Leah adjusted the phone on her shoulder and looked at the pile of clothes in front of her. There were twice as many to do this time and it seemed that only now it was all becoming a reality. She was married and she was a wife…of course she'd known this the last week they'd spent on their honeymoon, but now, faced with two people's laundry to do and a house to deal with she was having some ill thoughts about her husband and their arrangements.

"What's up?" Nicole asked.

"This laundry is a mess."

"That's why they call it laundry," Nicole said with a sigh.

"I know that," Leah said then stopped for a moment, "Are you ok?"

"Yeah," Nicole sighed again, "It's just been a rough week."

"What's going on?" Leah asked, "Is your work-a-holic husband getting on your nerves again?"

"Actually not really," she said.

"What's he up to then?" Leah asked.

"I wouldn't know. I haven't seen him in two days."

"Two days?" she asked as she picked up the laundry pile and began to walk down to the first floor. She could hear JC on his cell phone talking to Alex in LA so she waved and walked towards the laundry room finding that Tahoe was at her feet now pressing a wet nose against her knee. Basically, other than being fed and walked by the neighbor, he'd been by himself and now was trying to make up for the loss of quality time, "I thought I told him to stop working and have a vacation with you while I kidnapped JC for the week."

Nicole sighed. "He's not working."

"He's not working?" Leah pushed through to the laundry room and set the dirty clothes on the washer. "Well then what the hell is he doing and where the hell is he?"

"He's staying at Chris's for two days."

Reaching for the detergent Leah moved the phone to the other ear and twisted open the cap of the bottle. "Are they working on some new project or something?"

"No," Nicole said, "We got into a bit of an argument and well he and I are taking a break from each other."

"Taking a break?" Leah said in shock dropping the detergent. It hit her toe causing her to yell out in pain, which then caused Tahoe to bark.

In what seemed like only a moment JC appeared at the door with a concerned look on his face. He still held the phone to his ear, but he wasn't talking to Alex anymore. "What the hell is going on?"

"Nothing sweetie," Leah said reaching for a paper towel then leaned over to pick up the bottle, "Take Tahoe with you so I don't have to worry about him licking this up.

"You sure you're ok?" he asked.

"Yeah," she said and began to wipe up the mess.

"I've got it Levi," JC said then spoke into the phone, "I'll see you in a day or so. I gotta run."

"Tell Alex good-bye for me," Leah said.

"Leah says goodbye too," JC said.

When Leah straightened back up again she realized that she still held the phone against her ear. "Nicole, you there?"

"Yeah," Nicole said, "What happened?"

Leah looked around for a moment then grabbed the clothes and began to start the washer. "I dropped the detergent on my foot and JC's helping clean up."

"Tell JC hello for me."

"Nicole says hi." Leah looked down at her husband for a moment. "Now get back to this whole separated thing."

"We got in an argument slash discussion slash fight and I told him I needed some time to think."

"What about?" Leah asked hearing the serious tone in her voice.

"I'm pregnant and Lance is starting up a new business. Basically it's just drama."

"You're pregnant?" Leah screamed.

"Yes," Nicole laughed a little at her reaction, "My husband too has…well has the right stuff."

"Oh my god."

"What is going on woman?" JC asked wiping up the last of the detergent before he threw the paper towels into the trash.

"Nicole is pregnant," she said.

"Congratulations," JC said then pushed past Leah and went to finish putting the laundry in the washer. "Honey, go sit down and relax."

"Yes Master," she said then smiled at him. He leaned and pushed her then pushed her gently towards the living room.

"What's that all about?" Nicole asked.

"Nothing," Leah said, "He's been like that since before the wedding when I told him about the baby."

"Really?" Nicole said, "That's so cute. He's going to be such a good daddy."

It didn't take long to find a seat on the couch in the living room and when she put her feet up on the coffee table Tahoe came in, jumped up on the couch and curled up next to her, as if protecting her from something. "SO what is going on with you and your man?"

"Nothing," Nicole said then took a deep breath. Leah could hear it coming before the dam broke and she started to ball. "It all seems to easy, ya know? We're married, he's got a great job, he loves me…I mean I know that, but then there are all the issues between us. Like the fact that I can deal with him being gone a lot, but I don't think our child should have to do that and well he's starting up this business thing and I just--"

"Don't worry about it," Leah said, "If I know Lance he'll be back over there tonight making sure that you and he can stay together."

"Well stay together…I mean I promised that with my vows, but it's going to take some doing to keep us in the same place at the same time. We need to do a little rearranging."

