I've added a few more stories!  They're coming in slowly but surely :)


Wow... only 2 days late :)  I've had computer issues and all that... but the stories are now up!  Some of them anyway.  A lot of the authors needed a few more days to get their stories turned in (I know how that goes *ahem*) so hopefully within the next week or so we'll have them all up!  Please click on over and check out the ones that are completed though :)   I'd also like to give a huge THANK YOU to all of the authors who participated :)  This was my first challenge and a good learning experience. :)  *hugs*


*whew* We're about halfway through!  I've put up the submit page so that when you're finished with your story you can submit it to the site to post on May 1st.  Don't forget!!  The deadline is May 1st!   That gives you a little more than a month.  I am sending out emails to all of the authors tonight, so id you are one and didn't get an email, please email me as soon as possible.  Thanks!!


All righty guys!  I just wanted to take a minute to remind you all of two important rules because I've received a couple emails asking me about them. YES - you will need to use at least 7 of the 23 words listed.  (rule 4) It doesn't matter which 7 or how you use them, but they need to be there, and you'll need to tell me which 7 you used.  NO - it can not be just a drabble.  (rule 3) It needs to be a full story.  Beginning, middle and end.  There must be a recognizeable plot.  I know that drabbles or scenes are easier, and may be your style, but the reason for this challenge was to get stories, not scenes/drabbles.   Please make sure that whatever you submit is a story.

I don't want to be a meany by strictly enforcing those rules, but I can if I have to.   I want this challenge to be fun for everyone, including the readers who may come here looking for stories.  Please don't make me have to enforce either of these. :)


Woo HOO!  All of the songs have been assigned.  In fact, I had to turn people away which was not at all what I expected.  Due to the great response, I think I'll be doing a round 2 after this is done - to give others a chance to write.  I'll have to think of other guidelines and stuff though.  Hrm.

Anyway - to all of the writers who are participating this time - THANK YOU!  I hope you have a great time with the stories... the lyrics are all amazing so you shouldn't have a problem.  I'll but up the story submission page soon so you can send in the links whenever you're ready.  Of course you have until May 1st but I know some people might get them done sooner. :)

Speaking of which, I'm going to wait until I have all of the stories submitted (or May 1st - whichever comes first) before posting them so it can be an event.  An event for me anyway :)  Any questions or comments about this whole challenge, you can direct them here:  Challenge@amyk.nu


All righty - almost all of the songs have been claimed.  In fact, the only one still available is "Victoria" which might be a challenge.  But anyway.   I've decided to keep it at one author per song this time.  But what I'm planning on doing is (if this goes well) to have a round 2 with the same songs/lyrics, with different participants. :)  So that will be in May some time I'm guessing.

For everyone who submitted a request this time but didn't get a song, I'm sorry you missed it :(  Maybe next time!  In the meantime though, write what you want!   John Mayers lyrics are truly inspiring, so even if its not part of this challenge, you can always still write on your own :)

Thank you everyone!  Keep checking back for updates as stories are posted!

And "Man on the side" and "Covered in rain" have two authors because I goofed up and gave them to the first people who asked for them... and forgot to post that they were taken, then gave them away again. Because I'm lame like that.  So to be fair, I'm letting them all keep the stories because it was my mistake. :)   Blah.  But that's all.


Wow!  Open only a few hours and I've already got 8 people signed up!  That means there are 15 songs still up for grabs!  If I get them all assigned really quick, I might open it up to two authors per song... hrmm... I'm not sure though.   Eh, we'll have to see where this goes. :)  Thanks to everyone who signed up already and to Scott - he was the very first person to respond!


I opened this challenge today!  There's no one signed up yet, but give it time!   Please take a look around and if there's anything that needs changed, fixed or clarified - please let me know!  challenge@amyk.nu

Thank you for taking the time to check it out!