Honestly For You 3

As they walked into the hotel she saw that it was only just after one in the morning, but she felt as if it was almost three or four after the day and evening she'd had.  It was good to have Justin with her, but at the same time having him there had meant that there had been more press and more interviews.  More questions about their new single and more questions about them.  The whole evening had been filled with questions.  Even in the restroom she'd had to answer questions.  It wasn't as bad as the fan at TRL, but it had become annoying.

After Todd and Gritty did their sweep of the room Meredith and Justin made their way inside as they had earlier that afternoon.  She never expected them to find anything, but even waiting when she was tired was something she didn't like to do.

As soon as the doors were closed she groaned.  Her whole body had begun to ache at this point.  It wasn't from flu or cold, but that same ache that came along with being out and about for so many hours in a row.  It was only now that things had calmed down that her arms and legs had finally gotten the message that she was tired.  She melted into the closest chair and took off her shoes.  She'd changed into heels for the party and was regretting it now that her toes had gone numb and her ankles felt like they were swollen.

"You ok?"  Justin walked by her and trailed a hand over her shoulder.  His fingertips touched her neck and made the hair on the back of her neck stand on end.

She groaned again.  "I should have taken a nap this afternoon."

"Hey don't blame me.  I didn't say you had to watch the basketball game with me.  You should have taken a nap."  He slid his jacket off, took his phone out of the pocket and threw the jacket across the chair that faced the one she was in.  He put the phone down on the back of the chair then grabbed up a black overnight bag that he slid over his shoulder before beginning to unzip the side pocket.

She looked at him then at the bag.  "What's that?" she asked.

"My bag," he said holding it up so that she could see the Nike logo on the side and his name embroidered into the top of the bag.

"Oh," she said.

He cocked his head to the side and nibbled on his lip for a moment.  "Are you ok?"

She closed her eyes for a long time and rested her head against the chair she was in before she opened them and answered.  "I'm tired."

He shrugged and dug in his bag a little more.  "Well go take a shower or whatever and we'll get in bed--"

She narrowed her eyes at him.  "That's just what you'd want--"

"To go to sleep."  He paused and looked up at her again then dug into the bag again as he continued.  "I thought you have an early morning tomorrow.  You need your sleep--"

She moved from her seat and then the room as he continued to speak.  He was going to start in on something about working and she knew that she didn't want to hear it.  She wanted some time off.  She knew that this trip was a promotional trip, but she thought that she'd at least get a break when she came back to the room at night.  Gritty had been on her case and Lynn had called a few times to make sure that things were going well, but she knew that she didn't need Justin to act the part of  manager for her too.


She was already in the bathroom unpacking her face soap and grabbing a towel when he came to find her.

"Why'd you walk away?" he asked.

"I'm tired Justin," she said using his name so he would know that this was something serious and not some game she was playing with him.  "I'm too tired to listen to the whole take care of yourself speech.  Yes I know that I have things to do in the morning and that I need to sleep.  I have--"

"Never mind..."  He sighed cutting her off.  "Holler at me when you're done in there so I can grab a shower before I go to bed.  I gotta call and check my messages and call Sonia and tell her about tonight."

Meredith rolled her eyes and sighed.  Justin was used to all the people telling him what to do, but Meredith wasn't.  She'd finished her album and had toured with them doing little promotional stuff, but this was the first time that she'd be the one that people wanted to see.  She wasn't just bumming a ride off of Justin to sing a song or two before his show.  She was actually a star now and it wasn't the easiest thing to deal with.

She grabbed up her hair band and put her hair back then washed her face.  It wasn't until her face looked normal again in the mirror that she could think about being just little old Meredith again.  When she came out of the bathroom she found Justin sitting on the couch in the living room with the phone to his ear, but when she went around to face him she found that his eyes were closed and he'd fallen asleep.  She took the phone away from him and held it to her ear.

"Hello?" she said then found that it was just his voicemail playing messages.

After turning the phone off she flipped it closed and went to put it in the charger that was on the coffee table.  It only took a moment and she'd thought that she'd done it fairly quietly but she was wrong.  She turned around and found Justin watching her through almost closed eyes.  "Come on Beedee.  It's time for bed."

Seeing that he was being lazy she put out a hand to him to take so that he would get up, but instead he pulled her down into his lap.  She pushed him away and got up again.  "Justin it's time for bed, not time for you to molest me."

"Are you mad at me?" he asked sleepily pushing himself up.