A moment later Nicole had to click over to the other line and then clicked back to say that it was Lance on the phone and they were making plans for the night to talk. Leah hung up the phone feeling a little worried about things. If Lance and Nicole had been together that long and were having trouble dealing with a child coming into their lives how was it going to be for her and JC?



JC stood in the doorway and watched his wife with a critical eye. As soon as she'd hung up the phone a crease formed across her forehead and she was now frowning. Despite her relaxed outfit of soccer shorts and a T-shirt, sleep wear really, she looked stressed. Ever since he'd found out about the baby he'd felt this pull towards her. He had become completely protective of her, not only because of the baby really, but he finally felt that the wedding had reminded him that she was his responsibility now and she needed to be taken care of better than he'd treated her before.

He'd known that the flight back and forth to and from their honeymoon had taken a lot out of her considering that the media had been on their tails about getting pictures of them together not only in the airports, but basically the entire time they were on vacation. This seemed to be a different tired. Of course having to clean up the house and rearrange things a little for the both of them to live there at her place permanently was going to take a little work, but he was trying to help her out as much as possible. He just hoped that she could relax a lot more than she had been. She didn't need any more stress in her life and soon, with him going into the studio and being on tour for another week or so was going to leave her dealing with everything herself.

"What's going on with Lance and Nicole?" he asked.

Leah jumped a little when he disturbed the quiet in the living room and when she looked up at him she still had that worried look on her face. "Drama, like always."

He watched her throw her hands up into the air in frustration. "We don't have normal friends do we?" he said.

"No…None of my friends or your friends can have normal lives…you know that."

When she didn't look like she was going to calm down about it he cautiously asked, "Are you ok?"

She waved for him to come over so he slid in next to her on the couch. They'd had a great honeymoon and had gotten used to being together for more than a few days at a time, but when she'd gotten home she'd been busy and he hadn't spent as much time with her. He'd had business to do and she'd understood, but he was ready to just snuggle up with her and stay away from the world for a while, even phone calls now were disturbing the peace.

Leah nodded and took a breath, "I was just thinking about things…Nicole had a few good points about--"

"Levi, what are you worried about?" he asked knowing full well that she was worried about something. She was about to avoid the subject. It showed in her expression and in the tone of her voice, as if she wanted to bring a subject up with him that needed to be discussed, but she didn't know how to do it. He wasn't going to let her avoid it until later. Not this time. The last time it had almost pulled them apart.

She lifted his arm from where it was next to her and pulled around her so that he could hug her against him. "They've been together for a long time now and they're having troubles--"

"Levi, you and I aren't them," he said turning to look her in the eyes. "I know that it's going to be tough to stay in our kids' lives, but I'm not Lance and my priority wouldn't ever be business over family. I mean there will be times where I can't get out of certain things because of the group, but I'm not going to add anything to my schedule, at least at the moment, that would keep me away from you for more time than I need to be."

"I know," she said and leaned against him, "It just made me think a little…ya know?"

"Well don't worry about it too much," he said. He rubbed a hand down her arm and pulled her in close enough to kiss her temple. "I'm not going to let anything pull us apart."

Leah let out a breath and looked at him, "I know that much."

"You were sounding like you forgot," he said.

"No," she said, "I didn't forget, but Josh this is something we have to think about…something we need to plan for--"

"Whoa…you called me Josh…this can't be good."

"Well its not," she said, "We should talk about stuff like this before it comes up so we don't have to deal with it then."

"What's on your mind honey?"

"What are we going to do when this kid is born?" she asked, "I mean with you working and me working its going to be tough to raise this family."

"We'll work it out honey," he said, "Stars do it all the time and I'll admit it won't be the perfect situation, but we'll make it work for us. If that means spending a million dollars a year on flights back and forth to each other then so be it, but I'm not going to let something silly like physical space come between us."

"I just want us to promise that family comes first. I know that sometimes things won't always accommodate that, but I don't want our son or daughter growing up with out you."

"Sweetie, they won't," he said, "I'll make sure of it."





It didn't take long for him to get on her nerves. He didn't mean to be that over-protective with her, but he couldn't help it after the scare he'd had earlier when he'd heard her scream. He had heard a million people scream at him, but her scream had been one of pain and he hadn't realized it until later, but it frightened him to know that she was in trouble. He'd always worried about her, but now that he knew she was carrying his child it made it worse.

