The area around the pool was wall to wall people when they made it downstairs. It had been a hot day and now that it was cooling off a little bit people were taking advantage of the weather to sit by the water before dinner time. The giant sized pool and landscaped area that stretched out before them would have been paradise for her except for the company she was keeping, or rather what might happen if people saw who she was with.

"Is it safe down here?" she asked in a whisper to Lance as Mike pointed out some seats next to the wall of the hotel as if she was heard that people would attack like wild animals.

"It's fine." A laugh escaped his mouth as he pulled her closer to his side. He squeezed her hand and brought it to her lips to place a kiss on her knuckles. "There are plenty of people around here in case something happens. If it gets too crazy we'll go upstairs."

EJ nodded and walked with him towards where Mike had staked out three chairs. He immediately plopped into a chair and began to look as if he was reading a magazine, but he wasn't really even looking at it.

"Don't be nervous Emma," Lance said throwing his towel down on the lounger next to where Mike sat, "Just have fun with it. About a hundred girls are staring at you right now--"

"They are?" she asked and looked around. She had been about to pull off her T-shirt so she could lay out, but she wasn't sure that he should now. She hadn't realized that so many people would be looking at her.

"Yeah," he said lazily from under his sunglasses, "They're all staring at you because they're wondering how you got so lucky."

"How DID I get so lucky?" she asked looking at him with a smile.

He'd also removed his shirt. He was fairly white considering that he hadn't been out in the sun very long that tour. He definitely had a farmer's tan from his T-shirt that he needed to get rid of, but even in his pale condition she thought about him. She'd let her mind wander while she'd been in the shower earlier that day and hoped that when they went to go to bed that night that they'd try out either the shower or that jacuzzi together. She wouldn't want something so romantic to be let go to waste. She also knew that when they left the hotel a few nights later she'd be sharing the bus with him and that didn't leave a lot of space and time for them to be together.

"I think I should be the one to ask that," he said.

"OK lovers don't make the neighbors puke," Mike said with a low tone.

EJ pulled her T-shirt off and folded it in half and lay it over the back of the chair. She reached for the button on her jean shorts and began to take them off.

"That should be illegal," Mike said in a low voice.

"Stop checking out my woman," Lance said with a laugh.

The comment made her look up and when she did she saw that both the men who had escorted her downstairs were staring at her. Her shorts didn't hit the ground as she stepped out of her sandals then stepped out of the leg holes of her shorts. "May I help you?" she asked.

"Maybe later," Lance said with a low growl as he was tying the waistband of his low riding surf shorts. Today they were the navy blue ones, but she'd seen a pile of them up in the room, enough pairs for more than a few people.

"Ok, none of that now," Mike said dropping his hands heavily onto the pages of his magazine, "I'll save you from the fans but I refuse to pull you off each other."

"And that's supposed to be a bad thing?" she asked with a laugh, causing Lance to raise an eyebrow at her.

"Yes," Mike said, "Especially since I'm not sure if you want your lovemaking or whatever to be on the cover of the Enquierer."

Lance's head whipped around for a moment as if he was searching for something then he turned back to EJ. "There are some cameras over there, but don't worry about it ok?"

EJ swallowed slowly as his eyes searched her face. He seemed to be trying to see if she was scared or bothered by the knowledge of the peeping toms. She moved her head a little, making it look like she was watching other people at the pool, but she didn't see anything out of the ordinary. "Are we ok?"

"Perfect," he said softly, "Just don't over do it."

"Overdo what?" she asked.

"Save the hanky panky for later," Mike explained with a nod.

EJ nodded again as Lance held out a hand to her, "Come on Emma, let's go show you off a little and get in the water."


Almost an hour later she and Lance returned to their chairs. They had been having fun playing around in the water and Lance had come to find that people were almost scared to say anything to him. When a beach ball came flying his way he went to go hit it back to some people and the girl that came to grab the ball apologized profusely for bothering him. He gave the girl the ball and flashed her a smile then tried to have a conversation with her, but she almost didn't blink because she was staring at him so hard.

Lance let his eyes wander over her body as she lay next to him. They'd been swimming for too long and they were both now exhausted. The sun was starting to go down and they both had gotten some sun that day and he knew that they needed to go soon, but he resisted looking at his watch and let his eyes linger on her body more.

He knew it was dangerous to do, but his mind began to again remember the dream he'd had about her so many months ago. That last trip she'd bee angry with him, but this time she was playing right along with him.


He got lost in the feeling of her skin against his. Her tank top was paper-thin and her entire upper body was pressed against him.

"EJ?" he asked silently knowing he'd probably regret later interrupting her.

"Yeah," she said in a breathy voice as if she was just as nervous as he was. Her lips found his neck in the dark and he felt her hands curling around him, first caressing his back then sliding lower to the waistband of his boxers.

"Are you still mad at me?" he asked trying to think of something else as her hands explored his body, running along his sides then around to the front.

"No," she said and he felt her tug at the waistband at the front of his shorts.

"Good," he said. Her admission of forgiveness gave him the opportunity he was looking for.

He slid his arms around her and walked more into the room backing her up until they hit the edge of her bed. "Tell me now to go away if you want me to," he said.

"No," she said.

Lance took a breath; paused for a moment to steady his hands then reached for her shirt. He slid it over her head then slid his arms around her until they were skin to skin from the waist up.

They stood there for a moment holding each other, letting each other get comfortable before Lance moved to pick her up then a few moments later they found themselves lying on the bed. EJ lay on her back and Lance was above her trying to stay there with her and not crush her with the weight of his body.

"You ok?" he asked as she seemed to settle herself under him.

"Yes," she said.

With her signal to go ahead Lance leaned and kissed her, moving his hands to the parts of her body he'd only dreamed of touching before.


"Lance," EJ said breaking the silence.

Lance reached and rubbed his eyes pretending that he'd been sleeping behind his sunglasses and not staring at her too hard, lusting over her. "Yeah hon?"

"Can we go get dinner?" she asked, "I'm starting to get cold."

"Sure hon," he said.

"Are you ok?"

He yawned for effect then leaned to sit up and found that he was in a fairly compromising positon. It seemed as if he had gotten a little more excited about his daydream that he should have. "Yeah," he coughed. "I'm gonna go jump in one more time, can you grab my stuff and meet me over on the other side of the pool?"

She nodded and he handed her his sunglasses and shirt and shoes and went and jumped in the water. The shock of the cold water wasn't something he normally would have asked for, but by the time he got to the other side of the pool he knew that he wouldn't embarrass himself on the walk to the elevator and the room.

Lance decided to play a game with EJ to make it seem like the whole pool thing had been something he'd planned for other people. He jumped out of the pool and grabbed her and hugged her to him and smiled as she screamed about him being freezing with the water all over him.




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