Her head moved to the side to mimic the way he was looking at her.  "No," she said, "I just am tired and I know you are."  She moved past the couch back towards the bedroom then looked over her shoulder as they walked towards the bed.  "Are you gonna come to bed or take a shower?"

He yawned.  "Ina bed."

She smiled at him.  "You sound like a three year old Justin."

"I'm sorry," he said and yawned again, "I've been up for like three days.  I caught a nap on the plane, but I'm--"  He yawned again.

She smiled at him.  "I'm gonna go change...go crawl in bed ok?"

When he reached for his bag she walked into the bedroom and grabbed out her pajamas which consisted of a Tennessee Volunteers Basketball t-shirt and a pair of Tennessee orange boxers that Justin had recieved as a gift a few months before, but had given over to her so she could wear them with the t-shirt.  She started to pull off her shirt and jeans and saw that Justin was sliding out of his clothes.  It still seemed a little strange to undress with him in the room, especially when they weren't really in the mood.

Nights like these was how she imagined married life would be like.  In relationships she'd find that guys were all about getting into bed as fast as they could, but that night and a few other nights she and Justin had eased their way into bed.  A few nights of their relationship they'd cuddle together and read in bed or watch movies or just sit in the dark and talk, those were the nights that she loved the most.

When she looked up to see where he was at in his routine of getting ready for bed.  His back was to her and she didn't like what she saw.  He was pale and his ribs were showing a bit more than they had before they he'd left for Europe.  He stripped down to his boxers then reached and grabbed out his shave kit and a moment later disappeared into the bathroom.

After getting into her pajamas she went and turned out all the lights, checked the lock on the door then climbed into the bed, pushing the covers back.  She knew the night before had been cold, but Justin was there that night and the body heat from him would probably keep her up half the night.  She smiled thinking about being in bed with him.  It had been just two weeks, but she had missed waking up in the morning with him and seeing him right before she went to sleep.

As her mood lifted from the stress of her day she stared at the way that the lights of New York made pictures on her ceiling.  It was only a little while later that she felt the bed move and Justin climbed in next to her.  She had expected him to curl right up to her, but she had a feeling that their slight argument earlier was stopping him.

She could hear him move around.  First he lay on his back then she felt him move onto his stomach, his foot touched hers under the covers, then he turned back over onto his back and fluffed his pillow before he finally coughed then spoke to her.  "Are you asleep Bear?"

"Hmm?" she said and turned towards him.  She saw the way that he was lying looking over at her so she moved across the bed, careful of his arm to curl up against his naked chest and pulled a leg over his, pressing her body as close as she could to him..

As his hand slid down her arm and pulled her close her eyes closed.  "Are you mad at me?"

Her eyes flew open and stared at the dim room around her.  She moved out of his arms a little so that she could look down into his eyes and found a very worried look there.  "I'm not mad Beedee."  His lips curled into a smile when he heard her say those words.  "I'm tired of having people tell me what to do.  I want my boyfriend here.  Not the Justin Timberlake that is in NSYNC or the one that is the other half of my duet.  I want the one that eats the last of the cereal and puts the box back into the cupboard.  The one that spends Saturday mornings in front of the television with me making fun of commercials."  He started to speak, but she put a hand over his lips.  "I want the one with me that makes love to me all night long, not the guy who was telling me that I need to go to sleep early--"

"Bear I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to turn into my mother--"  He laughed at that, "I'm actually admitting that I'm turning into my parents...save me now."

"I know you aren't," she said, "I know you aren't trying to be all parental.  I just need you to be the boyfriend, not the fan, not the manager, not anything.  Just you."

He smiled.  "Just me?"

"Yes," she leaned and kissed his lips.  He tasted of toothpaste this time instead of the alcohol that he'd been drinking with everyone earlier.

His arm snaked around and held the back of her neck, pulling her closer as his arm reached to move her leg over to the other side of him so that she was straddling him.  With their bodies pressed so closely she could feel his erection pressing towards her through the two layers of clothing that separated them.  Her arms moved so that she could keep a little of her body weight off his, but soon he pulled her against him.

When his mouth was pulled away from hers moments later the sound of their ragged breathing filled the air.  "I missed you," he said tugging her shirt from her shorts, moving his hands under the material to run the length of her back.  "I wanted to make love to you the moment I saw you this afternoon in the hallway."

"In the hallway?"

