Chapter 1


"JC…we have to tell you something." Said Mr. And Mrs. Chasez.

"Sure mom. What?" asked JC not realizing that his ‘parents’ were about to tell him something that was going change his life forever.

"Sweetie, how do I put this?" said Mrs. Chasez trying not to cry." You were adopted, hunny."

"I was what? How? When? Why?" There were tons of questions going through JC’s head at once.

"We really don’t know, why. You were two days old when your mother put you up for adoption."

"So, my whole life has been a lie?" asked JC trying not to cry. "Why did you have to tell me this at the height of my career? Why now? Why?"

"We are so sorry JC. We never meant to hurt you. We love you so much. Please understand that, we are your family son." Said Mr. Chasez

"I need to be alone right now. Okay?" With that he walked up to his room and cried himself to sleep.

*~End Flashback~*

That was almost a year ago, and ever since then, JC was always in a daze. He didn’t know what to do? Should he find his biological mother and family? Should he just leave it alone? All the guys knew what happened, and they all didn’t know what to do.

"Guys, I have an something to say." JC said calmly.

"Shoot C." said Lance.

"I am going to find my biological mother and family and I don’t care what the hell the press thinks or does. Can you please help me?"

"Of course we will help you." Said Justin. "Right guys?"

"Hell yeah." The guys said in unison.

"Let’s get started. Okay?"

~*~7 months later~*~

JC had found his biological mother. But to everyone’s surprise, she had died in a car accident a year ago. JC cried for a while but did realize he had to the support of his family, the guys and the fans. The only thing JC found that was close to his ‘mother’ was her cousin. He decided he would phone her.

*~The phone call~*


"Hello?" asked a girl, who JC thought was probably around 15.

"Hi, is Maureen Peters there?"

"I am sorry we don’t take phone solicitations." The girl was about to hang up when…

"This is not a phone solicitation, this is her nephew, Joshua. May I ask who I am talking to?" JC said quickly.

"This is her daughter, Jenna. Which makes me your 2nd cousin. Right? I haven’t ever heard of you, no offense or anything."

"No taken, and I have know idea what that makes you, I never understood that either. Well, Jenna can I talk to your mom. By the way, how old are you?"

"Yeah sure and I’m 15. You?"

"I’m 24."

"Cool, let me get my mom. Hold on a sec. K?"

"Yeah sure." JC heard Jenna yell for her mom.


"Hi, Maureen. This is your nephew Joshua."

"I’m sorry, I don’t have a nephew named Joshua. Maybe you have the wrong number."

"Maybe, but did you have a cousin named Marie?" JC said trying to sound hopeful.

"Yes, I did but she died a year ago. What do you want?" asked Maureen now getting a little mad at this ‘Joshua’ guy.

"Well, I’m her son she gave up for adoption. And you are the only person I found that was related to her."

"Ohmygod" was all that Maureen could say. "How are you? When did you find out? How old are you? Where do you live?"

"I am as good as to be expected. I found out about a year ago. I am 24 years old and I live in Orlando. Where do you live?"

"I live in New Jersey."

"Can I please visit you?" asked JC.

"Of course sweetie." Maureen gave him directions and JC was going to be there in 2 days.

"Bye. I can’t wait to see you."

"I can’t either, Bye Aunt Maureen."

"Bye Joshua."

*~End phone call~*

"So what happened man?" asked the guys.

"I am going to meet my family, well aunt in 2 days."

"Do you want us to come with you?"

"Yeah, please come."

"Okay cool….do you have a cousin?"

"Yeah, she is 15 and her name is Jenna. I don’t know about anymore though."

"Great, I just hope she doesn’t like BSB." All the guys laughed at Chris.

*~2 days later~*

The guys of *Nsync got to Newark Airport okay with no crazy fans. They drove about 45 minutes until the reached JC’s Aunt’s house.

‘Here goes nothing’ thought JC.

‘I wonder what he is going through’ thought Justin and Lance. The guys walked up the purple wood door.


"Mom, I’ll get it!" yelled Jenna. She opened the door to expect some ugly duckling, to be her cousin. But when she opened the door….her eyes bugled out and her mouth dropped open. All she could say was "Ohmygod!!!" In front of her, stood her favorite band of all time. *Nsync. One of them was her cousin. "Come…..on……." Jenna said stuttering. ‘Joshua….JC…Oh dear god. I should have put two and two together.’ She thought.

They walked into the small foyer and walked in the semi-big kitchen.

"Mom, he is here."

"Okay" said Maureen turning around. As soon as she saw her mouth dropped open and she too, couldn’t believe that *Nsync was standing in front of her, in her kitchen. Jenna had gotten her whole family to like *Nsync (AN: true, true *lol*) and Maureen LOVED *Nsync almost as much as her daughter.

"Welcome, Joshua or do you want to be called JC?" asked Maureen trying to be clam.

"JC, would be nice. I see you know who I am or should I say we are."