He'd always heard about husbands getting upset at their wives for banishing them out of the house or into the other room, but he saw it almost as a blessing, at least this time in particular. The one good thing about her being a little upset at him, he thought evilly, was that he could retreat into the dining room to work and not feel bad about abandoning her. Lately he'd felt so connected to her that he almost hated to even let her out of his site.

He'd been working on the laptop and the keyboard for a while before she came in and told him not to use the headphones. He'd gotten so into his computer lately that he'd gotten a home mixer on the laptop. It wasn't something he'd probably make a final version from, but at least he could play around with the mixing on songs and record background music for demos from any location in the world. He'd been working on some new material that he'd come up with in his head on the honeymoon. He'd promised her that he wouldn't work while on their honeymoon, but now that he was home he was trying to make up for it before he had to go back on the road. They were almost done with the tour which in his eyes was a good thing, but at the same time he knew that when he was thrown back into town with everyone he wasn't going to be able to work due to the distractions.

"I wanna hear," she said leaning over the table to look at the program on the laptop.

He pulled the headphones down around his neck then leaned back in the chair and smiled at her. "Honey, you don't want to hear me squeaking and squawking in here," he said with a smile, "I thought that I was bothering you."

"You were, but I got lonely and you've been telling me that I need to rest, so I'm resting." She slid into a comfortable perch on his lap and wrapped an arm around his neck, "Besides, I love your squeaking and squawking."

He placed a kiss quickly on her lips. "Thank you," he said as moved to pull the headphones plug from the keyboard. He normally just listened to his tinkering around on the keyboard through the headphones so that he didn't bother anyone.

When her bottom moved in his lap he leaned and pressed a kiss to her neck, "You know its moves like that which got you into your current delicate condition. Unless you want twins, I suggest you stop moving."

She of course had to wiggle a little more before she threw him a huge smile, "I'll leave you to your genius." A kiss was placed gently on his cheek before she pushed herself away from him.

He grabbed her and pulled her back to him. "Nu-uh," he said with a laugh, "You're not going to come in here, wiggle all around in my lap then leave without giving me a real kiss."

She gave him an innocent look. "I'm not trying to be naughty."

"No," he said, "He said I'm sure that you're a perfect angel, but the effect is still the same."

"Well it's good to know that I can still turn my husband on after all these days," she laughed and finally leaned in for a kiss.



It was late when Leah finally got to their bed that night. She'd finished the laundry, despite JC's attempts to get her to rest. Finally she banished him to the other room to work on some music and had spent the rest of the time folding laundry. Hearing parts of some new material he was working on as he pounded away on the keyboard and computer that he'd set up in the dining room made her feel better. She was starting to get concerned about him pampering her too much. For the moment she hadn't really had much happen with her pregnancy and she felt like she didn't want to take care of his helpful nature this soon in the game. She knew, from watching that show on Lifetime, that whole Baby Story thing, that she'd need his patience later.

"Levi you need to get to bed earlier than this," JC said from where he was already sitting in bed. He was sitting on top of the comforter, dressed in just boxer shorts showing off his newly acquired tan, while scribbling away on a legal-sized pad of paper. She guessed that after she'd sent him up alone to pack while she'd stacked all the clean clothes into the basket to put away later he must have gotten an idea for a song or something.

"I know. I know," she said, "But you had laundry that needed to get done and I needed something to do since--"

"Sweetie...it's five days," he said, "I don't know how many hours that is, but it's probably less than two hundred."

"I know," she said sadly tugging on the hem of her giant blue House of Blues T-shirt and walked to the far side of the bed from where she'd been near the closet. She'd spent the week before wearing more provocative outfits that she'd gotten at her shower, but that night she wanted to be comfortable. JC finally put down the pad of paper he was writing on shoving that and his pen onto the nightstand and pulled back the covers for her then moved a little so he could get under the covers too.

Sighing at his helpful nature she slid automatically in next to him and immediately cuddled up to him. A moment later she felt the bed shake and just as JC reached over to turn out the lights she saw Tahoe settling himself at their feet.

"I know, I know," he said apologizing as she gave him a hard look. He rolled back over to her and she moved again back into the position she'd first cuddled up to him with, "I'm sorry."

"I'm gonna miss you this week," she said with a sigh pressing her cheek against his bare chest.

"I would bring you with me, but you seem kinda low on energy right now," he said.

