My heart is beating wildly as Lance steps away from me.  Normally when the passion sparks between us there is more time to fully carry out our intentions, but the interruption makes us both a little on edge.  I can't read his mind, but I have a feeling that if we weren't interrupted I'd be half naked on the counter with him right now.  The thought makes all the blood in my body run to my head.  I turn towards the sink for a moment then move around to the cupboards to find a glass, keeping my seriously flushed face away from whoever is coming in the house.

I hear mumbled conversation then only one set of footsteps coming up behind me.  I feel strange for going through the cupboards without really being invited to do so, but I need something to distract myself with since clearly the person is going to know what's been going on in here from just the look on my face. 

The feet stop.  "You want a frosty one?"

I jump at the sound of the voice behind me and turn around.  I hate being this jumpy.  I'm not normally this way.  I'm a confident girl.  I may have my thoughts about Lance being with some other woman, but what girl doesn't have that cross her mind at least once.  The difference between me and them is at least I don't act insecure or nervous in public.

"Lance usually keeps a few cold mugs in the freezer," the girl says with a warm smile.  "It's hot as hell out there--"  She nods towards the back door and I finally get a look out into the backyard.  It's elaborately set up with a pool a tiny slide and a waterfall.  In the corner is a hot tub that is above the ground covered with a gazebo that looks to be redwood from here, which of course matches the fence around the yard.

"Yeah," I say and keep my eyes off the girl.  I suddenly feel jealous that another woman is in the house.  I don't know what the instant territorial thing is about, but I don't want anyone else in here with us.  I'm sure that we're going to be around people the whole rest of the weekend, but the few moments of quiet time with Lance really was something I would have liked to continue.

"I'm Stacey by the way," she says with a smile and hands over a mug out of the fridge, "Lance's sister--since he so rudely decided that he needed to--"

Footsteps on the floor come towards us.  "Rudely decided to do what?"

"Nothing," Stacey said and looked at me.

Lance comes into the kitchen and grabs a mug from Stacey and hands it to me then grabs one for himself and sets his on the counter.  "You want a soda Seven?"

"Sure," I say and watch him get the sodas and pour me one.  Again I keep my eyes off of Stacey, but I can feel her watching me across the room.  I hate that feeling--that hairs on the back of your neck standing up feeling when you know you want to turn around and see who is staring at you, but also don't want to get caught staring back.  I don't think I'm being graded on my personality or interaction with Lance, but I'm cautious anyway.

He glances at me for a second when I am quiet.  "Stacey--" His voice almost cracks as he nervously moves around to the breakfast bar to sit down.  "This is Tammy.  Tammy, this is my nosy sister Stacey."

I look at his sister and smile and take my drink into my hands.  "Nice to meet you."

I give him a warning look and he puts an arm out and pulls me around the edge of the breakfast bar and pulls me up against his hip to stand.  He puts an arm around  my waist and brings me close, kissing me quickly, so that I can't react to him.  "It's ok Seven."

"I know," I sigh and try not to seem too nervous.  I look at Stacey then back at Lance.  "I hate to excuse myself so quickly, but is it ok if I use the restroom?"

"Sure,"  Lance pointed to the hall.  "It's right down there to the right."

Stacey gasped for breath.  "Lance. Show her."

Lance did as he was told and pulled me away from the kitchen to show me the restroom.  Surely I could have found it myself, but he stopped me before I went in.  "I love you--you know that, right?"

"I know."  I try not to stumble over my words, but once I've got my hand on the door to the bathroom I really feel like escaping.  I didn't really need to go to the restroom, but to get away from the pressure of standing there I wanted out of the kitchen.

"Kiss me."  His voice isn't demanding really.  More soft and reassuring as he asks me for the kiss.

I lean and touch lips with him.  "I'll be out in a minute."

"I'll try and get rid of my sister so we can finish--"  He blushes a bit when he says it.  "I'll get rid of her so we can have time alone."

I nod and turn into the restroom trying not to look too much like I'm escaping him for a bit.

I stand alone in the bathroom for a moment, staring at myself in the mirror that hangs over the sink.  It's a small clean room and I sigh.  This bathroom is twenty times nicer than our place in Los Angeles.  The sink and the top of the cabinet are marble and everything else in the room looks like something out of a magazine.  We've got a pretty nice place in Los Angels, but this--the room and the laid back atmosphere of the neighborhood is what I know that Lance will never find in Los Angeles.  It depresses me considerably.  I know that I want to stay in Los Angeles for work, but I have a feeling that Lance needs to be home here in Mississippi.


When I return to the kitchen a few minutes later Lance is sitting off in the large family room that is connected to the kitchen.  He's alone with his eyes closed, feet up on the curved dark blue couch.  His legs and arms are sprawled out almost as if he landed there--too tired to sit properly.  The room is very relaxed, much like his posture.  The overhead lights are off, leaving the room to be lit by the sunlight outside and the light walls scream of comfort not constraint.  Although the place is professionally decorated, it doesn't look too put together.  There are family photos on the shelves near the television and a few house plants that seem to be well cared for even though this isn't his main residence anymore.

