There are so many people that I need to thank... I'm going to try not to miss any!!

My parents and my offline friends:  (yeah I know they'll never read it.) Thank you so much for reading my crappy stories when I was younger and telling me they were great.  Without that kind of support and encouraging I doubt I'd be writing today.  Even though none of you are reading (or WILL read) anything I'm writing now, it's because of you guys that I'm doing this. :)

Chris:   :)   (and that's all I've gotta say)

Carrie: Ahhh, the leading woman in "Player Days" and the inspiration behind "Father Figure" and "Take My Breath Away".   Many thanks for all of your help!  You've been a great venting board and idea-bouncer-offer from the start. :)

Willow:   Egads.  Where do I start?  I found this kid (and I use that term affectionately here) over at and read my very first slash fic ever.   "Midnight Confessions" was the first story to seriously knock me off my feet and bow down to chant "I'm not worthy!".  You opened that little door into the slash fic world and now I can't get enough of it. :)

Anna:  My very first groupie!!  You've been around since the very beginning, I don't think I could have asked for a better person to be my "original groupie" :)

Debbie:  I adore you.   You walked me through this whole process of getting my own domain and host, then held my hand while I ventured into the FTP world :)  You saved me from spending the $$ on a site that I could never figure out how to use.  You put up with all of my stupid little questions and for that - You are faboo!

Carrie, Kristi & Misti:  You three.... sheesh.  I don't know what to say.  :)  You guys keep me laughing constantly and have helped me out of some serious mind blocks :)

Readers/Writers at   This is where it all started.  I posted my first story ever on the internet right there.  If it wasn't for the feedback I got there, I'm not sure if I'd have continued to post at all.  You guys made me what I am today.  A freaked out feedback whore.  :)

Jessica:  Thank you so much for taking the time to edit/proof and pre-read my chapters.  You've caught so many things that could have been embarrassing. :)

Amy and Amie and Amy:  (we rule)  You guys are three of my most loyal feedback writers who actually send me feedback.  You don't mince words and break it down nice and easy for what you liked and didn't like.  That helps more than you can possibly know!

Dayse:  I've gotta thank you for "The Sound of Your Voice".  It is very hard to make me speechless, but this story did it.  There were no words to express any of the feelings that were going on within me when I read that story.  You made me remember that THAT was what writing was about.   Getting into the soul of the reader and making them forget about that thin line between fiction and reality.

Tara:  Man o man.  Aside from the fact that you're the mother of my mom's pseudo-grand daughter, you're a great friend!  You've listened to be bitch and whine, and have been great at talking about things other than just fiction :)

The Goobahs: All y'all.  For real.  I adore you guys!  You guys give great feedback (good and bad), you write some great stuff and you can bitch and rant better than anyone I've ever met in real life!  You guys are a great support structure for all of the other readers/writers/ranters over there at the FC.

Joone:  I've gotta thank you, simply because your fanfiction fantasy is in chapter 2 of "Patchwork Chris".  Who knew that one little Joey/Spinning scene could become someones fantasy??  :)

Everyone on my mailing list:  You guys are great!  It's kinda freaky to know that one piece of mail I'm sending is going to so many people at once... but it's cool to know you guys might actually read it :)  Thanks for putting up with my move to topica, and all my ramblings!

*Nsync:  Of course.   How could I forget?  Without you guys (as if they're reading it) I wouldn't have the built in characters to tweak and play around with. :)  Joey:  My lucky penny   Chris:  My snuggler.  JC:  My secret obsession.   Lance:  My wake up call.  Justin:  My toy.

And you:  If you're reading this then I definitely thank you!   I write for me, but knowing that there are people out there reading it still give me the chills (in a good way).  Hearing about how a certain story made you cry, or opened your eyes, or made you laugh till you farted, or made you want to smack JC or hug Joey... that's really the best thing ever.