"I'm not an invalid just yet honey. I'm just tired from the traveling and stuff. I can't stand up to the professional," she said leaning to place a kiss on his chest right where his heart had been beating in her ear. "I kinda liked having you to myself," she said remembering the last week's activities. There had been some problems avoiding the press, but basically they got to spend a lot of time together without having a schedule tell them when and where they had to be. It wouldn't seem like that would be such an amazing thing, but for her it was better than anything that their friends could have given them for wedding presents.

"I liked having you to myself too," JC said sleepily, letting out a yawn finally. "When I get back we'll have a week or so of time together. I'll come and hang out at Sweet Pea's a little and maybe I can get the chef to give me some cooking lessons or something."

She nodded and yawned into the darkness. "Wake me up before you leave tomorrow?" she asked.

"Of course," he said with a nod as his arms readjusted her a little in his arms so that his one arm was around her, and the opposite arm was curled so that he could place a hand on her stomach.





The car slowed to a stop in front of the storefront and he scooted across the seat to the curbside of the car to get out. "Thanks for the ride C," he said patting Chris on the back.

"No trouble."

"By JC," Dani said from the front seat of the PT Cruiser turning to wave at him.

"Bye sweet cheeks," he said with a laugh then slid from the car.

Home. He looked up at the sign above him and took a deep breath then made his way to the door. He'd gotten back to Orlando just a few hours before and after making sure that his things would just be left at the compound for him to get the next day he'd hi-jacked Chris's car to take him into town.

"Welcome to Sweet Pea's," the young hostess said.

JC let a smile curve onto his lips as he watched the new girl. She looked to be in high school and he saw the recognition in her eyes that she knew who he was, but he had a feeling that she didn't know that he was there as the owner's husband. She seemed nervous, but smiled at him when he smiled at her, "Is the owner around?"

"Umm," she started to say.

"No one is in trouble," he said putting his hands up. He thought he needed to reassure her that everything was ok because she looked like she might be one of those kids that cries when they get in trouble, "I just need to talk to her."

"Umm," she said and looked back over her shoulder, "She was in the bar, but I haven't seen her in the last little while. She might be back in the office...I can call back there."

"No," he said instantly, "Don't call...I know the way."

"Umm...Ok," she said.

"Thanks," he said.

JC walked past the front desk and made his way to the bar. With a smile and a wave he pushed back behind the bar and went through into the back part of the restaurant. He could hear her on the phone, rambling about some liqueur shipment that seemed to be late.

"I don't care if there was a storm in Cleveland...my bottles should have been here

three days ago," she said firmly.

JC walked up behind her and without warning grabbed up the phone from her hand, "Leah has to go now."

He placed the phone back on the receiver and then got hit with an arm.

"Why'd you do that?" she said angrily.

He turned his head a little to the side and smiled at her. "Because--"

"You scared me half to death in the first place sneaking back here, and then you shove down the phone in the middle of my conversation? What's gotten into you?"

"Levi you need to not be stressing out so much," he said.

A sigh escaped her mouth and she put a hand to her forehead. "I've had a long week," she said then looked at him again, "Wait...what day is today? I thought you were supposed to be back tomorrow?"

"I was supposed to be back tomorrow," he said, "But I missed my wife so we came home early."


"Everyone thought it was stupid to stay another night in Miami so we packed up after the show last night and came home," he said, "Well except for Justin who already had flight plans out for tomorrow to go find his woman."

"That stinks that she's so far away," Leah said leaning back in her chair.

"So what is it gonna take for me to kidnap you and take you home with me?" he asked.

"I can't JC," she said, "I planned to have the next few months off, but tonight it's me and the crew."

JC's forehead began to crease with worry lines. "Then," he said moving in to kiss her cheek, "Tell me that you'll have dinner with me."

She blushed and turned in her seat a little, "I'll have dinner with you, but for the moment you need to get out of here and I need to get back to work."

"Fine," he sighed but didn't move away. "Can I have your keys?"

"My keys?"

"Yeah," he said, "I had Chris drop me off and I need to go back and get my stuff and take it home and I'll grab a shower and change clothes--I've got a date tonight ya know."

"This date of yours must be a lucky woman," she said.

"I hope she thinks she is," he said, "It's not every day that I shower for my dates."

"Gross," she said hitting at him playfully then handed over the keys.

"I love you," he said a moment later as he pushed his way out of the office.

"I love you too," she called after him.

"I'll see you in a few hours."


