"You Don't Know" by Eva 

Summary:  Chris has been happily married for four years, when his wife, Carla is diagnoised with a fatal cancer that is to late to be treated. Not only is it hard to watch his wife die, but now he is left to raise his two year old daughter, not only without her, but without a mothers care. But, his faith is restored with a visit from Carla. A visit or a dream, he cannot decide. All he knows is that perhaps that one night could have possibly saved not just his heart and soul, but his sanity.

"Again" by Joone

Summary:  One man leaves to find his dreams, leaving one woman with a tainted heart.  Two souls that went on with their lives separately only to find themselves from where they left off -- IN LOVE.


"Not Your Fault"  by  Jinx   

Summary:  Can life go on after losing two of the most important people in a man's life?


"It's All Relative" - Tara    *originally hosted here: ~click~*

Summary:  What would you think if you met a cousin you never knew about, and he was famous? What about the fact that you're drawn to one of his best friends who is also famous. Find out what happens when seemingly all your dreams and fears come true at once.

"Thicker Than Water"  (sequel to "It's All Relative") - Tara     *originally hosted here: ~click~*

Summary:  Larissa's dream has come true, but what happens when her nightmare begins?


"The Party That Ended a Lifetime"  - Colleen

Summary:  Chris wants to have the best 30th birthday of a liftime! Little does he know his life might just end.


"No Ordinary Love" - Tammy     visual

Summary:  Helena's life was exactly where she wanted it to be.  She was on her own, independent and perfectly happy.  She convinced herself that she didn't have the time or the patience for a relationship.  Then she met Chris, and her world was turned upside down.   


"I'm Sorry" - Karen Elaine  

Summary:  Things used to be great.  But things go wrong sometimes.  Will it ever be the same?  Will two little words make everything undone?   This story can be about any nsyncer you please.  So, sit back, and enjoy the story.


"Losing Eileen" - Meara   

Summary:  Chris had lost himself in an endless world of alcohol and now, months later, he's still feeling the effects of losing Eileen.


"Hidden Feelings" - Sarah

Summary:  Sarah and Chris have been friends for as long as they can remember.   But what happens when they think they like eachother?  Will they tell each other or keep their feelings hidden?

"Who Are You?"  - Jessica R.

Summary:  This is a short story about Chris.  He is home for a little while and wants to pick up his sister, Taylor, from school.  But how will her teacher react?


"Behind the Mirror" - Rachel

Summary:  Chris Kirkpatrick. The member of N Sync who made it all happen. He started the whole thing, but got outshined by the others. What happens what he finally snaps?


"My Everything" - Katie   *originally hosted here: *click*

Summary:  Chris Kirkpatrick and Katie Sharpe had the perfect relationship until one day Chris tells Katie a secret and that causes them to break up. Four months later, Chris sends Katie a letter. What will Katie do?