"When Gritty saw me in the hallway at MTV I thought my surprise was going to be ruined.  I was standing about five feet away from you and Todd basically had to tackle me to get me out of the way.  I wanted to go up and hug you, but the surprise would have been--"

"You were there?" she asked moving so that her t-shirt was no longer between them.  It was still around her arms and shoulders, but soon she found him sucking in a breath of air as her breasts pressed against his chest.

"Bear take off your shirt," he said finally.

When she sat up to remove her shirt his hands moved to cover her breasts.  He gave them a slight squeeze and looked in her eyes.  "How come you get more sexy when I'm gone?  Do you take sexy pills or something?"

Meredith smiled down at him and moved her hands down his arms.  She put her hands on his pectoral muscles, mimicking the way he was touching her.  "What about you?" she said, "You didn't eat well last week.  You feel skinny."

"You must have eaten a lot," he said with a laugh letting go of her breasts and running his fingers over them until her nipples went hard.  "Your breasts feel nice--"

When she started to laugh he stopped what he was doing.

"What?" he asked.

"We're sitting here having a conversation about my breasts," she said.

"Is there something else we should be talking about right now?"  He moved his hips towards her, "We could talk about my dick, but you'd probably just start to giggle even more."

When she broke out into giggles he moved them so that she was on her back and he was lying over her.  "You know you want it."  He moved his hips.

Her legs curled around his waist and her arms pulled him down.  "We can't.  I don't have any condoms."

"Did I tell you that I was a boy scout?"

"No," she laughed, "I know you weren't one.  You never had time."

"I wasn't being literal," he said and leaned to kiss her collarbone.  "I was going to say a saying--"

"Say a saying?" she asked with a giggle.

"Never mind," he rolled off her, removing her legs from around him and lay back on his back on his side of the bed.  "I was going to tell you that I have condoms, but if you want to giggle then go ahead and giggle."

Meredith moved to straddle his waist again, "Where are they?"

"Good lord girl, " he said, "You're like some kid in a candy store or something with the condoms.  At least I can tell you haven't been cheating on me.  Only someone who hasn't had sex in two weeks would be ready to trade house and home for a condom."

Her hand slid down to his erection and she moved her hand over his boxers, "What about this?"  She smiled and teased him a little, watching the shocked expression come over his face.  "You almost poked a hole in my ass cheek earlier in the club when you were dancing with me."

Justin smiled.  "I didn't see you complaining."

When she didn't move from where she was and just stared at him he spoke again.  "My shave kit is on the counter in the bathroom.  There's a box in there."

"Praise Jesus for a thoughtful boyfriend."  She leaned and kissed him then moved away.  "I will never ask how you smuggle condoms into your luggage, but we should really buy a car or something for the person who does it."

"Gotta love Fed Ex," he said.

"Fed Ex?" she asked as she moved into the bathroom.

"My momma loves me," he said.

"What?"  Her hand stopped from where she was reaching for the shave kit and she turned back to look at him.  "Your mom sends you condoms?"

"Lisa does," he said.  "She may be my step mom, but she loves me like her own."

"How did she start sending you them?" she asked.

"I told her that I'd been on the road with you.  She and I were in the middle of a heart to heart and she figured out about the two of us."  He held up his hands when she glared at him.  "She's not going to tell my mother that we're sleeping together, but she probably already knows."


"Anyway...Lisa said that she wanted me to be careful and when I told her that I had a hard time getting condoms she told me that she'd help out.  She understands that it's like a poperazzi field day to see me buying milk.  If I bought condoms they'd have it all over People magazine."

"Really?" she said.

"Don't worry.  No one knows about it expect me and her."  He stretched.  "I sent her to the spa for the weekend out of the blue and my dad asked why, but she knew what the gift was for."

"I can never step foot in that house again.  I--"  She reached and found the box of condoms.  It was brand new so she opened it up and drew out one of the string of condom packages.  She had six there and figured that would be more than enough so she left the other condoms in the bag and moved out into the bedroom.

"As much as I would love to sit here and talk about my step mother and her house...I kind of have other things on my mind,"  He said sitting up a little.

Meredith's eyes moved to his crotch and even in the dim light she could see his erection.  She smiled, "Awee...BeeDee, I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to keep you like that."

"Sometimes I think you like to tease me."

She came back to the bed, moving to leave the condoms on the bedside table before she removed her shorts and stood there watching him.  "Take them off baby."

He nodded and slid out his boxers and threw them down to the bottom of the bed before reaching for her when she moved onto the bed next to him.


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