The phone rang and JC lifted his head from the bed to look around the room. For a moment he didn't remember where he was then it hit him. He'd gotten home and had unpacked a bit then had showered, but had never made it back to Sweat Pea's. He was still dressed in only the towel that he'd wrapped around his waist when he'd left the shower.



He rubbed his face a few times. "Yeah."

"Thank God. I thought something happened to you."


"It's almost twelve," she said, "I'm on my way home. I've been calling all night but I guess--"

"Awe Levi," he said sitting up, "I'm sorry. I totally got home and was getting ready and I must have sat down on the bed or something and fallen asleep."

"It's ok," she said, "Tonight was too busy to take a break anyway."

"Look, why don't you come home and we'll watch a movie or something and--"

"I'm almost there," she said, "Can you pop some popcorn for me?"

"Popcorn?" he asked.

"Popcorn so I can have it with my easy cheese."

"Easy cheese."

"Cravings honey," she said, "I'll see you in a few minutes."


JC got up off the bed, threw on a pair of boxers and a pair of shorts over them and went down to the kitchen to wait for her.


He loaded two bowls, milk, spoons and the cereal onto the cookie sheet and carefully walked out of the kitchen; through the living room then at the bottom of the stairs he looked over at Tahoe and said, "Where's Leah?" The dog stared at him for a moment then ran up the stairs.

By the time he got up the stairs and to her room he could hear Leah pushing Tahoe away. "Down Tahoe. You know better," she scolded.

JC turned the corner into her room hoping that his arrival would be taken well. He felt stupid for being so nervous, but breakfast in bed wasn't his normal routine and he found himself wanting to make the morning perfect for her. He'd felt bad enough as it was to have fallen asleep on her then overstayed his welcome on her couch and he viewed the breakfast treat as a little peace offering to ease any tension that might be between them.

"Morning," he said softly.

Leah jumped and pulled the covers up to her chin. He could tell that she was wearing a T-shirt, but he liked to see that she was a little modest. Boo would have thrown the covers off and attacked him.

Stop it C; stop bringing Boo into this. It's just you and Leah…and Tahoe.

"Morning," she finally replied and sat back on her pillows.

"Sorry about falling asleep last night." He stayed by the door still unsure if she'd let him into the room.

"It's ok," Leah said softly.

JC stepped further into the room. "I thought I'd make you breakfast, but since my cooking skills stop after making Top Ramen I decided that cereal would be good."

Leah smiled, "Come on in then before it gets cold."

Seeing that she was in a good mood JC stepped towards her and a moment later found Leah scooting over for him. She pushed the unoccupied pillow over for him to lean against then held the tray while he settled himself next to her, carefully arranging his robe around himself. "I feel like Hugh Hefner in this thing."


"I think I can handle popcorn," he said talking to himself as he moved around the kitchen. He'd done it before, he could do it again.




The siren outside made him look up from the popcorn he was making and he held his breath hoping to God that nothing serious had happened to Leah. He'd been that way all week fearing that something would happen to her whole he was gone and he wouldn't be there for her when she needed him. It had caused him to not sleep for two of the five nights, until he called her in the middle of the night to tell her that he loved her. It was kind of pathetic, but he had this great fear of losing her.

His fears were settled later when Leah came in the front door. She turned and waved to a car that had dropped her off. "Shit," he said moving out of the kitchen to find her carrying the bag of popcorn with him. "I was supposed to come back and get you."

"I love you too," she said as he walked over and hugged her, setting the bag on thecounter. "It's ok. It's on Sean's way home."

JC found himself leaning a little to see if he could see the car that was driving away but it was too dark outside to do so. "Sean?"


"Patty's Sean?" he asked hoping that it was someone he at least knew that was taking care of his wife instead of some stranger off the street.

She moved her arms around so that when he hugged her she could hold onto his waist instead of his shoulders, which also let her get a lot closer to him. She nodded against his chest. "We lost another bartender and needed a new one and he needed the work so he's been taking some shifts."

"That's too bad," he said. He hated that the business was a bit shaky since Patty had left to go to LA. He knew that her career had taken her there, but he wished that her career would leave her in Orlando so that she and Leah could have the same friendship they'd had before any of them had gotten mixed up in their lives.

She nodded again then moved away from him. "Where's Tahoe?" she asked.

"Crap. I left him out back because I thought I'd just be here for a while."

"You didn't feed him?"

He shrugged. "I forgot."

