Somebody Needs You 3

Moving a little to the side he hit the button to call the flight attendant.  Justin was already half asleep in the seat next to him, but Lance couldn't think about relaxing.  The crying baby in the section of seats behind him was starting to bug the crap out of him.  The faceless baby beyond the curtain in Coach had started to cry before they'd taken off and had been screaming for a good fifteen minutes now.  He didnít want to start trouble, but it was getting out of hand and he had to wonder if the mother or father was asleep and not realizing that the baby was screaming bloody murder at this point.

Normally he put up with most distractions around him.  He spent most of his time around screaming teenagers, but the mood that he was in, anything and everything was getting on his nerves.  He wondered for a moment if it was parenting or good luck that caused Brianna and Colton to always be so civilized when they traveled.  Even little Trey who was only a few weeks old seemed to have gotten the idea that he wasnít going to get much love while screaming was going on.  This mother and child were definitely not up for the family of the year award.

His finger pressed the button again and he sighed out an annoyed sigh.  When the flight attendant didn't come to help him he figured he'd try to get his walkman out of his bag, but after a moment he realized that the bag she'd taken with her up to the front of the plane was the bag that he'd put his walkman in.

He pressed the button again.  "Come on."

"The plane probably isn't going to go faster than this," Justin said from behind closed eyes.

"I'm not talking about the plane.  I'm talking about the stewardess."

"It's flight attendant," Justin said and turned his head towards Lance to open his eyes.  "As much as this woman loves you already you might want to use the right name...she might run off with your balls."


Carefully Lance reached to undo his seatbelt.  When it didn't come undone the first time he had to wonder if he should have paid more attention to the little take off speeches that were given about how to do and undo the seatbelts.  It would be just like them to change something that hadn't been changed in the eight or so years he'd been traveling.

Finally getting out of his seat he pushed ahead and found his way up towards the small kitchen that he'd walked by on his way to his seat.

"Sing it again girl," he heard a man say.

"Welcome to the real world", she said to me
Take a seat
Take your life
Plot it out in black and white
Well I never lived the dreams of the prom kings
And the drama queens
I'd like to think the best of me
Is still hiding
Up my sleeve

To his surprise she let herself break into a playful personality.  When he leaned around the corner he could see her eyes light up with a light he hadn't seen.  She might still have been in the dark colors of her work clothes, but he imagined that she'd rather be on the beach in shorts and a tank top hanging out in the waves.

Her hand slid across the space between them and grabbed her co-workers and hand .  She moved his hand along to the beat as she moved her head side to side to sing along to the song.  Her goofy smile and laughing in between words made his realize that maybe there was a lot more to her than just the work-a-holic that he'd been traveling with during the beginning of the flight

They love to tell you
Stay inside the lines
But something's better
On the other side

He watched as her head tipped back a little and she got even more into the song.  For once it was nice to see an amateur just sing along to the radio.  Everything around him in the last few months, hell, the last few years had been all about professional singing and it was nice to see someone singing along and not caring about the tone or the pace or any of it.

"You really like John Mayer?" her co-worker asked.

Lance could usually tell what kind of music people liked by their personalities and he would have assumed she probably liked more of the beach music like Sugar Ray, but wouldn't have been interested in the deeper lyrics of John Mayer.  He liked the guy ok, what he'd heard of him anyway, and was wondering all of a sudden if he maybe should pay more attention to her likes or maybe not HER likes, but the likes of people around him.

"Yeah," she said with a smile.  It was as if she'd just come inside from being in the sun all day.  She hadn't been looking as happy and bright eyed as she had when she sat there thinking about John Mayer.  "He's the best.  I had a chance to see him in LA a few times when they were shopping him around to the labels."  She started to arrange food on a platter.  "I saw him once in a club, but didn't stay for most of the show because of work."

Her co-worker coughed and they both looked up at him.

Lance stepped into the small area.  "You should go sometime."  He had this strange feeling come into his stomach. Whether it was just the fact that he hadn't eaten dinner, or jealousy of her sudden interest in the other singer, he wasn't sure.  "I've heard that he's good live.  I think JC's friend Tony and he did some gigs at the same club a few months ago.  JC got his CD, but I haven't gotten a chance to pick it up."

After a long stretch of silence she smiled and turned back to her work.  "The CDs probably aren't as good."  Her hands paused for a moment as her co-worker left the confined space.  "I never have time to see him live, but everyone I know has said that he's awesome live, almost better than Dave Matthews."

"You should make time to see him then."

A sigh escaped her lips.  "I'm always working."

"Maybe I can see about getting tickets."  Lance didn't want to seem like he was using his powers to get things done, but if you have the power you might as well use it or what was the point of having power in the first place.  "It's the least I could do since I did act like an ass earlier."

"Really," she said, "It's ok."

"I'm sure he's in New York for a few days--"  He thought for a moment.  "I'm not sure what your schedule is like, but I'm sure I can make a few calls and get you tickets in one of the cities you fly to."

"Really it's ok," she said.  She stopped and looked at him.  "Was there something that you needed?" she said, "You shouldn't be out of your seat unless you really have somewhere you need to be."

"My walkman?"  His eyes searched the area.  "It's in my backpack you stole."

"I didn't steal it," she said and moved across the small space.  She leaned down and pulled out his bag.  "Next time remember to check some of your bags."

He grabbed the bag from her took out the case with his CDs and walkman and headphones and zipped it back up.  "Sorry."  He tried to smile at her.  "Thanks for stowing that stuff for me."


"What's taking so long?"

"Nothing," Lance said trying to balance both the bags.  He looked up at the guards and smiled, praying that no one would notice the extra bag he had with him.  It hadn't been the best of plans, but when he'd had a chance to grab her carry on and leave a FreeLance business card instead, he'd done it.

"Why'd you pack so much?" Loni asked.

"I didn't."  He adjusted the bags a little more then sighed. and switched so that he could carry both bags and have the laptop carrying case flung over his shoulder.

"Two bags, a laptop and a backpack--"  He looked at him.  "I thought you only had one bag."

"I did," Lance said wiggling his eyebrows at him.

"Damn it."  Loni looked around at the group of them and gave them an angry look.  "Who's bag did you have to carry this time?  You guys know you need to carry your own shit."

"It's not theirs." Lance kept moving through the terminal and tried to keep himself looking around in case they got noticed by fans.  Their trip had been planned this time meaning that just about anyone would know they were there.  He was actually surprised that their exit into the terminal had gone so smoothly.  "It's the flight attendants."

"What?"  Loni stopped walking and looked at him.  "Please for the love of God tell me you didn't steal that girl's bag."

"I didn't steal it," he said, "I kidnapped it and am keeping it for ransom."

"Kidnap?" Loni already looked like he had a headache from this.  "Kidnap and Ransom?"

"Yeah," Lance said with a laugh.  "It's gonna be ok Loni.  She'll come and pick it up and everything will be all set."

"If NYPD show up at our hotel looking for you we're not pulling a Snoop Dogg," he said, "I'm not letting you run away from the police."

"It's gonna be ok Loni," Lance said, "I've got it under control."

"Sure you do."

"I do," Lance repeated, "You see.  Colleen is going to come after this, but she's gonna find something way more than just her bag."

"I don't like the sound of that," Loni said.

"It's not like that," Lance said, "How many girls have tried to use me...why shouldn't I do a little manipulating of them for my own sake?"

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