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These are classic stories that I've read and reread over the years. Eventually I'm sure some of the links won't work anymore, but for the meantime...enjoy.

  • age-a-licious  :  There's a great story on here called Daddy's Little Girl that you should read.

  • AJ & Kait FanFiction  :  Hasn't been updated in a year or so,  but the stories are AMAZING!

  • AmyK  :  AmyK gets 4 out of 4 stars for her writing ability.  Her stories are heartwarming.  I've never seen anyone else write children the way she does.

  • basic-nstynct.com  :  Read Everything...  Be warned it's PG-13 to R-rated.

  • Cherries  :  She's stopped updating for the moment due to events going on with her job and her life, but the stories are still on the internet

  • Desparate Thoughts  :  Definitely an adult site. Great, great, fiction...Be warned it's PG-13 to R-rated.

  • DisplayDiva  :  Read it All...The Splash Page doesn't look like NSYNC stuff, but don't worry...the Fiction is!

  • FictionLynAmazing site... Lyn is one of the original NSYNC fanfiction writers.  She's taking her site down  soon, so go and read all that is still up there.

  • GWEN  :  Like a Child was at one point hosted on my site.

  • In The Closet  :  Lots of Fiction and not just NSYNC stuff.  I haven't read it all, but its really good writing from what I have looked at.

  • legalladies.net  :  This is another one of my favorite spots on the internet.  They write Slash fiction, but if you can get passed the idea of guys dating guys, the writing style and  organization of the stories is first class.

  • Matters Of The Heart  :  Tons of Justin/Britney stories... My recommendations: Pop Life & You Don't Say

  • MelodiousLuvsJRTSummoned by The Tides is great! 

  • Narcolepsy  :  Mere is back and updating.  Read Everything.

  • Pepsicolagurl  :  This site hasn't been updated in a while, but the stories that are there are great.

  • Seen Thru A Blur  :  Temporarily down... I'll update my link when it's up again.

  • Writenow...NSYNC Fiction  :  Good stuff.

  • Written WordsSEVANS is a great story... and it's not supposed to be Sevens.

I know I know...no one believes that I'm reading "outside the lines", but I've found even the "enemy" has great stories about them...so check them out.

BSB FanFiction:

  • chandra:  BSB Fan Fiction
    Crescent Bay & Personal Touches are the best written novels I've ever seen online.  Chandra has a talent for bringing someone into the story and really hooking them in.

  • In Name Only  :  BSB FanFiction
    This story contains slashish scenes, but the writing is amazing so give it a chance.

  • The Kevin & Tess SagaBSB FanFiction
    Leap of Faith, The Rest of Your Life Is Mine, Past, Present, Future, From Darkness To Light

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