She shook her head in disgust at the situation. It was something that his mother did all the time. He usually felt bad when things happened to him at home, but with his wife the scolding seemed doubly harsh. He didn't want to make her upset. She had to deal with enough already without his issues coming in. "JC you need to go back up and go to bed for at least two days. Your memory is going." She walked towards the back of the house, "I hope you don't do this when the baby comes.

"I know, I know. Today was a long day and coming home early didn't help things," he said and followed her out into the backyard. "It's not an excuse...believe me it won't happen again."

"Tahoe!" she called half ignoring his rambling.

Tahoe came running towards them, but ran straight for the table where the popcorn was in the house. He was up and eating out of the bag before they could stop him.

JC ran over to grab the bag away and popcorn went flying. He thought for a moment that he'd be in trouble, but soon he found Leah sitting on the floor next to him laughing and picking popcorn out of his hair.

"You're just having a bad day aren't you honey?" she asked.

He shrugged, "I'm gonna get a ten on the cheese meter for this, but no day is a bad day when I'm at home with you."

"Awe," she said and began to touch her eye as if wiping away some tears.

He leaned and kissed her then looked around. "Is it ok if Tahoe is eating this popcorn?"

"No," she said.

"Crap," he tried to grab at Tahoe, but got only a growl in response.

"It shouldn't hurt him," she said when she saw the worried look on his face.

"But you said--"

"I said I didn't think it was ok." She pouted, "It was my popcorn."

"Great," he sighed, "Isn't having one of us being in show business enough?" He took the bag and stood up. "You need to keep to the amateur theater honey." He threw a hand out to her and pulled her up. "Let's make you some more popcorn and the easy cheese then go up and get in bed."

"That is some kinky food you want to play with there big guy," she said with a smile.

"Hey," he shrugged, "Those were your choices not mine. I'm more of a honey, whipped cream, chocolate sauce kind of guy."

"Oooh," she said, "That sounds good."

"You're crazy on this food thing now aren't you?" he asked.

"Just a little," she said, "But I'm eating for two."

"Yeah but the baby is only as big as your finger right now," he said.

"Which finger?" she asked using her middle one on him, "Give me a break. This is the only time in a woman's life where she can eat anything and everything and not feel guilty about it."

"You feel guilty about eating stuff?" he asked.

"Don't worry about my eating habits," she said, "Do I look like I'm wasting away?"

"No," he said, "But answer the question anyway."

"Every girl at one point in their lives feels fat," she said, "It's a fact of life. Some people let it take control of them and some ignore the feeling and move on. I took over a freaking restaurant because I loved food so much."

"Are you sure?"

She turned and looked at him, "JC don't look so worried. You know I'd come to you if something was wrong with me. I'm fine. I'm pregnant and hungry, but I'm fine."

He smiled at her and leaned to kiss her before they went into the kitchen. He walked behind her watching her closely to see that she truly was ok. He would have stared harder, but she stopped him.

"What are you looking at?"


"Do you always stare at people?" Leah asked with a nervous laugh.

"Sorry," JC pushed himself up in his chair and looked around a little confused how the conversation had turned towards him. He found himself alone at the table and wondered why Lance had disappeared. He felt more than a little foolish for losing himself into his thoughts. He tried not to do that in public. He didn't want everyone to think that he was some kind of airhead because he couldn't follow a conversation for more than a few minutes.

When Patty suddenly appeared at the table JC flashed her a smile. She gave him a strained smile in return then leaned and whispered something into Leah's ear, covering her mouth so that he couldn't see. He wondered what was going on, but soon found that it was something important when Leah pushed back her chair, rose to her feet and spoke softly, "Would you excuse me for a moment?"

"Sure," he said lazily glad for the moment to be alone and collect himself.

To keep himself occupied he picked up a fork and twirled it in his hand then let his eyes drift to Leah's figure as she maneuvered around tables on her way out of the room. His eyes shifted down to her backside as she walked away. In her fitting slacks her ass swayed as she walked through the narrow walkway then took a step up into the bar area. JC gripped the fork in his left hand and spread the fingers out on his right hand and stared at them.

Just about that size, he thought and dropped the fork to the floor. He grabbed for it and looked around wondering all the while if anyone had seen his reaction to her.


"Nothing," he said with a smile, "Let's get your food and get to bed."

"It's still early honey."

"Yeah well if I'm gonna run around after you for the next few weeks I'm gonna need my strength."

"If you say so," she said.

"I do," he said.

"Funny, you told me something like that a few weeks ago," she said.

"I think that I do was a little more important than this one," he said.

"Not when you're talking to a pregnant lady about food."


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