a household name." He waved as they girls giggled and walked off.

"You’ve completely lost your mind." Dayna shook her head and sat back on the chair with her feet flat against the mesh and her knees drawn up. She took a sip of her drink and laughed.

"I’m just having fun." JC chuckled and sat beside her.

"Your idea of ‘fun’ is twisted."

"In this life it’s the little things that thrill me."

"Apparently." She raised her eyebrow at him and shook her head. "Know what?"

"What?" He asked as he reached under his seat for his drink.

"I think I’m done trying to find someone for Chris."



"Just all of a sudden, you’re done?


"Do you think this one might be the one? Is that why?"

Dayna shrugged and slid her sunglasses up on her nose. "I don’t know. I just… I don’t know."

"You don’t know?" JC laughed.

"I guess he just made me realize I was being obsessive over something stupid."

"Well yeah."

"But he promised to at least to try to find non-skanks."

"That’s a step in the right direction." JC smiled from under the brim of his baseball cap, then leaned back on the mesh sun chair.

"Yep." Dayna followed his example and closed her eyes against the warm sun.

There were only a handful of girls who ventured over to where JC and Dayna sat and he handled them quickly and quietly. Trey came to collect them just after two to get ready to go to the venue for their last Hawaiian concert. Dayna showered and cleaned herself up, then rode over with the guys.

She did their hair in record time, checked her time chart and squealed. There was nothing going on after the concert that they had to be prettied up for so she was technically free. Dayna stuck around to watch the first few songs, then put her things away and went back to the hotel.

She took some time to buy a few little gifts for her mom then grabbed a late dinner before going back to her room to pack up her belongings and prepare to leave the next morning. When she was finished packing she decided to take one last soak in the jacuzzi before going to bed.


To celebrate their last night in Hawaii, Chris, Justin and Joey rented out a club for after the show and they all partied with their crew and some fans until the wee hours of the morning. Celeste had an early morning flight so she and Chris ducked out early and he took her to her own hotel.

JC hung out on the outskirts of the dance floor with a drink in his hand. He had called Dayna's room to see if she was going to party with them, but there had been no answer. JC stayed until almost three in the morning before he flagged Trey down and nodded for the door.

"Cuttin' out early?" Trey asked as he held the door open for JC.

"Early? It's like… three."

"Yeah, that's early." Trey laughed as they stepped into the parking lot.

"We've gotta flight in the morning, I for one am gonna get some sleep while I can." JC stifled a yawn as they climbed into a taxi and drove back to the hotel. JC said good night to Trey at the elevator, letting the guard get back to the party four miles away. JC laughed lightly and shook his head then reached into his back pocket for his key.

JC looked up to put his key in the door and saw Dayna walking slowly towards him. "Dayna?" JC asked as she used the wall to steady herself. She turned slowly and squinted up at JC. "What’s wrong?"

"I think I ate something that did not agree with me." She placed her hand on her tumbling stomach and made a face.

"Are you sick?"

"Getting there." She lifted her hair off her neck.

"Do you know where Karen’s room is?" JC asked, referring to the nurse that traveled with them wherever they went.

"I’m just going to run downstairs to get some pepto or something." She started down the hall again.

"Well wait, Chris has some." JC said as he fell into step beside her.

"Chris is asleep." Dayna frowned. "Why are you up?"

"I’ll wake him up, he hasn’t been asleep long." JC avoided the question.

"Don’t wake him up, I’m just running to the drug store next door, I’ll be fine."

"Quit, you don’t need to go downstairs. I’ll get it from Chris." He put his arm around her waist and turned her around to lead her back to her room. She unlocked the door without an argument and sat on the edge of her bed. He took the extra key from her table and said, "I’ll be back before you know it."


JC walked down to Chris’ room and knocked on the door. He waited for a minute, then knocked again, only louder. It was almost two in the morning, and Chris’ had stayed in for the night; JC hoped he was still there.

"What?" He heard Chris mumble from inside.

"Hey Chris, it’s me."

"Me who?"


"It’s three in the morning JC." Chris said as his voice moved closer to the door.

"I know." JC mumbled as Chris pulled the door open. "I need some pepto."

"Are you serious?" Chris squinted at JC and rubbed his hand over his hair.

"Yeah, do you have any?"

"Uh huh." Chris yawned and shut the door in JC’s face as he went into the bathroom to fetch it. "Rough night?" Chris asked as he handed the pink bottle to JC.

"It’s for Dayna."

"Ahh." Chris nodded knowingly. "Well uh, I hope she feels better."