"Yea, you can say that JC. Jenna is the one that LOVES you all."

"Mom!" Jenna said turning about 20 shades of red.

"Its okay, we are family and I get it everyday."

‘Yeah, we are family’ she thought. ‘I am related to JC of *Nsync! Ohmygod’

"I really don’t want to leave. But my best friends wanted to know what happened when you got here. So….I’ll be back in like 10 minutes. Why don’t you four come with me while JC and my mom get acquainted. K?"

"Sure" they said as they walked up to her room.(AN: I wish!)

~*~ Jenna’s room~*~



"Hey Karla, Guess what?"

"So how does he look, like details girl! What?"

"How do I put this….I am related to your crush."


"Think famous….."

"OHMYGOD!!!!!" Karla screamed. "You are related to JC!!!! OHMYGOD!!!!"

"Guess who is right next to me….." She handed to phone over the guys.

"Who? Jenna, you there? Jenna?"

"What’s her name again?" Justin mouthed.

"Karla" Jenna mouthed back.

"Jenna girl! You there??"

"Hey Karla." The guys said together.

"OHMYGOD! Is this *Nsync? Duh…it has to be right?"

"Yeah, it is" said Justin taking the phone. "This is Justin and Jenna wants to talk to you again. Here she is." He said handing the phone back to Jenna.

"Okay….yeah….uh-huh…I will call you later okay buh bye." Jenna said hanging up the phone. She called about 4 more of her best friends and the same thing happened again all four times.

"So, I see you like us. Huh?" asked Joey.

"No…I like BSB…." Jenna said jokingly.

"Curse that name!" Chris said jokingly too. "How long have you liked us and why don’t you have tons of pictures in your room" Chris asked a little disappointed.

"I do, but in my closet. My mom didn’t want tons of pictures in my room… know incase I stopped liking you guys. Which is not going to happen any time soon. I have been a fan since middle of 1999."

"Awesome." Lance said.

"What one of us is your favorite? Come on you have to have a favorite…?" asked Joey.

"Well, Lance and JC are my favorites. No offense to all of you guys because you are really talented and gifted. But now JC is my cousin so……I don’t know anymore! Erg!"

The guys and Jenna chatted for a while more before they went downstairs.

~*~ Downstairs ~*~

Maureen had told JC, the whole story of why Marie had given up her only child. She was 16 and her boyfriend left her for some bimbo and she couldn’t take care of him. The next best thing was adoption. So she put him up for adoption. When she died, she was married but her and her husband both died in the car accident.

"I always wondered how you turned out. I never had a nephew on my side but on Jack’s side, which is my husband, we have many nephews and nieces. He is one of nine. I was an only child and Marie was like a sister I never had." Maureen started to cry. "Well….there is not much to tell after that."

"I guess you already know about my life huh?"

Maureen nodded and said" You are my favorite." JC and her both laughed. "I really would like to be part of your family….but….you do have a mother and father and brother and a sister who love you deeply. You can always have two families." She said with a smile.

"Yeah…I would like that a lot."


Chapter 2


*4 years later*


JC: 29

Lance: 25

Jenna: 19

Maureen : well lets just say she is not young…okay?


I never believed in dreaming~it never got me very far~I never believed that love could find me~like an arrow through the heart~I never believed in miracles~or building castles in the air~not until that day i found you~turned around and you were there~


"JC man come on. We have to get going." Lance said eagerly. JC and Lance were going to visit JC’s Aunt and cousin. Both had not seen them in about a year and half but they keep in contact via e-mail, phone and mail. Both didn’t know how much Jenna matured, physically and emotionally. Anyway, the guys headed to the airport(after waiting for JC to get ready another 15 minutes) and got on a plane and where they headed to Newark airport.


"I wonder who is picking us up?" asked JC.

"Jenna is." Lance said with a grin on his face. JC saw and rolled his eyes.

‘If he only knew….’ thought JC. ‘ If he only knew.’

The plane landed and the guys walked out of the terminal. Jenna saw them and ran over to them.

"Ohmygod, I missed you guys so much!" she said while hugging both of them but hugged Lance a little longer. (AN: if you guys haven’t noticed…in most my stories….the main character always likes LANCE! Haha)

"Well…we should be saying oh my god because girl….you have grown-up since last time we saw you." JC said to his younger cousin. It was true, Jenna went on tour with the guys about a year and a half ago and hadn’t seen them since. She got taller (5’11"), her boobs got bigger, her hair was cut shorter and had blonde highlights in it , she was tan and her whole persona was better. JC sensed his younger cousin had more self-confidence.

"Come on you guys, before some crazed teeny-boppers come." Jenna said with a laugh. They got all their luggage and walked to the car. Jenna sat at the wheel, Lance sat in the passenger seat and JC sat in the back of the blue colored Jeep. The car ride was filled with laughter and remembering the tour, Jenna went on.

"We are here." Jenna said while hopping out of the car and going to the trunk.

