Sleep is always a good thing and I love to sleep at home.  It's taken some getting used to, sleeping with Addison next to me every night, but now that I'm used to waking up in the middle of the night to pull her close, if she wasn't there I know I wouldn't be able to sleep.  After a party night, like last night, I like to sleep in as late as possible.  Late is a relative thing considering that we got home this morning really instead of last night.  Before I went to bed last night I closed the drapes on the bedroom windows and when I even start to wake up, my head seems to automatically shove itself underneath the nearest pillow even if it's fairly dim in the room.


I can hear my name being whispered fairly loudly next to my ear.  Breath hits my ear and my neck and I moved my face in the other direction, away from the annoyance.  I don't know how many times it's been said near me, but I guess it's been a few times since the tone is a little harsh now.  I reach and scratch my face in my sleep then turn over and bury my face into the pillow even more, praying that it really is just a dream and that it's not time to get up yet.

Turning over seems to work to stop my name being called out for a moment, but soon I'm feeling a hand sliding across my back and a female hand curling around my side.  I shiver a bit as it hits a ticklish spot at my side.

"I know you're awake," I hear from behind me as a warm body is pressed against my back.  "Baby.  Wake up.  I wanna talk to you."

"Addy," I groan, "Honey it's too early."

"It's almost two," she says tickling my side.  Her whine is a cute whine that I'm not at all really annoyed with.  "I woke up and I can't go back to sleep."

I lick my lips and roll over onto my back so I can see her.  I don't open my eyes, just pucker my lips until hers press against mine.  When we're lip to lip, I untangle my arms from the sheets and pull her against me.

She squeals a bit with the action and starts to laugh.  "I knew you were awake."

"I was asleep," I say opening my eyes.  I pull an arm away from her to reach to rub my eyes then squint a bit trying to focus on her.  She makes me happy.  I don't know why I have to remind myself of that, but as soon as I push myself up to see her I start to remember the night before, falling into bed and making love, and then before that.  The party and seeing Tammy again.

Addison moves up on her elbows and lifts a finger to my cheek, touching my skin ever so lightly.  "You ok?"  There is concern in her voice, definitely not something that I want to be the cause of.  "You just got this look--"

"Yeah," I say, "I was just thinking about this strange dream I had."


"Yeah," I say, "It was one of those show up naked in front of a million and one people naked dreams."

"That's not so bad," she flirts with me.  "You naked."

"Not in front of a million and one people!" I say playing along with her.

"No," she says leaning to kiss me, "I guess being naked like that wouldn't be good...buuuttt--"  She draws out the word and smiles at me.  "You and me taking a long hot shower then getting dressed and going down to the Ivy for breakfast sounds good."

"Not Ivy," I say wrinkling my nose.  She looks hurt by my comment.  She's sensitive sometimes about me shying away from the public.  When I'm working I don't mind people knowing my every move, but on my days off I like to do more low key things.  She's never really understood the two sides of me.  I love the Ivy, don't get me wrong, but when you're looking at a half hang over, being caught by popperazzi isn't really the way I want to spend my morning.  "How about we go grab Krispy Kreme's and go up to the hills and watch the mountain bikers wipe out."  I take a deep breath.  "We could go down to Malibu and see if Pam will let us out onto the beach."

"That sounds better," she says with a smile.  "Can we walk on the beach and hang out a little while?"

"Sure," I say knowing that the beach is private.  There might be pictures taken from far away, but there isn't a chance of someone being up in our faces as we walk.

"Good," she says, "Let's get in the shower then."

Addison jumps up playfully then latches a hand around my wrist pulling me into the bathroom.  We've got a stand up shower and a jacuzzi tub, something that I had fun taking advantage of when I was single and still like to relax in, but now that there are two of us, the fun has doubled.

"Boxers," Addison says.

I look up at where she's already in the two person shower and look down finding that I'm just standing here watching her, boxers still on.

"That a boy," she says with a laugh as I step into the shower with her.  She's turned on both the shower heads and is adjusting the side jets to spray on us.

"You're gonna get it," I say pulling her into the sprays of water that meet in the middle of the shower.  She screams a bit as the cooler water hits her.  I turn my back into the water and she leans against me, curling towards me.  "Better?" I ask.

She nods and curls her arms around me.  I can feel the cool metal of her wedding ring on her finger and I move mine around with my thumb a bit, pausing a moment to enjoy the feeling of having a few minutes of alone time.

"Shower honey," she finally says and moves to get her hair wet, "My tummy grumbling is going to disturb the neighbors."

"No it won't," I say with a laugh, stepping into the free spray of water next to hers.  "The sound of me snoring probably did them in a few hours ago."

Her hands move over her hair, manipulating it until all of it is wet.  She turns back to me, "Yeah.  I guess you're right."

Splashing some water at her I watch her reach for her shampoo and reach for my own.  If I don't keep my hands busy right now I'm going to regret it later.  We need to go out today, we need to eat and we probably should go grocery shopping, something that we both hate to do, but it needs to get done before Addison leaves for two days up to San Francisco to see her sister.

"Did you get your laundry done for your trip?" I ask.

"Yeah," she says, "I didn't have that much to do so it was easy.  I'm only going to be gone for two days."  Rubbing the soap into her hair she watches me.  "Are you sure that you can't come up with me?"

I nod that I can't.  "Wendy and Jesse and I have that meeting about the new scripts for our next project.  If we don't get this stuff done tomorrow or the next day it's going to push back the whole production schedule."  I rattle off the information as if I really know what I'm talking about.  Yeah, I do have a whole bunch of experience at this, but it just doesn't sound right coming out of my mouth.  I keep wondering when everyone will find out I'm a fraud and that I haven't a clue how to do anything in the entertainment industry.

"Ok," she sighs and steps back under the water to rinse the shampoo from her hair.

I hate that I can't go.  San Francisco is awesome this time of year and Addison's sister lives just across the bay from the city on the way up to the wine country on a ranch that no one would expect was a part of horse breeding history.  They're ranchers and racers and this year they're supposed to make a run at the Kentucky Derby this year.  Addison is going up to celebrate her sister's birthday and as much as I'd love to disappear for a few days onto the ranch, I have work to do.

"You sure?"

"Yeah," she says turning back towards me.  She smiles then takes a step over and kisses me.  "Let's get breakfast.  I've gotta leave pretty early tomorrow so we can't get breakfast tomorrow together."

I nod and turn back to my shower hoping that she really isn't upset.

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