"Yeah, uh, me too." JC nodded.

"Is that all?"

"Yeah, thanks." JC waved the bottle at him as he walked away. "See you in the morning." He said over his shoulder, but Chris had already shut the door and probably fallen back to sleep. JC walked back down to Dayna's room and knocked gently, "Day?" There was no answer so he quietly let himself in and shut the door behind him. "Dayna?"

"Yeah, sorry. I must have dozed off." She rubbed her eyes as she started to sit up.

"It's okay, you probably should go to sleep." JC said as he held the bottle out to her. "Here, take this and go back to bed."

"Thanks JC." Dayna took the bottle and shook it slightly, then tried to pry the top off. "Dammit, these childproof things are impossible."

"Here." JC took it from her and opened the top, then handed it back.

"Thanks." She took a mouthful and swallowed, then wiped her mouth on the hem of her t-shirt. She screwed the cap back on and held it out to JC.

"Keep it, you might need it later." He set it on her nightstand as she swung her legs back onto the bed. "You gonna be okay?"

"Uh huh, I'll be fine." Dayna promised as she laid her head down. "Can you hit the light?"

JC stood there for a second then said, "Uh, yeah." He flipped the switch then held the door open, letting the light from the hall shine into the room just a bit. "Good night Day."

"G'night JC." She mumbled from the bed.

JC sighed and cast one last glance at Dayna lying on the bed, then shut the door and went back to his room.


JC waited in the lobby for Dayna the next morning, and hopped on the last van with her. He just wanted to make sure that she made it okay and that she was feeling better. Her sunglasses blocked out the bright sun as she leaned her head against the window looking more hung over than anything.

"You okay?" JC asked softly as he leaned forward in his seat. She didn’t say anything or look his way; she just nodded and tucked her hair behind her ear. "Did you sleep well?"

"No." She mumbled under her breath.

JC nodded though she didn't look at him, then he whispered, "We'll be home soon." As he patted her knee.

"Home?" Dayna scoffed.

"Hey, the bus is as close to 'home' as we can get." JC tried to elicit a small smile.

Dayna simply sighed in response and continued to look out the window as she tapped her fingernail against her front teeth absentmindedly.


The entire entourage gathered in the VIP lounge at the airport and David did a head count before they lined up to board the airplane. When he was satisfied that everyone was present and accounted for, he relaxed a little and took a drink of his water.

"Check it out." JC handed Dayna her airline ticket as they headed from the lounge to the plane.

"Thanks." She tucked it under her arm and yawned.

"No, come on. At least look at it."

She rolled her eyes and removed her sunglasses as she unfolded the ticket, "Yeah?" JC stopped and pointed to her assigned seat. "First class?" She perked up immediately.

"I know you’re not feeling well, and I figured that’d be a hell of a lot more comfortable than being wedged between a couple smelly sound guys." He said with a smile.

"You did this?"

"You can thank me later." JC smiled and scratched his neck. "I’ll see you on the plane, I’ve gotta make a pit stop before we go." He detoured off to the restroom as the others boarded the plane.

Dayna followed the herd and sat by the window in her assigned seat. "You’re really going to make her sit in coach?" Justin asked as he leaned over the back of the seat in front of her.

"Who?" Dayna asked.

"Patty." Justin whispered.

"No, JC got me an upgrade." She smiled.

"Oooooh, I see how it is." Justin laughed and sat back in his seat.

"Shut up." Dayna gently shoved the back of his seat as he continued to snicker. JC was one of the last people on the plane, and he took his seat beside Dayna. "Thanks JC, I do feel pretty gross, so this is nice."

"You’re welcome." He said as he buckled his seat belt. Their knees gently touched as he got comfortable in his seat, and neither of them moved. Dayna could feel the heat of his bare knee on hers, but shrugged the feeling off as they took off for Los Angeles


Dayna watched JC out of the corner of her eye as the movie played in front of her. He had fallen asleep shortly after the plane took off, but she just couldn’t get comfortable enough to doze off. Dayna gently removed her headphones and watched JC’s finger twitch slightly in his sleep.

He really was a good guy, she’d seen even more proof of that over the past couple days. He would bend over backwards for her, fetch her pepto in the middle of the night, rub sun tan lotion on her back, hold her hand and squeeze her tight. Dayna frowned slightly as she realized he was doing everything she would want a boyfriend to do. He had done more than that and she had been blowing him off the whole time.

"He’s one of them." She thought to herself. She repeated that to herself as she turned back to the movie. He was one of them, and she couldn't do that again.


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