"Okay, we’ll help." Lance said to Jenna.

"Well I would hope so." She said with a grin. They got their bags and walked into Jenna’s house. Maureen came to the door to help with the bags.

"JC, We have missed you so much" Maureen said while taking her nephew into a hug. " You to Lance" she said taking him into a hug. "Jenna, go put their bags downstairs in the empty guestroom.

"Okay, Lance you want to come with me?"

"Sure!" Lance jumped at the chance to be with Jenna. Maybe he would do it? What would she do or say? He had to know. They walked downstairs while JC and Maureen talked about what they were going to do and other stuff like that.


"Thanks for helping me Lance."

"No problem. You dropped something…" he leaned over to pick it up at the same time Jenna did. Their hands touched and they were centimeters apart, looking into each others eyes.

‘I’m going to do it. I’m going to kiss her and ask to her to be my girlfriend.’ Lance thought to himself.

‘Is he going to kiss me?’ Jenna thought worriedly. ‘I wouldn’t mind if he did.’

Lance leaned over and kissed Jenna on the lips, as each second grew, the kiss became more passionate. Both had never experienced something like that in their lives. The both felt as nothing was wrong in the world, it was just the two of them. As they grew apart, both realized JC was standing right next to them.


Chapter 3



JC was happy for his younger cousin finding love with his best friend. He knew Lance would treat her right and respect her wishes. He also knew how much each one liked each other. *~*

**Jenna is 25 and Lance is 29**

"Do you James Bass, take Jenna Peters to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do."

"Do you Jenna Peters, take James Bass to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do." Jenna said while silent tears fell down her cheek.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." And with that Lance kissed Jenna with all the passion in his body. Both couldn’t believe it, they were married and as happy as could be. They pulled apart from kiss and Lance glanced over at his new wife ‘She looks like an angel.’ He thought. She did look like an angel, her dress was a pearl colored strapless gown made my Vera Wang. She had a diamond tiara on top of her brown straight hair with diamond studs in her ears. To complete the outfit, Jenna wore a necklace with a diamond placed in the middle. Her maid of honor, Karla was wearing a strapless navy dress while the rest of her bridesmaids wore strapless pink dresses. Jenna looked over at Lance and thought ‘ How can I be so lucky? He’s so good to me.’ Lance was wearing a traditional tuxedo along with his fellow groomsmen. ‘I never want this moment to end’ Jenna thought. Their wedding was held on a cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It was just beautiful. Lance and Jenna walked down the isle covered with red and white roses until they reached the hoarse-drawn carriage that would take them to the party.


When winter comes in summer

When there's no more forever

That's when I'll stop loving you

That's when I'll stop loving you

I'm sure you've heard these words before

And I know it's hard for you to trust them once more

You're afraid it all might end

In a broken heart it's scared of breaking again

Cause you gotta believe me

I'll never leave you

You'll never cry as long as I'm am there

And I will always be there

You will never be without, no

Jenna and Lance slowly danced to "That’s When I’ll Stop Loving You" (their wedding song) as *Nsync sang in the background and while Lance softly sang in Jenna’s ear.

When winter comes in summer

When there's no more forever

When lies become the truth

Well you'll know then baby

That's when I'll stop loving

That's when I'll stop loving you

That's when I'll stop loving you, yeah

As long as sunlight lights the sky

The light of love will be found in these eyes of mine

(These eyes of mine)

And I will shine that light for you

You're the only one I'll ever give this heart to

What I'm trying to say is nothing will change this

Loving on time you will find there

Cause I will always be there

You will always have all my love


"You complete me Lance. I love you so much." Jenna said while resting her head on his shoulder.

"You complete me. I don’t know what I would do without you in my life. I love you too." Lance said to her with happiness in his eyes.

When winter comes in summer

When there's no more forever

When lies become the truth

Well you'll know then baby

That's when I'll stop loving

That's when I'll stop loving you

That's when I'll stop loving you

When this world doesn't turn anymore

When all the stars decide to stop shining

Till then I'm gonna be by your side

I'm gonna be loving you forever

Every day of my life baby, oh yeah

Well you'll know then baby

That's when I'll stop loving

That's when I'll stop loving

That's when I'll stop loving you

When winter comes in summer

When there's no more forever

When lies become the truth

Well you'll know then baby

That's when I'll stop loving

That's when I'll stop loving you

They ended dancing and started to party. Karla (maid of honor) and JC (best man) both made speeches at the reception along with some others. JC’s speech was full of love and happiness. He was so happy for his younger cousin and best friend, he couldn’t be even happier. He couldn’t ask for anything more in his life. He had his family, a beautiful wife, two beautiful children and job that he loved. Life was perfect. Just perfect. Now with his younger cousin marrying his best friend, he was in heaven.






Lance and Jenna had 3 beautiful children named, Karla Marie, Joshua Scott and Sara Ashley. They were married until both died. They were soulmates……

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