"Hey," he says opening his eyes slightly.  I love his eyes when he's sleepy.  His lashes seem to extend and the color of green that he was born with gets darker, almost a blue green rather than the lighter shade that they become when he's more awake.  "Seven."  His chest rises and falls, stretching the white t-shirt over his chest and stomach.  "Come here."  He touches the belt buckle of his jeans and moves his hips off the cushion a fraction of an inch before settling back into the padding of the couch.

I stay away from him, but walk at least into the room so he can see me without moving his head.  My hands automatically start to rub themselves together nervously.   I fiddle with the ring on my pinky and seriously put on the acting school shameful look.  I stare at my feet and don't look up until I'm halfway through my next sentence. "I didn't mean to make such a fuss that she had to leave."

He takes a breath and holds it then lets it out tiredly.  "She was just stopping by to say hi, to tell us about dinner and probably to doing some spying for my mom.  She told me she thought she scared you when she walked up.  She didn't mean to interrupt us and she didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable."  His lips stick together and he watches me with concern.  "She didn't mean to scare you off like that and--"  He waved a hand for her to come over to him.  "And you didn't run her out of here."

"Are you sure?"

He smiles at me.  "Seven come here."  He sits up, leaving one leg on the length of the couch and bends the other so that his foot can sit on the floor.  He pats the spot of cushion that is free for me to sit on.  "Sit down."

I do as he asks, sitting so that my lower back is against his leg that is stretched out.  The couch is a velvety texture and the overstuffed cousins feel good after sitting in an airplane seat and a car seat.  "I'm sorry I'm so uptight about this but--"

"Just relax."  His hand reaches out and touches my thigh.  "Really it's not that complicated."

"I'm sorry that I'm--"  I know I'm blushing.  I don't have a mirror to look in, but I know I'm blushing.  "You caught me off guard with that kiss in the kitchen and when she came in I totally thought she was--"

He sighs and it turns into a yawn.  It's only two in the afternoon California time--about four in the afternoon Mississippi Time, but he's had a long week and an especially long day.  "Seven.  My family isn't going to say or do anything to embarrass you.  You've talked to them on the phone to know that.  They like you already.  They've just never met you in person."

I nod.  "It's just a little nerve wreaking.  I don't want them to get a bad impression of me."

"They won't."  He scoots closer to me and puts his arms around me.  "How about we go get changed, hop in the pool for a bit then grab a shower and get ready for dinner.  My mom and dad are probably just going to barbeque, but we should grab a swim before we go over."

I nod tiredly.

His hand moves to my lower back and he pushes me up off the couch.

He takes my hand as we go up the back stairs.  "My stuff?"

"It's already up there.  I ran it up to my bedroom when Stacey first got here."


The master bedroom has to be the biggest room in the house.  It sits on the far side of the house from the living room and has windows that look out the front of the house, two that face the side of the house and a window that looks down over the back yard.

The front half of the long room is a sitting area.  There is a short couch and a chair and a desk and computer set up.  The back part of the room is the bedroom part of the room.  Two huge armors are along one wall and there is a lower set of drawers next to a huge four poster bed.  The walls are white and clean and the room is only decorated with the necessities.  The back window runs almost all the way across the wall leaving a great view of the backyard and the pool.

"If you want to hang anything up," he says as he puts his bag on the bed, "There's room in the walk in closet."

"Thanks."  I don't feel comfortable here.  I want to and I'm sure that he wants me to, but I don't.

When Lance closes up the blinds that cover the back window he turns around and smiles at me.  "Not that anyone is going to look--"  He moves to his bag, grabs out a pair of board shorts that I got him from this surf shop on Venice Beach then kicks out of his shoes and starts to take off his belt and his jeans.

I pay attention to my own outfit and find my bikini and start to change into it.

"Jesus," I hear him sigh and look up just as I'm pulling off my bra.

"What?" I ask innocently, not looking up at him.  I know exactly what he's swearing at.

"Do we have to go swimming?"  I look up and see that he's frozen and his eyes are clearly staring at my newly naked chest.  He's stopped mid tie and now his fingers are wrapped into the string in an awkward way.

"It's hot," I say and pick up my top and start to move it around so that the top is covering all the parts that it should.  "Since you've mentioned the pool I think my brain is stuck on the idea of getting in that pool."

I watch him swallow and smile.  I want to tell him that I'll have a night full of sex with him later, but I can't get the words out.  He's staring at me and licking his lips and it's making me nervous for some reason.

He finally seemed to straighten up and takes a deep breath.  "I'm going to need a dip in some cold water after that."

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